Best Graduate Diploma Programs in Ireland for International Students in 2024

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graduate diploma in ireland

Diplomas are provided to people who have completed their studies at a technical school or a community college. To earn a diploma in the same field of study, one can study a variety of specializations. Ireland is a country that initiated a law to make education accessible to almost every student. Furthermore, people consider Ireland the best destination for pursuing higher education because of its employment opportunities and high packages. If you want to know more about graduate diplomas in Ireland, the benefits of studying in Ireland, the best graduate diplomas in Ireland, and much more, then Keep Reading!

Why Pursue a Graduate Diploma in Ireland?

Pursuing a graduate diploma in Ireland is an advantage for most students pursuing higher education in Ireland. Getting enrolled offers another major benefit: a graduate diploma in Ireland:

  • Ireland is a hub for a high-quality education system with affordable fees.
  • There is an extensive choice of courses to choose from. 
  • Most countries and leading academic bodies globally recognize courses completed at Ireland universities.
  • Consider Ireland as the tech hub, given that it hosts the European headquarters for Google.
  • Ireland is also the largest exporter of software globally and is also well-known for its pharmaceutical industry. 

Types of Graduate Diplomas in Ireland

Re-orientation type qualificationProfessional type qualification
This is to upskill a graduate by providing additional specialised knowledge.This is to make a graduate eligible to enter a profession.
For example, a Higher Diploma in Statistics (HDipStats) is designed to offer additional skills in statistics.For example, a Higher Diploma in Education (HDipEd) makes a graduate eligible to register for and practice teaching.

Best Graduate Diplomas in Ireland 

If you want to explore the graduate diplomas in Ireland, then here is a list of the best graduate diplomas that you can pursue:

Name of the Diploma Duration of the Program
Biopharmaceutical Science (online)2 years 
Bioeconomy with Business 1 year 
World Heritage Management 1 year 
Spanish 1 year 
TESOL1 year 
Respiratory Care in Nursing Practice 1 year 
Applied Building Repair and Conservation 1 year 
Politics 1 year 
Accounting 8 months 
Clinical Trails 9 months 

Eligibility Requirements 

There are a few eligibility requirements you are required to qualify for to pursue a graduate diploma in Ireland. Some of the major eligibility requirements are:

  • You are required to have an undergraduate degree with relevant subjects from an officially recognised institution. It is preferred to have an undergraduate degree in the same subject you are opting for in a Graduate Diploma. 

Score Requirements 

When your first language is not English, then you must qualify for the language proficiency test. Here are the estimated score requirements to get enrolled for a Graduate Diploma in Ireland. 

Language Proficiency TestsAverage Score Required 
IELTS 6.5 bands 

Documents Required 

You must also submit a list of documents to get admitted for a graduate diploma in Ireland. Some of the important documents required for a graduate diploma in Ireland are:

Top Universities for Graduate Diplomas in Ireland 

A major reason for the popularity of institutes in Ireland is the array of courses available to the students so that they can pursue courses as per their interests. Some of the popular graduate diploma Universities in Ireland are:

Name of the UniversityAverage Fees For Postgraduate Diploma in EUR 
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Dublin, Ireland 6,875 
University College Cork16,400
Munster Technological University3,600
University of Limerick 9,325
University College Dublin 13,670
Atlantic Technological University4,998
Trinity College Dublin 6,000

Scholarships in Ireland 

Some of the popular scholarships offered by various institutions are as follows: 

Name of the ScholarshipType of Scholarship Awarded Amount in INR 
Narotam Sekhsaria’s Scholarship Merit-based Varies 
KC Mahindra Scholarships for Post-Graduate Studies Abroad Merit-based EUR 9216.06
Deserve international student scholarship-masters Merit-based EUR 856.98
The VueVille Future Technology Scholarship 2024Merit-based EUR 428.43
Susan R Meisinger Fellowship for Graduate Study in HRMerit-based EUR 8490.29
FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship Need-based EUR 16531.31
Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award Merit-based EUR 2154.25


Ques. What level is a graduate diploma in Ireland?

Ans. According to Ireland’s educational standards, they consider Diplomas at NFQ level 9. Further, a bachelor’s degree is on NFQ level 8, and a higher doctorate is on NFQ level 10.

Ques. What is a graduate diploma in Ireland?

Ans. A graduate diploma in Ireland is academically over the level of an undergraduate degree but is less than a postgraduate degree. After completing a bachelor’s degree, one can initiate this diploma, which typically lasts for 1 year or less.

Ques. What is a graduate diploma equivalent to?

Ans. Upon obtaining an undergraduate degree, individuals complete these graduate diplomas, positioning them above a bachelor’s degree but below a master’s degree. Further, it has a level of NFQ level 9.

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