6 Life Lessons By Shahid Kapoor

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Lessons By Shahid Kapoor

The world first got a glimpse of Shahid Kapoor when he appeared in a commercial for Complan alongside Ayesha Takia. Little did anyone know that the young Complan boy would go on to become one of the celebrated actors in the film industry. He is one of the few actors who has made a mark in Bollywood through his hard work and perseverance. Whether it is him as a doting father to his adorable daughter or preparing a fit body for his upcoming movie, there has never been a dearth of lessons by Shahid Kapoor. Here, in this blog, we explore and learn from the many lessons by Shahid Kapoor. 

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“I guess life puts you through certain situations to teach you some things. And after darkness, there’s always light.”

About Shahid Kapoor 

Shahid Kapoor’s journey in the industry started from a very humble beginning as a background dancer. After flooring everyone with his impressive dance moves, Shahid got roped in for his first debut “Ishq Vishq” He won a Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut. He then delivered compelling performances in movies like Jab We Met, Kaminey, Haider, Udta Punjab and Kabir Singh for all of which he received critical acclaim. Adding one feather after another to his hat, Shahid Kapoor managed to carve a niche for himself within an otherwise competitive industry. Here are 6 life lessons by Shahid Kapoor, which we can take and inspire ourselves. 

Persevere…Do what you love and love what you do

Shahid Kapoor has had his share of struggles. One of the most important lessons by Shahid Kapoor is to persevere. After receiving accolades for his debut, Shahid witnessed a slate of failures after several of his films underperformed in the box office. The projects that he thought would deliver, however, failed to captivate the audience. For a very long time, his career seemed a long dark tunnel with no light at the end of it. There was a point in his life when he had no projects to work on. In one of his interviews with Hindustan times, Shahid revealed that he had considered switching his careers after continuous setbacks. He then realized that acting is what he truly loved doing and believes  that “one should continue doing what is close to heart irrespective of the scale of success.” 

Lessons By Shahid Kapoor
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Hone Your craft

If one were to trace Shahid’s career spanning 16 years, his evolution as an artist is not subtle. He began his career playing the boy-next-door and took the industry by storm when he delivered brilliantly in some very challenging and offbeat roles. This transition was a testament to how much he had refined as an actor. In one of his interviews, Shahid revealed that his recent success in Kabir Singh was a total of 16 years of work that he had done. Even at the lowest point of his career when he was bereft of any good opportunities, he continued to reinvent himself and hone his craft. When the right opportunity came along, he would have the necessary skills to deliver. This truly is one of the most inspiring lessons by Shahid Kapoor. 

Be Humble And Appreciate Others

The fact that the Indian Film Industry is dynastic is not so much of a secret. While most thriving in the industry were born with a silver spoon and opportunities served on a platter others, have had to claw their way to the top. Shahid belonged in the second camp. He revealed getting rejected from 100 auditions and having no one to go to. He says a person can be only as right as the opportunity he gets, and sometimes you have to wait a little longer for the right one. He stresses on the importance of humility and appreciates others for their good work. He believes that one must not succumb to bitterness and jealousy and look for inspiration whenever and wherever they can. If we follow these virtues of being humble and appreciating others as lessons by Shahid Kapoor, we can aspire to achieve what he has. 

Overcome The Fear Failure Mindset  

After a string of failures early on in his career, Shahid decided not to be preoccupied with success and failure. Instead, he shifted his focus on enjoying the process of filmmaking. Quite early on he worked as an assistant director in a project titled ‘Mohandas BA LLB. His idea was to work relentlessly, network with as many people as possible, and closely study the industry. He submitted himself to his craft and let it take its own course. He credits his initial failures for moulding him into the person he is today. Overcoming the fear of failure is one of the most important lessons by Shahid Kapoor. 

“When you see a lot of success, you should see it with your head bowed down and when you see a lot of failures, you must see it with your head held high.” 

Respect Relationships

Shahid has been one for fostering his relations and equation with people – be it family or colleagues. He has a half brother from his mother Neelima Azeem and two half-siblings Sanah and Ruhaan from his father Pankaj Kapoor and Supriya Pathak. He shares a great relationship with all of them. This is one of the most inspiring lessons by Shahid Kapoor.  Even after many of his failed relationships were under public scrutiny, he refrained from speaking ill about any individual and maintained poise and dignity at all times. Shahid is very generous with his compliments towards his colleges and desists berating anybody regardless of how others treat him.   

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Be Charitable

Kapoor believes in giving back to the world and therefore contributes towards various charitable causes. He supports an NGO, ‘Swayamsiddh’ that aids children with special needs. He has adopted 3 villages in support of ‘Greenathon,’ an initiative to improve rural areas’ electricity supply. Additionally, he helped revive “Victory Arts Foundation NGO”, which helps underprivileged and disabled children through dance therapy programs. Being an ardent vegetarian himself, he supports PETA organization through advertisement campaigns. This is one of the most inspiring lessons by Shahid Kapoor, and it is needed the most by the world right now. 

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