Creative Technology Careers: Game Design, Animation

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Creative Technology Careers Game Design, Animation (1)

Many students are not into academics and love to play computer games. But don’t want to study computer science. On the other hand, some are good with tech but want the be creative. But are there any good career options for them? Yes, there are amazing career options in Gaming, Game Design, and related technologies like AR ( Augmented Reality) and VR ( Virtual Reality). And, the trend is projected to grow multiple times in the future. In this blog, we will discuss in detail about careers in creative technology, game designing, and animation.

What are the Business Prospects for the Gaming Industry and Creative Tech? 

Here are some recent reports I read : 

  • In the last decade, the gaming industry has been smashing Hollywood’s earnings out of the park! 
  • The global gaming industry is now worth more than $300 Billion. Active players worldwide are 2.9 Billion. 
  • Just in 2021, the Global “Games Market” had $180BN in revenue. Some analysts say that gaming is bigger than Hollywood and the music industry combined.

Fun fact : The gaming audience is not just young kids. In fact, in the US, gamers between the ages of 45-64 are a major growth driver! 

What are the Careers in the Gaming Industry? 

  • Working with game engineers 
  • Game Design: Create the concept
  • Be the Design Person (how the game will be played by the end-user; how sound, visualization, and animation will be used) 
  • Be the User-Interface Designer 
  • Do the IT work in gaming (software design)

What are Immersive Technologies and What is their impact? 

There are many examples of Immersive-Tech like VR (virtual technology); AR (augmented reality ) and  XR (extended reality). They are transforming industries like games, film, TV, architecture, and live events. Thus, they are growing massively as each of these industries begins to use immersive technologies to make the user experience more exciting while remaining remote. 

Important fact: The world is moving towards the metaverse, which is changing the way that human beings ‘feel’ experiences and interactions without touching anything except the buttons on their keyboard.

What is Metaverse? 

Imagine hugging your loved ones virtually during the pandemic. Imagine catching a world-class theatre performance or an intimate gig with your favorite artist right there in your living room. Imagine learning to perform surgery in a helicopter, counsel a bereaved father or fight a fire in a power station, from the safety of your home or office. This could all be possible in the metaverse, explains Ed Greig, our Chief Disruptor at Deloitte. Ed first dabbled with the beginnings of the metaverse in 2015, when from the comfort of his desk, he stepped into a villa in Tuscany. In that mini digital getaway, Ed immediately started thinking about the possibilities of VR as part of a bigger entity, where we could take it, and how we should approach it.

What is User Interface Design? 

A User-Interface Designer creates experiences that connect with what you touch when you’re using a computer. For example, when we use a hammer, we use the handle. But with a computer, things are a bit complex. You interface only with the keyboard and the mouse. So, the User-Interface Designer has to create the experiences using just the clicks of a mouse and the keyboard!

Who is an XR/VR Developer?

These are the tech folks who develop the applications and solutions for VR or AR platforms.

What are the Careers in Creative-Tech? 

To create any experience or product which a client is using, a coder is not enough. Creative professionals are required to design how things look on the screen: the animation, sound, motion picture,  visualization, etc.  This is what Creative-tech is about. The creative professionals don’t do the software and the software developer doesn’t do the design they collaborate. 

Employability and Prospects in Gaming, Immersive Technologies, and Creative Tech

Games, virtual reality, film, TV, VFX, and architecture are just some of the future-proofed industries that desperately need fresh, diverse talent with skills. As the metaverse grows there will be a huge demand for skilled, passionate, and diverse talent who can work in teams to create the product, game, or user experience.  

How can you Study for Careers in Game Design, Immersive Technologies, and Creative-Tech? 

There are countless online sources available to get familiar with different aspects of the above. 

 Why not Study Online? 

  •  Because in-person training is hands-on. 
  •  There are professionals to guide you through the hard parts like structure, accountability, motivation, and focus. 
  • Feedback and human support are very important during the process of learning. 

Below is a brief list of Study Abroad programs that might be helpful for you. 

Course University
BSc (Hons) Game Design)Leeds Beckett University
Masters in Game DesignFalmouth University
Master of Arts in Digital GamesBrunel University 
Bachelor of Creative Technology in Game Art Media Design School
Course University
MSc In Animation and VFXUniversity of Dundee
BA(Hons) AnimationNorthumbria University

MA in animation
Royal College of Art 
MA in 3d computer AnimationUniversity of Bournemouth

We will be back next Friday with another amazing blog from Dr.Maina Chawla Singh. Till then, if you have any questions or suggestions, just drop us a comment and we will get back to you. Want to study abroad? Our Leverage Edu experts are ready to assist you in narrowing down the best course and university options according to your interests and preferences.

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