How to Describe Yourself in an Interview?

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How to Describe Yourself ?

Getting rejected in interviews? Do you get puzzled in interviews especially when interviewers start with an open-ended question like, Tell me about yourself? Despite having the right academic and professional skills, you can be rejected from an interview if you provide unsatisfactory answers. How would you describe yourself, is one of the most important and common questions asked in job, admissions and VISA interviews. Read this blog to know how to answer this interview question efficiently!

How to Describe Yourself in an Interview?

In order to find a perfect answer to How to describe yourself in an interview, you need to understand the intent of the interviewer behind the same. Try to support your answers by your past experiences and attributes that can make you the best fit for the role. We have compiled a list of some important points that you should keep in mind while answering those questions 

  • When an interviewer asks you to talk about yourself, they actually are seeking information about your personality, qualities, and characteristics that they believe will align with the skills for the role. 
  • Describe your answer in relation to the job. Remember, if the employer is asking personal questions, they are still all related to “what best you can bring to the company”.   

Here are some of the point that can help you frame the best answer to the question How to describe yourself in an interview.

I am a result-oriented person.
The reason to mention this point is to prove that you think in terms of business because every job requires an employee who can be productive enough to generate good business for them. The perspective employer measures the result-oriented person through their productivity and overall performance. So if you want to increase your chances of getting hired don’t forget to mention this point. 

I am passionate about my work.
Whenever answering any interview question it becomes very important from employers’ perspective to hire those employees who love to do their work and love you accomplish it within a given period of time. Getting such people on board who enjoy their work is a win-win situation for the employer, but remember the word “passion” invokes feelings of commitment and dedication which naturally shows that they are committed to excellence and have the capacity to prove beneficial to the company.

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I am ambitious and driven.
Whenever you mention this point in your interview remember that Ambition and work-driven are two important qualities that are crucial to gain success and growth in various jobs. So if an employer hires an ambitious candidate that means they are engaging a resource to there company who will consistently seek ways to improve themselves and evolve with the time.

I am highly organized.
While mentioning this point in your interview you need to realize that in an organization it is very important that you do all your tasks within a given time or meet the deadlines for the task assigned to you. An organized candidate is a result-oriented candidate and someone an organization can trust to meet deadlines. This attribute is especially important in managerial roles like project management, team leader, etc. Furthermore, it also ensures that new hires will consistently seek ways to improve themselves and keep their eyes firmly set on their next goal.

I’m a people person.
The reason to mention this point is to depict your social and communication skills this mostly involves your interaction and understanding with other persons that are going to work with you in a team such attributes include conversational, social and your understanding skills.  

How to Describe Yourself in an Interview: Keywords 

You must know that interviews pick up keywords form your answer and match it with the set of skills required to do the job properly. Here is a list of keywords that can help you answer How to describe yourself in an interview, efficiently:

Self aware

 Tips For Job Interview 

  • Introspect yourself before coming to the interview, which will help you to understand what kind of person you are and will make it easy for you to coney your answers to the employer.
  • Always provide fair answers, tell them about your strong and weak points, but try to Describe some of your qualities.
  • You should be very straightforward and honest in replying to all interview questions.
  • Describe your unique characteristics, qualities and skills say about something that has been left out of the CV.
  • Take time to review the job description and look for similarities between what’s required and your natural strengths.

Hope this blog helped you get an overview on how to describe yourself in an interview. If you are preparing for MBA interviews and need guidance for the same, contact LeverageEdu. Our experts will boost your confidence, give you tips and train you to crack the MBA interview in a few weeks only!

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