Top Physiotherapy Courses in Ireland: Requirements, Colleges

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Physiotherapy Courses in Ireland

If you are interested in studying physiotherapy in a global study abroad destination then Ireland is not far behind. The country is renowned for its global reputation and world-class education, offering a range of courses and subsequent opportunities to students. Physiotherapy is one of the courses that international students can pursue in Ireland. The study of physiotherapy involves the teaching of treatments and techniques to work on restoring a patient’s health and mobility. So, if you are interested in pursuing this course from Ireland, then this blog entails the top physiotherapy courses Ireland. 


Why Study Physiotherapy in Ireland?

There are a number of reasons why Ireland is preferred by many to pursue their course of choice. Read below to find out more. 

  1. Qualifications in Ireland are globally recognised with renowned faculties in the areas of health sciences, arts, humanities, and languages. 
  2. While studying physiotherapy in Ireland, international students will also have the support of dedicated international offices and administrative staff that support students in their studies. 
  3. Ireland has a great number of renowned graduates in multiple fields, including health and medicine. 
  4. On completing the study of physiotherapy, Ireland provides several work opportunities to students. with decent salary packages. 
  5. Moreover, in general, Ireland is a friendly and safe country for international students to pursue their studies. 

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Top Physiotherapy Courses in Ireland

Moving on to the most integral part is the top physiotherapy courses in Ireland that international students can consider and choose from. 

Undergraduate Physiotherapy Courses in Ireland 

Physiotherapy courses Ireland at the undergraduate level are as follows 

Course University Duration Fee 
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in PhysiotherapyUniversity of Limerick4 years EU€73,208 (INR 65 lakh)
BSc (Hons) PhysiotherapyRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland3 years EU€54,000 (INR 48 lakh)
BSc (Hons) (NFQ Level 8) PhysiotherapyUniversity College Dublin4 years EU€110,880 (INR 99 lakh)
B.Sc. (Physio.) Honours (Level 8) – PhysiotherapyTrinity College Dublin4 years EU€98,152 (INR 88 lakh)

Postgraduate Physiotherapy Courses in Ireland 

Physiotherapy courses Ireland at the postgraduate level are as follows 

Course University Duration Fee 
Master of Science in Physiotherapy (Professional Qualification)University of Limerick2 years EU€46,122 (INR 41 lakh)
Master of Science in PhysiotherapyUniversity College Cork2 years EU€41,000 (INR 36.7 lakh)
ProfMasters PhysiotherapyUniversity College Dublin4 years EU€53,000 (INR 47.5 lakh)

Doctorate Physiotherapy Courses in Ireland 

Physiotherapy courses Ireland at the doctorate level are as follows 

Course University Duration Fee 
Doctor in Philosophy – PhysiotherapyTrinity College Dublin3 years EU€43,815 (INR 40 lakh)

Eligibility Criteria of Physiotherapy Courses

The general eligibility criteria for pursuing physiotherapy courses in Ireland are mentioned below. 

For Undergraduate

  1. Students should have a qualifying examination percentage from a recognised board, that is in sync with the particular Ireland university requirements. 
  2. An average IELTS score of 6.5 or a minimum 90 score in TOEFL PBT.
  3. Requirement of healthcare screening. 

For Postgraduate

  1. The student should have a relevant undergraduate degree with 60% in science and related streams. 
  2. The minimum score for IELTS should be at least 6; for TOEFL it is 90; and for PTE it is 61.
  3. Requirement of healthcare screening. 

Top Universities for Physiotherapy Courses in Ireland

Now that we have mentioned the top physiotherapy courses and their requirements, what are the top universities offering these courses? Let’s read. 

Name of University QS World University Rankings 2023
University College Dublin 181
University College Cork 303
University of Galway 270
University of Limerick 531-540
Trinity College Dublin98
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

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Career Scope 

With a professional degree in Physiotherapy from Ireland, students get to find jobs as a physiotherapist with satisfactory salary packages and financial security in their careers. As a physiotherapist, you are to provide physical treatment to your patients. This includes developing a treatment plan; conducting therapies, exercise programs, joint manipulation, etc. For all your responsibilities and job profile of a physiotherapist, your salary in Ireland will range from €23,426 (INR 21 lakh) to €51,707 (INR 46.3 lakh). Depending on the employer and your work experience, this range can increase, and you may also receive bonuses. 

Top Recruiters 

As a physiotherapist in Ireland, the following will act as some of the top recruiters 

  • Health Service Executive
  • Cork University Hospital
  • St Lukes
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • Mater Private Network
  • St James’s Hospital Dublin
  • National Cancer Centre Singapore
  • Beacon Hospital
  • St Vincent’s Private Hospital
  • Saint Lukes Hospital Dublin Ireland

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How many years is physiotherapy in Ireland?

Physiotherapy in Ireland for undergraduate courses is for four years, while for postgraduate it is 2 years. 

Is a physiotherapist a good job in Ireland?

Yes, the job of a physiotherapist is highly regarded and respected in Ireland. 

Which field of physiotherapy earns the most?

Physiotherapy in sports medicine earns one of the highest salaries in the field. 

So, with that, we hope you got a better understanding of pursuing Physiotherapy Courses in Ireland! If you are planning to study in Ireland and pursue physiotherapy courses then you can reach out to 1800572000 to book a free consultation today. Realise your study abroad dreams and ambitions with Leverage Edu!

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