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Kamiya Jani

Do you ever wonder how fun it would be to have worked as a holiday and a holiday as work? Well, Kamiya Jani, Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Curly Tales, actually made it happen. She is a perfect example of a confident and independent woman. This is her story of being a well-known and established TV news anchor to leaving the job and running an online discovery platform while travelling the world. Here in this blog, we find out everything about the superwoman Kamiya Jani.

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The Beginning

Born and raised in Mumbai, Kamiya Jani attended a local private school and went to RD National College to study Bachelor of Mass Media. Later she studied Law at the GJ Advani college. From her childhood days, Kamiya’s weekends and holidays were spent with her family discovering nature and travelling to new places. By the time Kamiya Jani was a teenager, she had already travelled several locations across the country along with some foreign lands. There is no doubt that right from a tender age, the trait of being a wanderlust was instilled in Kamiya Jani. However, when it was time to choose her career, she wanted to become a news anchor. She Kamiya says,

Kamiya Jani
Image Source: Vanity Stardom

“As a child, I saw my mother praise a TV Anchor and that’s when I decided what I wanted to be.”

After college, Kamiya Jani started working as a personal finance writer at Moneycontrol.com and further worked as a sub-editor, video producer, and writer at various tv shows. After working five years in the media space, Kamiya finally got her hands on an opportunity to be a news anchor for ET Now. She hosted a morning show and recalled the everyday starting line,

“Good morning! You are watching Morning Mantra on ET NOW. I am Kamiya Jani.”

However, travelling did find her wherever Kamiya Jani went. For instance, after a year of joining ET News, she was sent to Malaysia to cover the F1 race as a colleague’s replacement. This proved to be a learning trip for her as she met many travel journalists and interacted with them. While she enjoyed the perks of being a news reporter, all she wanted to do was pack her bags and travel the globe. She did try handling both job and passion simultaneously, but it was not proving to be fruitful.

A Leap of Faith

“I got bored with the same routine of waking up at 5 am for a TV show and decided to take the plunge. I realised there weren’t any platforms dedicated to local discovery, travel and recommendations. So I decided to quit my job and put all my energy into Curly Tales.”

Travel Tales
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This was the start of Curly Tales. A content platform for food, travel, experiences & lifestyle. The platform was an instant hit and gathered a community of over a million people. Today, Kamiya seems to be living a dream life, but what most people do not understand is that things take time and they require the utmost hard work and dedication. It took time and a lot of effort for Kamiya to financially stabilize her business to the heights it has reached right now. She says, 

 “You can’t go out there expecting the big bucks to just start flowing in. You need to follow your passion with dedication and hard work, and then you can be whatever you want to be. Making a strong Plan-B before taking the plunge is the smart thing to do.”

What Success Looks Like for Kamiya Jani?

Today, Curly Tales is a well-established business and has spread its strong presence over several platforms all due to the perseverance of Kamiya Jani. As of March 2021, the Facebook page of Curly Tales is followed by 2 million people, while the Youtube channel is about to reach the 1 Million mark. Along with content related to travel and food, the platform also conducts celebrity interviews, in which Kamiya Jani plays the role of the host. Kamiya Jani has already proved to be a smart and successful businesswoman and has plans to keep expanding the business. The inspiring success story of Kamiya Jani is a message for all:

It is never too late to follow your calling!

Source: YouTube

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Kamiya Jani could have easily settled herself for a news reporter’s steady job, but she set out to chase her dreams and live a life of her choice. Do you feel you are stuck in a place where you do not want to be and want to pursue the life of your dreams? Contact our expert career counsellors at Leverage Edu. Follow us for more engaging and interesting content, and check out our latest series, ‘Her Vision’ bringing ‘62 Ultimate Stories of Inspiration! You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

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  1. I am looking for a good career. I have done MBA and SAP SD, but I’m not getting any job of my liking. In many places they’re asking for 10 hours work a day including Saturday. I want to have more time for myself and also do good work. I’m 45, but I’m raring to go.

  2. Nevertheless Kamiya Jani’s story is really inspiring and I like the way she conducts herself. She’s good looking and confident. All the best for her to get more success in whatever she does

  1. I am looking for a good career. I have done MBA and SAP SD, but I’m not getting any job of my liking. In many places they’re asking for 10 hours work a day including Saturday. I want to have more time for myself and also do good work. I’m 45, but I’m raring to go.