Job Oriented Courses for EEE Students

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Job Oriented Courses for EEE Students

An engineering degree in electrical and electronics (EEE) is truly rewarding. A student gets an all-round education about devices that convert electrical energy into other forms, as well as devices that control the flow of electrical energy to perform specific tasks. The choice from this point on remains on what course to take up, to ensure the best opportunities ahead. Well, look no further as this blog explores the different job oriented courses for EEE students.

Add-on courses for EEE students are important these days, as companies prefer candidates who possess practical knowledge and are work-ready. Being trained in specialized courses for EEE students will give you extra push needed to fit in the corporate world.

Job Oriented Courses for EEE Students

Let us take a look at the job oriented courses for EEE students:

Electrical Safety Course 

This is one of the most important job oriented courses for EEE students. It is an essential course to survive in the industry. The course will teach students the important procedures and protocols required in case of emergencies in the companies. Working in the electrical and electronics industry requires the student to be alert and well educated about the different norms. Some of the colleges offering this course include:

Equipment Selection Specialisation

Many companies in the electrical and electronics industry are involved in buying specialized machinery. This heavy machinery costs tons of money and therefore the companies require a candidate with sound knowledge about every machine and its particular usage. Considered as one of the most helpful job oriented courses for EEE students, this course teaches students all about the specialized machines and the particular usage they serve. This course also helps the student working as a freelancer for different companies.

Plant Lighting and Illumination Design Specialisation 

An important aspect of electrical and electronics engineering is the lighting and illumination part of machines and in general. This is a subject that EEE students learn as part of their engineering. But this specialization is one of the job oriented courses for EEE students. The student becomes knowledgeable and gains expertise in lighting sources, lighting techniques, illumination techniques, etc. With the current scenario, these students are also required to look into solar-powered lights and other unlimited sources of energy for lighting problems.

Specialisation in Cables Courses

One of the job oriented courses for EEE students, this course is as important as the others. A major requirement in all industries is cables and making sure the right cable is used for the right application. Hence, students pursuing this specialized course for EEE students are in major need, to ensure no accidents from cables take place. Having studied the basics of cables in their undergraduate, students are likely to be comfortable pursuing this course.

Plant Earthing Course

This too is one of the important specialised courses for EEE students. It was very important that companies of the electrical and electronics industries hire candidates to ensure the earthing process for the companies’ electrical energy flow. It is an important aspect as, without the correct earthing procedure, the entire plant could be endangered. This is a very sought after job oriented course for EEE students.

Electrical Load Estimation and Designing Course

During your undergraduate degree, you were involved with sums and problems that involved electrical load estimation. Hence, you are well aware of how important electrical load estimation is and how important it is to design circuits with the minimum electrical load. Similarly, this one, amongst the other job oriented courses for EEE students, is designed for electrical load estimation at a bigger, industrial level. The designing of the electrical layout of the plant or company is no easy feat. Students enrolling for this course are capable of taking on these huge responsibilities with ease and perfection.

Industrial Safety Course

A very important job oriented course for EEE students and plays a major role in getting a good job for them are Industrial Safety Courses. All students who have pursued a course in Mechanical, Electrical and Civil engineering. This course gives students an indepth knowledge about the industry and gives students a sense of safety in the industry department.


PLC or Programme Logic Controller is one of the best courses in for students who have pursued electrical engineering. The PLC course comes in use in the Automation system in the industry. Having knowledge of Programme Logic Controller helps you get a good job.

Maintenance and Production Courses

There are various maintenance and production courses such as power system and system installation which are suitable for engineering students and provide them with the right techniques to get a good job. This course also provides students with indepth knowledge about troubleshooting and repair of circuit breakers (medium voltage and high voltage).

Programming Languages

Extra and added knowledge of C, C++, Java, the difference between C and C++ which are programming languages are always beneficial to EEE students. In the modern world industries, all machines are automatic and are made of programming. To operate Programme Logic Controller machines, it is essential to know the programming language and helps you get a high paying job.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Specialisations

Some of the sub-disciplines of electrical and electronics engineering are as follows:

  1. Computer Engineering
  2. Power Electronics
  3. Software
  4. Electronics
  5. Control
  6. Communications
  7. Signal Processing
  8. Nanotechnology
  9. Embedded Systems
  10. Biomedical Imaging
  11. Hardware

Job Profiles

The job opportunities in the field of electrical and electronics engineering are as follows:

  1. Systems developer
  2. Network engineer
  3. Manufacturing systems engineer
  4. Systems analyst
  5. Control and instrumentation engineer
  6. Electrical engineer
  7. Broadcast engineer
  8. Electronics engineer
  9. IT consultant


Q1: Which course is best for EEE students?

Best courses for Electrical and Electronic Engineering students include the following:
1. Automation Training
2. Robotics and Humanoids
4. Powe Systers and Solar Panels
5. Programming Languages

Q2: What course should I do after BTech EEE?

Taking a short term certificate course after completing BTech EEE can give your career a great push. Embedded Systems, Intelligent Systems, Networking, Robotics and Power Electronics are considered to be the best specializations to take up! If you are looking for employment, then taking job in Power, Hardware Manufacturing and Power Plants is the best option.

Q3 What is the future of EEE?

Here are few popular career options for EEE graduates:
Design Engineer
IT Engineer
Field Engineer
Test Engineer
Sales Engineer
Nuclear Engineer
Sound Engineer
Systems Analyst
Aerospace Engineer
Broadcast Engineer
Clinical Technologist
Multimedia Programmer

These were some of the job oriented courses for EEE students. These courses are designed to help students get in the industry in a good position. We at Leverage Edu believe that every student deserves to know all the options before taking the next step in their career. We also believe in helping the student make the right choice and stand by them until the end. For any assistance regarding different courses, colleges or any career-related queries, call us today at 1800 57 2000.

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  2. Automation training, powe systers and solar panels, CDAC and programming languages which course is best after diploma electrical and I have 6years 7months experience and I needed the best job oriented course

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