Study abroad: Travel by Indians overseas increased by 137%

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Study Abroad: What are the current trends in regard to student visas in popular study destinations?
40% of the 18 million people who left the nation for “residence” (7.2 million) and 7.1 million tourists.

18 million Indians left the country between January and November of 2022 via various reasons like study abroad etc. Up to 137% from 7.72 million have moved in 2021, according to a recent data released by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Bureau of Immigration (BoI). 

The BoI keeps track of the arrival and departure times of Indian travellers. The objective of the trip is manually entered and is either based on their (passengers) verbal declaration or the type of visa of the destination country produced by them at the time of accordance with immigration clearance.

The only category to surpass pre-pandemic levels was study abroad. A total of 0.44 million students studied abroad between January and November. This was 0.58 million in 2019 and 0.52 million in 2018. Over the past few years, a considerable surge in Indians giving up their citizenship has been observed after their study abroad programme.

In 2017, there were 1,33,049 Indians who gave up their citizenship. By October 31, 2022, it had increased to 1,83,741. According to information held by the ministry, the number of foreign nationals who obtained Indian citizenship, excluding those from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, was 93 in 2015, 153 in 2016, 175 in 2017, 129 in 2018, 113 in 2019, 27 in 2020, 42 in 2021, and 60 in 2022, said V Muraleedharan, a minister of state for external affairs, in a statement to the Lok Sabha on December 9.

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