Australia to mandate in-person attendance for international students

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It is now mandatory for all international students to attend face-to-face learning, from 2023, in Australia.

Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), Australia‘s independent national quality assurance and regulatory agency, recently announced that all international students will now be asked to return to in-person attendance. This shall come into effect by June 30 of 2023, that is next year. 

Source: TEQSA

Though it’s not yet clear whether some circumstances can lead to students attending universities through distance learning, there sure are some exceptions made for special circumstances such as COVID-19 restrictions. Other than that, all international students, who hold an Australian study visa (subclass 500), are subject to this change. 

In their statement, TEQSA has further acknowledged the difficulties faced by students and universities alike to comply with this National Code. Though they do expect that providers will adjust services to make this a smooth and successful process. 

It is to be noted that this change is announced not long after the update on international students’ working hours limits. Last month, the Department of Home Affairs, ended the arrangement of unlimited working hours, which was started in February of this year. Rather, they have now changed it to 40 hours per fortnight, which will come into effect on 30 June 2023. These changes coincide on the same date, same time, next year. 

A big set of changes is in line for international students next year.

In view of this latest update, it is to be considered how international students will be provided with the means and resources to return to in-person attendance on time. Months of preparation need to be put together for international students to make this unprecedented adjustment. A proper and smooth transition should be ensured, with full support being provided to international students enrolled in Australian universities. 

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