Essay on Save Environment: Samples in 100, 200, 300 Words

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Essay on Save Environment

Saving our environment is very important. However, over the years, we human beings have destroyed our planet Earth by polluting it with our activities. Now, it is high time we work for the betterment of our planet and save it for us and our future generations. In this blog, you will read about how we should start saving the environment if we want a secure future for us and our future generations. You will also be reading sample essays on how you should save the environment. 

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What is an Environment?

Environment refers to the physical, biological and ecological systems and the elements around us. All these elements are present on the earth without human intervention. An environment is made up of several aspects. These include:

  • Physical Components: This includes landforms (Mountains, valleys, plains), water bodies (oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes), the atmosphere of the air and finally geological features (rocks, soils and minerals). 
  • Biological Components: All living organisms which live in the natural environment fall under this category. It includes microorganisms, plants and animals. 
  • Ecosystems:  An ecosystem is a geographical area comprising plants, animals, and other organisms, weather and landscape, which together form a bubble of life. 
  • Biodiversity: It comprises all the different types of living organisms one will find in one area. All types of organisms such as fungi, bacteria, plants and animals form biodiversity.

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Why Do We Need To Save the Environment?

Thanks to our environment it allows life to exist on Earth. Our environment provides us with water, food, clean air and other vital resources for our survival. It is very important for biodiversity, maintaining ecosystems and preventing climate change. 

On the other hand, human activities like deforestation and pollution have created menace by threatening this delicate balance. Therefore, humans need to protect the environment to ensure a healthier future for all of us and the future generations. By doing so, we will be safeguarding our health, the beauty of our planet and economic stability. Neglecting the same could lead to dire consequences such as extinction of species, resource scarcity and catastrophic weather events. 

Everyone needs to take the necessary steps to ensure a sustainable and habitable world.

Essay on Save Environment in 100 Words

Saving the environment is vitally important for our planet’s well-being. However, nowadays, human activities are inclined towards causing pollution, deforestation and climate change which eventually lead to threatening the ecosystems and human health. To battle this situation, it is very necessary to begin by reducing carbon emissions and using cleaner energy such as solar and wind power. 

On the other hand, water should also be conserved by reducing water wastage which will create a huge impact. Next, protection of the biodiversity through conservation efforts and sustainable agriculture is also necessary. 

To save the environment, one should begin by planning trees, supporting recycling and finally reducing single-use plastics. These are some of the common practices towards saving our environment. 

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Essay on Save Environment in 200 Words

We all have been gifted with a precious gift by Mother Nature which sustains all life on Earth called the Environment. However, in recent years, there have been severe threats which in turn have led to huge damage to the environment. So, to ensure to have a sustainable future, it is very important that we all as human beings take crucial steps to save the environment.

Currently, one of the most pressing issues which we are all facing is climate change. The burning of fossil fuels to create energy has led to the emission of greenhouse gases, causing global temperatures to rise. 

Speaking of problems, deforestation is another major concern. We all know that trees play a very important role in absorbing carbon dioxide and providing oxygen. 

Another major challenge is the pollution of some of our major resources which include soil, water and air. By simply adopting sustainable practices such as reducing waste and investing in green technologies we all will be able to reduce pollution and conserve resources. 

To conclude, we must all remember that saving the environment is not a choice but a necessity. It will require global cooperation as well as individual commitment. By addressing all the above-mentioned issues, we will be able to protect the environment for us and future generations and ensure a healthier place to live.

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Essay on Save Environment in 300 Words

Our environment is a very precious thing which provides us with clean air, fresh water, fertile soil, and a diverse range of ecosystems that support countless species, including humans. However, our actions over the years have only shown that we aren’t grateful. This has led to environmental degradation and climate change has reached a threatening level. Therefore, we must start with immediate actions to save our environment. 

One of the most pressing issues today is climate change. It is largely driven by the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and several industrial activities. Due to all these activities, there have been dire consequences which can be quite evident through extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and disruptions to ecosystems.

To fight this climate change problem, we will have to work to get cleaner, renewable energy sources. We must also protect and restore our forests as they act as carbon sinks and absorb harmful greenhouse gases. 

Common issues like pollution are creating a huge problem for us as it is poisoning our air, soil and water. To work on this, we must reduce our reliance on single-use plastics and adopt an eco-friendly alternative. On the other hand, industrial emissions and vehicle pollution can be controlled by putting strict actions and electric vehicles can be promoted. For wastewater, it can be treated through responsible waste disposal to prevent contamination of our water bodies. 

Water scarcity is another growing concern. We must ensure that water is used wisely. Additionally, reducing water pollution from industrial and agricultural runoff is essential for the health of our ecosystems and aquatic life.

Biodiversity loss is another critical issue. Deforestation, habitat destruction, and overexploitation of resources are driving many species to extinction. Conservation efforts, protected areas, and sustainable practices in agriculture and fisheries are vital to preserving our planet.

In conclusion, we must address climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss, and water scarcity through a combination of government policies, technological advancements, and individual actions. Our planet’s health is intricately linked to our own.

Short Essay on Save Environment: Sample

Let us find a sample of a short essay on save environment below:

essay on save environment

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When is World Environment Day celebrated?

The world environment day is celebrated every year on 5 June 2023.

What was the motto for World Environment Day in 2023?

This year the motto for World Environment Day was #BeatPlasticPollution.

What is saving our environment?

We must follow the practice of reducing, reusing and recycling to save our environment from harmful human activities.

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