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Have you ever been a victim of an online transaction scam? Were you tricked by the traps of hackers? In the world of clicks, a wrong tap can empty your bank account and steal your personal data. Hackers are computer and programming experts eyeing in stealing valuable data from here and there. To prevent the human force from such thugs, there is a dire need for individuals who are proficiently trained in ethical hacking. Ethical hackers are trained professionals who target network security and make it reliable so that the customers using it get a smooth and secure gateway. In the era led by technology, candidates with core knowledge of the field are in great demand. If you want to work in this field, you can begin by getting a CEH certification. This blog aims to shed light on various aspects of the course.

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CEH Course Overview 

The CEH certification can be gained by qualifying the core, advanced, and expert levels of the program which are also known as the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels. All the levels together aim to provide detailed knowledge about multiple applications of ethical hacking like OS detection, system hacking, vector identification etc. At the core level, students will learn about the location of each system, network topology, security policy etc. Whereas, advanced levels will elucidate the students about forward pen-testing tools like OS vulnerabilities exploits,  host-based application exploits, privilege escalation and many more.

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Certified Network Defender Certification 

This is the primary part of the core stage in which students have to qualify. Through the CND program, candidates can learn to detect, protect and appropriately respond to random threats in a network. The upcoming Network administrators are made familiar with essential concepts like performance and utilization, traffic, network components, location of each system, network topology, security policy etc. To equip the  Network Administrator to develop greater policies for network security topics like VPN and firewall configuration, perimeter appliances, secure IDS, and intricacies of network traffic signature are taught.

Apart from the above-mentioned subjects, there will be an in-depth analysis of some mandatory modules at the core stage of CEH. Here are some of the important subjects which will help students get the fundamental knowledge of how the software automates and to understand the working of subject material.

  • Network Technologies
  • Software Technologies
  • Data Transfer

Students will eventually be tested on their knowledge. The CND exam will be an objective type test in which there will be 100 multiple-type questions which students have to solve in a duration of 4 hours.

CEH Passing Score: CND
The authorities aim to put forward exams which provide more ‘real-world knowledge rather than the theoretical aspect. The students are provided with individual ratings which further get added to the overall ‘cut score’ for each exam. Further, the cut scores are set on a ‘per exam form’ basis. Usually, the cut scores range from 65% to 85% at this level.

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CEH Certification  

The secondary part of the core level CEH is the final milestone for this level. Those who qualify to this level are hence made experts by the study of meticulously designed coursework of the program. The entire part two strives for:

  • Train students about making the credentialed individuals exceed or meet the minimum standards
  • Impart the knowledge regarding- ethical hacking is a trending, unique and self-regulating field
  • Provide them with the skills to govern and establish the minimum standards regarding credentialing the professional information security specialist in ethical hacking principles

Once the students complete their program duration, they have to appear in a qualifying examination which is mandatory to avail of the CEH certification. The exam would be of 4 hours and students are expected to solve 125 questions from the second part. The paper will completely be objective type with multiple type questions. The passing score and the criteria for calculating the passing score remain the same as the primary level.

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How to Earn a CEH Certification?

The steps to earn a certification in CEH are given below:

Enrol in a university or college and pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field. Although not all coding jobs require formal education, a degree can help you refine your techniques and may increase the number of job opportunities available to you. Professional experience is an important factor in obtaining your CEH certification, so obtaining an education that improves your ability to secure a network security job may help you earn the certification faster.

Gain some experience

Seeking an entry-level position in network security is a critical step toward certification. Before candidates can take the exam, the EC-Council, which administers it, requires two years of security experience. While you can bypass this requirement by taking approved training courses and learning about ethical hacking and security from experienced instructors, gaining experience can still be beneficial when preparing for the exam and finding work after earning your certification.

Take the Exam

There are various levels of CEH exams available, but the basic requirements for the first level are an application through the EC Council, proof of previous experience, and an application fee. Typically, the EC-Council reviews applications for accuracy and responds to candidates within a few days. After the EC-Council approves your application, you can register for the CEH exam and complete your preparation.

Receive the Certification

For the CEH exam, the EC-Council provides both on-site and remote testing options. Network reconnaissance, network access, network enumeration, maintaining network access, and concealing evidence of a network breach are all topics covered in the exam. The exam has a dynamic scoring system that takes into account the difficulty of the randomly selected questions you answer.

Jobs and Salary

The job profiles and their respective average salaries after getting the CEH certification are listed below:

Job Profiles Average Annual Salary
Website Administrator $54,805 (INR 44.62 Lakh)
IT Security Specialist $72,059 (INR 58.67 Lakh)
Cyber Security Analyst $83,776 (INR 68.21 Lakh)
Information Security Analyst $88,526 (INR 72.08 Lakh)
Network Engineer $90,074 (INR 73.34 Lakh)
IT Auditor $101,806 (INR 82.89 Lakh)
Chief Information Officer $106,022 (INR 86.33 Lakh)
Software Architect $130,394 (INR 1.06 Cr)

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Is the Certification Worth it?

Your career objectives will determine whether you pursue the CEH certification. If you work in cybersecurity, you understand the value of certifications. They can carry a lot of weight, and while they won’t get you a job on their own, they can help boost your resume and are sometimes required for employment.

If you want to work in ethical hacking or a related field, taking the CEH exam is a good investment.

The Bottom Line

The CEH exam can be difficult, especially if you are new to penetration testing, have never taken a certification exam before, or are just starting out in the world of cyber security and/or information technology in general. However, as the saying goes, “proper preparation prevents poor performance.” Keep this in mind as you continue to study for your CEH exam.

Even if you are a quick study and are already familiar with penetration testing, it is recommended that you devote several weeks to reviewing material and becoming acquainted with the EC-point Council of view. Those who are new to penetration testing make the necessary preparations, even if it takes months. The bottom line is that you want to feel confident going into the exam in order to succeed.


How much does CEH cost?

In India, the Certified Ethical Hacker course and CEH v12 exam cost 45543. The examination fee is non-refundable.

What is the CEH certification salary?

Earning a certification in ethical hacking or cybersecurity can validate your skills to potential employers, potentially leading to a pay raise. A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) credential earns a median base salary of $80,513 per year, according to Payscale.

Is the Certified Ethical Hacker certification worth it?

The short answer is an emphatic “Yes.” If you’re interested in cyber security, the Certified Ethical Hacker certification is a great investment based solely on the knowledge you’ll gain. CEH is a valuable certification for your professional career in addition to gaining technical knowledge.

Is the CEH exam hard?

The CEH exam can be difficult, especially if you are new to penetration testing, have never taken a certification exam before, or are just starting out in the world of cyber security and/or information technology in general.

Thus, we hope that this blog about CEH- Certified Ethical Hacker has helped you out by proving essential information about the course. If you want to kick-start your career as an Ethical Hacker and want to acquire this certification, contact us at Leverage Edu and our experts will help you get admission to your dream university!

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