Internships For Hotel Management Students

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Internship for Hotel Management

Interning at one of the top hotels is the best way to start a career in the Hospitality industry. In most cases, colleges assist students in obtaining internships at hotels. In relation to this, most Hotel Management schools require students to participate in a six-week internship, which they refer to as “Industrial Training”. In this blog, we will be discussing some excellent options for internships for Hotel Management students. 

Why Sign Up for an Internship in Hotel Management? 

The Hotel Management business is all about serving customers well, and students can only achieve this insight if they understand how to deal with them properly. Working in a hotel necessitates a variety of skills, such as interpersonal contact (oral and written), communicating well with people from various cultures/groups, knowledge of community resources, researching and preparing, and strategic thinking, many of which are learned in hotel management classes but only put into practise during the internship. 

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How to Apply for an Internship in Hotel Management?

  1. Contact the hotel: The easiest way to apply for hotel management internships is to contact the hotel’s training department or HR department directly to inquire if an internship position is available. You’ll be asked to submit your CV if there’s a vacancy. If your CV is chosen for further consideration, you will be contacted for an interview.
  1. Through college: Getting an internship job at a hotel is the fastest way to get one. The majority of colleges send the resumes of their candidates to the hotels. The students then pose in front of a jury for an interview.

Different Hotel Management Profiles

Students are required to serve in various departments of the hotel, including the front desk, housekeeping, food and beverage service, and kitchen, as part of their internship. The following are some of the most popular hotel management internship profiles:

  • Front Office Manager: Oversees the front desk team, who greets visitors and clients and assigns hotel rooms to them based on their wishes.
  • Housekeeping Manager – This person is in charge of the hotel’s sanitation, cleanliness, and decoration. You may be in charge of recruiting and training housekeepers in this capacity. You will also need to schedule staff so that each shift still has the right number of people.
  • Food and Beverage Manager: This role is responsible for managing eateries and refreshment administrations to ensure that consistency is maintained. Requesting equipment, coping with bills, and maintaining the kitchen are all part of the job.

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List of Best Hotel Management Internships in India

There are various hotels in India that offer internships to students pursuing Hotel Management courses. Have a look at some of the best internships for Hotel Management available out there:

Marriott Hotels

How to apply for this Internship?
The majority of the time, colleges call Marriott and deliver their students’ CVs to the hotel. Following that, the hotel schedules an interview with students and picks them for an internship. Students may even contact the hotel to ask to speak with the Training Department and see if an internship position is available.
Duration of Internship:
Internships at Marriott are usually provided for six months. Internship applications are accepted in two batches:
Summer Batch: Every year from June to July.Winter Batch: Every year from December-January 
Stipend offered during Internship:
At Marriott Hotel, students are paid between Rs 5,000 and Rs 7,000 a month as a stipend. However, the sum of the stipend varies from one branch to the next.

Oberoi Hotels

How to apply for this Internship?
The Oberoi Group of Hotels typically receives resumes from universities, but individual students may apply for internships by contacting the hotel’s training department directly.
Duration of Internship:
Students may apply for internships at the Oberoi Hotel in two batches:
Summer Internship Batch: These internships usually begin in May and last for six months. Each year, in the month of February, interviews are held to shortlist applicants for the summer batch.
Winter Internship Batch: This internship batch normally begins in November. In September of each year, the hotel holds interviews to shortlist applicants for this internship batch.
Stipend offered during Internship:
Interns at the Oberoi Hotel are paid between Rs 8,000 and Rs 24,000 a month as a stipend. However, the sum of the stipend varies from one branch to the next.

Taj Mahal Hotel

How to apply for this Internship?
Students may apply for an internship at Taj by first contacting the hotel’s human resources department. After that, they must submit their CV and appear for an interview with a jury. The student is hired for an internship if hotel officials believe he or she has the potential and is serious enough to intern.
Duration of the Internship:
Students will participate in one of two internship batches at Taj:
Summer Batch: This batch begins in May, and applicants are selected for internships based on interviews held in January and February. By the end of February, all internship positions in Taj’s summer batch had been filled.
Winter Batch: This round begins in November/December, and applicants are shortlisted for internships based on interviews held in June (end)/July. All internship positions for the winter batch are filled by the end of July.
Stipend offered during Internship:
A stipend of about Rs 2,000 to Rs 25,000 per month is provided to students chosen for an internship at Taj. However, the sum of the stipend varies from one branch to the next.

The Leela

How to apply for this Internship?
Since the Leela Hotel prefers to hire students for internships when the college approaches them directly, the only way to get an internship at this hotel is through your college. However, if a student also wants to intern here, he or she can contact the hotel’s training department.
Duration of the Internship:
Leela, like most hotels, offers two types of internships to students:
Summer Batch: In March, the hotel holds interviews to fill internship slots for the summer batch, which begins in June/July each year. In the summer internship batch, about ten students will be given an internship at Leela.
Winter Batch: The hotel holds interviews in August to fill internship vacancies for the winter batch, which begins in September/October each year. In Leela’s winter internship batch, about 15 students are recruited as interns.
Stipend offered during Internship:
During their six-month internship at Leela, students receive a stipend of about Rs 1,800 to Rs 16,000 per month. However, the sum of the stipend varies from one hotel to the next.

Westin Hotel and Resorts

How to apply for this Internship?
Even Westin does not prefer students who apply for internships on their own and prefers to hire students from universities. According to sources, this is achieved because students who go through a college placement department take their internship more seriously because their grades and attendance are directly linked to their internship success.
Duration of the Internship:
Westin also offers two types of internships:
Summer Internships: These internships usually begin in June/July. In the summer batch, the Westin Hotel’s Gurgaon branch offers internships to 40 students, and the hotel’s Sona outlet offers internships to 20 students.
Winter Internship Batch: This internship batch usually begins in September/October. As part of the winter batch internship, the Westin Hotel’s Gurgaon branch offers internships to 50 students, and the Westin Hotel’s Sona outlet offers internships to 30 students.
Stipend offered during Internship:
During their internship, Westin Hotel and Resorts pays students a stipend of Rs 14,000 to Rs 15,000 per month. However, the sum of the stipend varies from one branch to the next.

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How long is the typical duration of the internship for hotel management?

The duration of the internship program in hotel management varies based on the specific hotel or institution. Internships can range from a few weeks to several months. The duration often depends on the goals of the internship, the skills to be learned, and the requirements of the educational institution or the hotel.

What responsibilities and tasks can I expect during the hotel management internship?

During your hotel management internship, you can expect to engage in a variety of hands-on tasks. These might include front desk operations, guest services, event coordination, housekeeping supervision, food and beverage management exposure, and administrative support. Interns are often given the opportunity to rotate through different departments to gain a well-rounded understanding of hotel operations.

Is the internship a paid opportunity, and are there any chances of employment upon completion?

Paid internships in hotel management are common, but they can vary depending on the hotel or organization. Some internships offer stipends, while others provide hourly wages. Regarding future employment, some hotels might consider hiring exceptional interns for full-time positions after graduation, but this isn’t guaranteed and depends on factors like performance, availability of openings, and alignment with the hotel’s needs.

We hope that this blog has provided you with all of the necessary details about the Hotel Management Internships in India. If you are preparing to apply for an Internship in the Hospitality industry, contact our experts at Leverage Edu, and we will assist you with any questions you may have as well as provide you with the requisite skills and experience to ensure a successful registration into the internship!

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      You can apply for these hotel management internships if you want to pursue a career in Hotel Management! All the best!