Manasa Varanasi, the 23-year-old Telangana Engineer who Won Miss India 2020!

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Manasa Varanasi

Winner of the Miss India World 2020, Manasa Varanasi is the new gem in India’s shining crown! The versatile, highly-educated Manasa Varanasi saw her entire life turned upside down when she was declared the VLCC Femina Miss India World 2020 last month. She has traversed a remarkable journey from Computer Science Engineer to winning the most acclaimed national beauty pageant. As Varanasi prepares to represent India in the upcoming 70th Miss World 2021, let us find out more about the quintessential beauty that has India mesmerised!

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Personal Life and Education

Manasa Varanasi
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Born and brought up in the city of Hyderabad, Manasa Varanasi belongs to a modest family of academicians. She studied at the Global Indian School and went on to pursue Computer Science Engineering at the Vasavi College of Engineering. With a pressing need to overcome her shyness and indulge in her curious nature, Manasa Varanasi grew up exploring a wide range of interests from music, dancing to yoga and even volunteering; she even won the Miss Fresher title in the first year of her college.

Manasa Varanasi
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She participated in various pageants during her college years without losing sight of her academics. It was around the age of 21 that she started her modelling career despite her parents and grandmother’s reservations about the career path. After completing her graduation, she started working as a Financial Information Exchange Analyst while simultaneously pushing her boundaries and aiming for an opportunity to affect change at a grand level.  

Winning VLCC Femina Miss India World 2020

Manasa Varanasi
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‘A contest like Miss India is not for the faint of heart’

On 11th February 2021, Manasa Varanasi was declared the winner of the VLCC Femina Miss India beauty pageant by defeating 14 contestants belonging to different Indian states. During her Miss India journey, Varanasi won the title of Miss Ramp Walk and reached the top 5 for sub contests like Miss Fashion Icon, Miss Body Beautiful and Miss Photogenic. 

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Commitment to Mental Health and Fitness

Manasa Varanasi
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“Move your body, appreciate it, honour it, take care of it – with our lifestyles becoming sedentary, it’s important that you stay active for the sake of your mental and physical health.”

Manasa Varanasi firmly believes in fitness and staying healthy. During her Miss India journey, Varanasi gave optimal significance to the physical aspect of the contest and tried to work hard on her fitness regime as well as mental health! Participating in a contest like Miss India is not for the faint-hearted according to Varanasi; It is physically and emotionally draining. 

Interests and Inspirations

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Manasa Varanasi has a passion for music and dance; she grew up learning and training in Bharatanatyam and loves Carnatic music. Varanasi is also fond of reading, travelling, binge-watching sitcoms like The Office and volunteer work and she loves stargazing too! 

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Manasa Varanasi in an interview said that the most inspiring people in her life are her grandmother, mother and sister. They are also her biggest supporters; though her parents were apprehensive about her modelling career at the beginning, they all came eventually around to support her dream and help her in her journey. As a shy young girl, Varanasi found inspiration and motivation in the young leader and entertainer: Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka’s ambition, candidness and bold personality encouraged her to pursue her dream and enter the world of entertainment.

Beauty with Purpose 

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One of her passions is to work towards quality education and access to education for every child. Manasa has been a part of the NGO called Make A Difference which is committed to child development in India. As a teacher and mentor with the NGO, she got a chance to work with children and make an impact on their lives by providing them with relevant resources and skills. Among a plethora of issues, Varanasi hopes to focus on providing quality education and working on mental health issues. 

Courtesy: Beauty Pageants, YouTube

This is all about the crowned Miss India 2020! Her ambition, passion and courage are incredible and inspiring to all those who want to change the world as well as grow as a person! For more educational content, follow Leverage Edu on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube!

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