9 Important University Interview Questions and Answers

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University Interview Questions

University Interview is a part of the admission process. After submitting the application form, the university wants to know certain things from you. This interview is mandatory to pass by the candidate to qualify for the next stage of the admission process. Students who want to study abroad start the preparation for this interview early. In this blog, we will cover 9 important University interview questions and answers. 

University Interview Questions For Study Abroad

Before offering admission to international students, universities ask certain sets of questions. Basically, these questions are to know your personality and more about you. The way you answer these questions, will either make your way easy to admission or not.

Interview type and duration vary depending on the university’s reputation or the course opted for. However, most of the University Interview questions are common. Below, we have mentioned some questions to help in your preparation.

#1 Why Do You Want to Get Admission Here?

It is the most important and common question that is used to ask in every university interview. The university wants to test your knowledge about the university. The question may get twisted but be sure you will face the question.

To answer this question do not mention the location of the university or any other irrelevant information. Stick to the knowledge about the subject and your department. You can take reference from the below-mentioned points to answer this question.

  • The course will take you closer to your career objectives
  • Interest in subject

#2 Tell Me About Your Self

This question will be asked not only in University interviews but job interviews also. That’s why it is important that you answer the question in a correct manner. With this question, you’ll tell them about your interest and hobbies. To answer this question, add information about academics, music, sports, etc. Keep the answer shorter if possible. Also, keep one example ready with your interest as the interviewer may ask you for it.

#3 Why Do You Want To Study This Subject?

The interviewer wants to know whether you genuinely want to stud this subject or not. To answer this question you can show your interest in the subject and your career objectives require gaining knowledge in this subject. Never show that you have chosen this subject on the basis of others’ suggestions.

#4 What Are Your Strengths?

Likewise Job interview questions, this question is a part of university interviews also. Interviewers do not want a cliche answer about hard work or other things. They need a thoughtful answer here to analyze your strengths. Try to answer in such a way that you can show your interest in being beneficial to the course. Also, be ready to back your answer as the interviewer may ask you to prove it.

#5 What is Your Weakness?

The interviewer does not want to know your physical weakness here. Also, do not answer cliche like I am over-ambitious, etc. Use your weakness in a positive way here. Figure out a weakness that you recently faced and not try to improve it. Undoubtedly, you have to be honest there but being so honest can put you in trouble here. However, if you show that you are improving it slowly-slowly then the interviewer may get impressed.

#6 What is Your Greatest Achievement?

This question is to test your capabilities. You can talk about any achievement you are proud at. Keep in mind that if they have asked you to share your academics achievement then stick to the point. You can say about any test you performed well or any other things that can help you during your study.

In case you are sharing your non-academic achievement, share your recent learning and get awarded for that. For example, you have learned acting and got an award for performing well. It will give you an advantage in your application and show that you can do well apart from academics.

#7 How Do Your Friends Describe You?

 “ A Good, Kind, Honest person” will not work here to impress the interviewer. The only thing you need to keep in mind is whatsoever you’re going say here will directly affect your application. Try to focus on your strength and portray yourself as a leader, or a motivator. Be ready with an example for it.

#8 What is your Favorite Pastime?

This question may get twisted, and you’ll face “ What Do you do in your free time?” The interviewer wants to know, how you use your free time. Do not end this by saying I like to listen to music, watch web series, etc.

You have to tell them that you use the time to upskill yourself. For example, playing sports will improve your physical abilities, or learning a musical instrument will work.

#9 Why Should We Give You Admission?

Yes, this is the final question where you need to prove that you will add value to the university. This is nothing less than an opportunity to sell yourself. The interviewer knows everything about you after the interview. Your answer should include all the major highlights you mentioned in the interview. Make sure you do not highlight your weakness.


Question- What are the common university interview questions?

Answer- Some of the common interview questions are mentioned below. It can be asked to you if you’ll appear for the interview. 
Tell Me about yourself.
Why do you want to join this university?
Why should we offer you admission?

Question- What Should I answer for strength and weakness questions?

Answer- While answering this question, make sure you do not present a repeated answer. Your strength should be helpful to your study. Weakness should be in the improvement phase.

Question- How many times can I appear for university interviews?

Answer – You can appear for an interview only once after submitting the application form. It is a step for completing the application process.

You have learned about common University Interview questions and their possible answers. You can practice these questions in your own space for preparation. Also, you can do preparation under our experienced coaches to improve your chance of getting selected. Book your slot now with Leverage Edu experts over a call at zero cost.

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