London School of Film

Public University

London, United Kingdom

Situated in the exciting city of London,England,London School of Film is a not- for- profit film school which was founded in 1956 as London School of Film Technique (LSFT). It was later named as the London School of Film in 2001. The School has created a tranquil and focused learning environment for Read more

Highlights of London School of Film

  • London School of Film is one of the three institutes accredited as a Skillset Film Academy approved by UK Film Industry training body as a center of excellence
  • It offers student-staff partnerships which includes academic partnerships that broadens students’ learning experience, research partnerships integrates students as researchers in their subject discipline, and the community partnerships which allows them to engage in the community.
  • Facilities at the London School of Film include Stage B and Stage D, equipped with lighting grids as well as a rehersealstudei for workshops
  • It is among the top film schools in the world
  • Famous Alumni
    Tak Fujimoto


    Franc Roddam

    Film Director

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