International student numbers in the US rebounds, IIE reports

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International Students in the U.S. are Rebounding, According to an IIE Report

In response to COVID-19’s constraints, which restricted student movement over the previous two years, foreign students are relocating in large numbers to American universities, according to recent research by the Institute of International Education.

The survey states that only 8% of American colleges indicated that all overseas students attended in-person classes in the spring of 2021, that number rose to 55% this spring.

IIE also discovered that there is a growing interest among foreign students in attending American universities, with 65 per cent of the institutions surveyed reporting an increase in applications from the previous year.

Following the pandemic, which ended many of these program in 2020 and 2021 or posed logistical difficulties that made travel more challenging, the number of American students studying abroad also increased.

According to the IIE research, which was based on a poll of member institutions, 64% of reporting schools aim to offer study abroad program in the spring of 2023, while 65% expect to offer them in the fall.

According to institute officials, 81 per cent of respondents require a COVID-19 vaccine to participating in such program due to requirements set by the campus, study abroad providers, or the destination countries, and 83 per cent of respondents reported increases in study abroad numbers projected for 2022 and 2023.

The IIE also discovered that 248 American universities, or 44% of respondents, hosted foreign students from Ukraine in 2022 and provided assistance to those students in a variety of ways as their nation continued to fight the war that Russia started.

55 per cent of respondents at another 307 universities said they accepted Russian students. According to IIE, institutions provided accommodation, housing assistance, mental health counselling, and emergency student funding to Ukrainian and Russian students.

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