From Switching Fields to Getting Selected at 3 Top Business Schools: The Success Story of Simran Bhullar

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Like many students who wish to change their area of specialization after their graduation, Simran Bhullar decided to pursue a Master’s in Finance after she graduated with an Economics degree and a PG Diploma degree in International Marketing from Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Delhi University. Knowing that a change in subjects would present itself as a major challenge, she was looking for guidance and clarity when she found out about Leverage Edu from a friend.

“I decided to go for a Master’s in Finance and I knew it was a challenge to switch from Economics to Finance. I needed the best guidance possible from the best experts for this journey I was undertaking. That is the moment that my friend told me about Leverage Edu.” When Simran first contacted us, we realized that she had certain predetermined notions about the country she wanted to pursue her course from. That there was a gap between the goals she had set for herself and the choices she was willing to make. We realized that there was an eagerness to learn and grow in her and she only lacked the correct guidance to push her in that direction.

“This journey with Leverage Edu started with a lot of brainstorming to analyze my short term and long-term goals. They also helped me realize the countries, colleges, and programs that best fit my profile.” exclaims Simran Bhullar who will now be pursuing a Master’s in Finance from WHU, Germany, a leading B-school.  Her first session with us involved a lot of discussions where we tried to analyze her goals and aspirations, her personality traits, motivations, and interests. Simran says that the first session of brainstorming gave her the clarity she needed. That she was limiting her decisions to the present and the session helped her realize that she needed to look at the bigger picture about where she saw herself in 2-3 years, in fact in a span of 10 years. She was also able to come to the conclusion that she needed to change her targets and create more practical goals for herself that would benefit her in the long run.

Since Simran was planning to change her area of specialization she needed more than just a decent GMAT score, she needed to have experience in the field so that she could make the right choice. With the help of the Leverage Edu counsellors, she was able to prepare better for her internship interviews. These mock interviews helped her in landing the internships that helped in accentuating her profile strength. With the help of internships and brainstorming sessions coupled with her profile assessment, Simran was able to reset her target colleges, she decided to target Europe as her preference, a choice she was aversive to at the start but one that proved to be a blessing for her. 

Simran can’t stop emphasizing enough that “the best thing about Leverage Edu is the mentorship platform, the mentors who were allotted to me were not only from the same background but were also graduates of the colleges I was applying for, that really helped me shape my profile and applications.” She felt that the mentorship program is what sets Leverage Edu apart, the fact that she could connect to young people who had recently graduated or were currently enrolled in that specific program really helped shape her perspective. The mentors knew what the colleges were specifically looking for in their applications that gave her own application an edge over other applicants.

“A lot of hard work, multiple mock interviews, multiple rounds of editing SOP’s, LOR and essays is what got me admitted to WHU, Germany” remarks Simran who says that unlike other consulting firms Leverage Edu helped her plan out her applications keeping in mind the specific university. That the applications she sent out were designed in a manner that kept in mind the target university, the team worked out different applications for different universities and constantly edited and reviewed her documents making sure no stone was left unturned. She got selected in five out of the eight universities she targeted, after which with the help of the counselors and mentors she weighed the pros and cons of different universities. Once Simran had shortlisted WHU, Germany as her desired university, the Leverage Edu team prepared her for the skype interviews. “By the time of my WHU interview, I was extremely comfortable with the format of the interview” says Simran who had to pass 3 rounds of interviews for her WHU admission. 

The guidance was not just limited to her applications, we also helped her with loans and other technicalities pertaining to accommodation, scholarships and flight details. We also assisted with her overall career trajectory, by equipping her with the required knowledge about the things she could take up in college and the internships she could take to help her in her further endeavors. Simran says that “as promised, Leverage Edu was with me till the time I left for my course, these assisted me with everything from colleges to other decisions I should make for a successful career. I would just say Leverage it.”

Simran’s journey is a testament to how correct guidance can help open up the possibilities one was previously closed to. The broadened perspective by Leverage Edu helped Simran reach the hallways of endless opportunities at her dream college. 

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