More than 8000 jobs sustained in Georgia as Enrollments Recover

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More than 8000 jobs sustained in Georgia as Enrollments Recover
Returning to the pre-pandemic era is witnessed in Georgia as more than 25,000 students enroll in universities.

International students continue to benefit the state of Georgia as they account for supporting 8,726 jobs, mainly in Atlanta. It’s been noted that this results from the number of enrolled international students being returned to their original high of pre-COVID-19 time. 

The majority of these international students are from India and China. They are pursuing STEM disciplines and have also contributed to the state with nearly $835 million (INR 7K crores) in tuition this year. This has restored international education to its place of being the leading exporter of services for the state. 

An evident improvement from the academic year of 2020-21, where the drop in enrollments was brought down to 21,515 students, which is a decline of 11.3 percent. Although spending has now improved, it still has still not recovered to the way it was pre-pandemic, after which it dropped more than 20 percent to $662 million. 

Georgia Tech in Atlanta has benefitted the most from the return of international students. The total number of students/enrollments in this university increased by 42 percent in one year to 8,040 students. This was not the state of affairs even before the pandemic, which has 20 percent fewer enrollments than the current year. Next, Georgia State University had the highest percentage of enrollment, with a growth of 17.6 percent. 

When it comes to jobs, every three students create one job by spending on tuition, and other expenses, as per NAFSA.

This return of international students abroad to study in states such as Georgia reflect upon the increase in opportunities that allow international students to realise their dreams and ambitions. 

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