How Does Placement Consultancy Work?

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Placement Consultancy

Are you looking forward to building your professional career? Do you find it daunting to begin your job search and filter the firms and jobs? And the only solution you repeatedly come across is to look for a placement consultancy, but you are unsure about how does a placement consultancy work? Then, you do not need to worry because we are here to offer you answers to all your queries related to the domain of consultancies.  

What is a Placement Consultancy?

A placement consultancy or a recruitment agency acts as a networking link between the recruiting companies in various sectors and the job-seekers. In other words, it declutters the manpower and provides you with a lending hand. They create databases and contact candidates and companies and solve issues related to jobs. Placement consultants offer a spectrum of services and help in placing candidates at places that they truly deserve. Continue reading the blog to know understand the roles and responsibilities of placement consultancy.

How Does a Placement Consultancy Work?

With the rampant growth of manpower and explosion of the MNCs, the pace of hiring process has become manifolds. With so many people looking for jobs, it becomes a hefty task for companies to connect with suitable candidates and vice verse. In such cases, a placement consultancy creates a platform and acts a link in order to streamline the manpower and guides it in the right direction. But in today’s world, their role has expanded and has become multifaceted.

To get a better view of what a consultancy does, we have elucidated the key aspects of their functioning below:  


The first thing that a prospective employer comes across in the hiring process is your resume. It is the piece of paper that enlightens them about your educational qualifications, academic achievements and career goals. And hence to make a favourable impression on the prospective employers, the first thing one needs to implement is to craft a perfect resume. To help you in doing so, you can take the aid of a placement consultancy. They have the requisite tools to improve the aesthetics and professional writers with expertise informal styles of writing and presentation. 

Aptitude Test and Interview 

The next step in the hiring process is to prepare you for the aptitude test for interview. Based on your performance in the test, the prospective employers gauge on your interpersonal, professional and subject-related skills. Followed by an aptitude test, one has to appear for the round of personal interview or a telephonic interview

The placement consultancies also provide you with a list of prospective HR interview questions and how to answer each of the interview questions in the best possible manner. Since you might be appearing for impromptu or a walk-in-interview, the placement consultancies provide with the tips on how to crack an interview

Related Interview Questions 

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Connection and Networking

A placement consultancy has experts with years of professional experience and have acted as HRs or have worked in roles of a similar capacity. These professionals have expertise in making the hiring process more effective and smooth. With their expert skills at your disposal, you can actually grasp interview skills, discuss salary negotiations and get connected with firms that invest in their employees. 

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Leverage Edu As Your Placement Partner

Choosing the perfect course for yourself is of pivotal importance when it comes to realising your dreams and career aspirations. It also helps you in advancing your interests which has a direct impact on your performance. Like a placement consultancy prepares you for your dream job, we at Leverage Edu take care of everything that precedes getting a good job. From doing your psychometric test to finding a university and assisting you with the application process, we make sure that you get the best. Leverage Edu mentors will handheld you till you land in your dream university followed by finding accommodation for you.

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