Indian students are encouraged to register for consular assistance by the Indian Embassy in China

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Study Abroad: Post-restriction easing, foreign students are returning in massive numbers to China
To ensure they can access consular help when needed, the Indian Embassy has asked all Indian students studying in or returning to China to register for consular facilitation.

According to the information posted by the Embassy on its website, Indian students pursuing medical programs have begun to return to mainland China to rejoin their respective universities as a result of coordinated efforts. They have been asked to complete the registration form in order to guarantee rapid facilitation of their consular needs.

The earlier Indian government issued an advisory for medical aspiring students in China, making them aware of the pitfalls, including low pass percentage, mandatory learning of the official spoken language i.e. Putonghua and challenging norms to qualify to practice in India.

Now the Indian Embassy placed particular emphasis on students’ registration while they were already in China and urged those who had not yet returned to do so when they arrived.

The Indian Embassy required students to provide information such as their student passport number, university registration number, estimated course completion date, date of entry and exit, state of residency in India, email address, and contact number. This follows a tweet from the Indian Embassy in China on October 21 encouraging Indian students to sign up for assistance and share the relevant information. For more information visit:https://www.eoibeijing.gov.in/student_registration 

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