Students share their experience as Spain resumes its study abroad programme

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Students share their experiences as Spain resumes its study abroad programme
After pandemic many students resume their studies in Spain and some of them shared their experience with the university.

Students who desired to study in Spain have been frustrated by the pandemic for far too long. After a two-year of restrictions, a group of 19 students under the direction of professors Milagros Gómez and Maureen Tobin Stanley set out on May 31, 2022, for a month in Salamanca, Spain. Since it began more than ten years ago, this well-known faculty-led study abroad programme has sent scores of University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) students to Spain. 

The 4-week, 6-credit programme includes a housing with Spanish host families, classes at Salamanca University, one of Europe’s oldest institutions of higher learning, and excursions to Salamanca, Toledo, Córdoba, and Seville. Academics from the University of Salamanca and UMD faculty leaders teach courses on architecture, history, culture, art, cinema, and language. The cooking sessions with Chef Roberto, where students get to prepare and consume classic Spanish cuisine, are particularly well-liked. 

After returning from Salamanca and receiving her degree from UMD this past summer, Emily Robinette realised that she has faith in her skills. Not just with Spanish speaking, but with other aspects of life as well. While speaking on the university website she said that she travelled around Salamanca on foot. It helped her improve her navigational skills with a GPS device. She learnt that making errors is not something to be afraid of, instead they are only chances to grow.  She also advises other students who want to study in Spain that they must take risks. Although finances can be a concern, it will be an adventure that will remain forever. 

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