Essay On Sikkim

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Essay on Sikkim

Essay writing is a way to discern the general knowledge, language skills and creativity of the writer. This is why it is included in several Indian competitive exams, international entrance exams, and even in aptitude tests conducted by employers and companies before hiring. Many competitive exams like UPSC Mains, CLAT, SAT, IELTS etc. use the essay section to test the candidates’ thinking prowess and general ability. Essay writing includes a wide range of topics, from current affairs to descriptions and even personal anecdotes. Hence, it is best to practice a few topics before any competitive exam. In this blog, we will cover the tips and format for writing an essay on Sikkim, to help you prepare creative and informative writing pieces!

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Tips and Format for Essay Writing

Essay writing can be argumentative, narrative, descriptive, analytical or comparative in nature. If you have to write an essay on Sikkim, you must keep these tips in mind. This form of writing can be easy and creative if you follow certain steps and tips:

  • Brainstorm arguments related to the topic and form a specific structure before you start writing.
  • Make notes about the topics before you start writing so that your arguments and descriptions are coherent and clear.
  • An introduction is the most important aspect of any form of writing, thus, try to keep it short, engaging and precise who that the reader knows the intent.
  • Avoid repetition and rambling while writing. 
  • Proofread! Always read your essay before turning it in to ensure no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. 


The writing format for an essay is straightforward and direct. The purpose of any essay is to inform or present an argument to the reader. It will be the same if you have to write an essay on Sikkim. It has three components: Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion.    

Sample Essays on Sikkim

To write an informative and creative essay on Sikkim, you need to research, determine your intent for writing and form a proper structure. Once you have your outline for the essay, you can start writing and include interesting facts and anecdotes to make your essay exciting and readable. Here are some samples for writing an essay on Sikkim!

Sample 1: Essay On Sikkim

Tucked away in the majestic Himalayas lies the small, quaint hill-city of Sikkim. Blessed with scenic beauty, rich cultural and ethnic diversity, the state has emerged as the best tourist spot for Indians and foreigners. From picturesque tourist attractions like Gangtok, Pelling, Lachung and Namchi to mouthwatering Sikkimese cuisine to snow-capped mountains, Sikkim has it all! Despite being one of the smallest, obscure states in India, Sikkim is widely known for its hospitality, natural beauty, multicultural diversity and ethnic cuisine.  

This landlocked state of India has a rich and tumultuous history that began in 1642; the kingdom of Sikkim fought many wars with its neighbours to assert its independence. Surrounded by powerful nations, the kIngdom of Sikkim in 1950 signed the Indo-Sikkimese Treaty with India to protect its international interests and preserve the nation’s integrity. After a referendum in 1975, the state decided to join India as a state, becoming the 22nd state. While Sikkim may not have been a part of the struggle for preserving India, the state has since elevated the name of our subcontinent: Sikkim has been at the forefront in several domains, the state has the best educational system, awarded the cleanest state in India and is the only state to transition to organic farming. 

The state makes tireless efforts in preserving and developing the human resources of the city. Sikkim’s government actively encourages prominent technical colleges like IITs, NITs, and Manipal University to set up institutions to ensure that their students have the best in terms of education and research. Despite having a largely agrarian economy, the state has diversified its economy by encouraging tourism, trade and small -scale industries to set up in the region.  

Sikkim may be one of the smallest cities of India but its philosophy and ideals are larger than life. The commitment to the preservation of nature as well the cultural history of the nation and city is what makes Sikkim so great and powerful. Indian states have much to learn from this small city who is leaving all the big cities behind in terms of success and human development.

Facts about sikkim
Some fascinating facts about sikkim

Sample 2: Essay On Sikkim 

In 1975, Sikkim became the 22nd state to join the Indian subcontinent following a people’ referendum. Since then, the state has contributed to upholding the integrity and sovereignty of the Indian state with its commitment to human development, democracy, and economic upliftment. Bordering three different countries, Sikkim’s city is home to beautiful tourist hot stops like Khangchendzonga National Park, Nathula Pass, Tsomgo Lake, and beautiful monasteries and temples.    

The rocky terrains and cool temperature make the city an ideal spot for travel. The alluring city is one of the most visited and highly sought after tourist destinations in the world so much so that the city has two airports in its vicinity, railway connectivity and national highway to encourage tourism and local development. While Sikkim may not have the largest economy in India, it does have the fastest growing economy with its small- scale industries, organic farming and blooming tourism. The state is dedicated to the environmental cause and is the only Indian state to have the status of ‘Nirmal State’ for campaigning to become free of public defecation. 

The real beauty of Sikkim lies in its people and their culture. Sikkim is a multicultural, multilingual, multiethnic and multireligious state with 4 different official languages and several regional languages. It is home to a diverse group of people hailing from Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet etc. Its people follow other religions, different cultures and lifestyles yet live together in harmony and peace. This harmonious amalgamation makes Sikkim so special and unique even in a deeply diverse country like India.

Sikkim’s natural beauty and ecology are breathtaking; the state is replete with diverse flowers and holds the International Flower Festival every year to celebrate biological diversity. It has over 552 unique types of birds and over 600 different species in butterflies. They have wild animals like snow leopard, red panda, Tibetan wolf etc.

Sikkim is a beautiful city to visit and live in. The state has achieved great heights in terms of health, education, sanitation, public welfare and environmental preservation. Sikkim, despite having limited resources and industrial development, continuously works towards the betterment and enhancement of its people. 

Fact about sikkim
Lesser known facts about Sikkim

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Hopefully, this blog guided you on how to write a compelling essay on Sikkim for competitive exams. Essay writing is an integral part of the admission process in several universities and colleges, thus learning and practising how to express your opinions and arguments is extremely important. For more educational content, follow Leverage Edu! Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Quora.

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