Atlantic Canada sees 15.5 percent increase in enrollment of full-time international students

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Atlantic Canada 15.5 percent increase in enrollment of full-time international students
Compared to last year, there’s been an increase of 15.5 percent in the total of full-time visa students, enrolled in institutions across Atlantic Canada. The new total is 21,812, from 18,884, per the Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU).

In the latest academic year of 2022-23 of Atlantic Canada, full-time visa students have increased by almost 3,000 new students, as per a 2022-23 Preliminary Survey of Enrolments. This survey was conducted by the Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU), the group representing 16 universities across the region of Atlantic Canada. 

The total number of full-time enrolled students, which comprises both undergraduate and graduate students, increased by nearly 3 percent. The year-over-year growth has resulted into a increase from 79,250 to 81,506 students. Further, there’s also been an increase of 621 full‐time graduate students, from 11,553. This is a 5.7 percent growth in full-time graduate students. It’s important to note that international students represent the biggest growth amidst the entirety of these numbers.  

Atlantic Canada 15.5 percent increase in enrollment of full-time international students
Source:  The Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU)

This succeeding growth has been the effect of diminishing COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions all around the world. Given the fact that there had been a decline in enrolments during COVID, the number of enrollments has now significantly increased. 

Prof. Dawn Russell, Chair, AAU and President and Vice‐Chancellor, St. Thomas University, noted another reason. She said,“..consistent year‐over‐year enrolment growth is evidence that our collective commitment to programs, policies, and partnerships that position students at the core of each AAU member university’s mission is widely understood by students and their families.”

She further said,“..the message is getting out internationally, nationally, and regionally, that Atlantic Canadian campuses are welcoming, safe and secure. The growing internationalization of our campuses and communities demonstrates the strong connection between our universities and successful regional and provincial population growth strategies.”

Reflecting on the same, it’s evident that this possesses a huge opportunity for international students to fulfill their study abroad dreams and ambitions. 

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