Highest Paying Jobs for Animal Lovers

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High- Income Jobs for Animal Lovers

While veterinarian is the first option that comes to your mind while finding a job for animal lovers. There are numerous highest-paying jobs for animal lovers such as animal trainer, marine biologist and more. As per Indeed, these jobs have wider scope in UK, USA you can earn between $66169 (INR 50,00,000) and more per annum.  

Jobs for Animal Lovers
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Highest Paying Jobs for Animal Lovers

Animal occupations are related to research, direct care, medical treatment, or training. Animal vocations frequently bring a high level of satisfaction to those who have a passion for animals. Here’s a list of 10 of the highest-paying jobs for animal lovers. 


A veterinarian is an animal’s primary doctor in a hospital or other medical setting. They take care of sick and ailing animals. They also keep track of an animal’s dietary habits, conduct exams, diagnose illnesses, and offer vaccines and exams. It is among the highest paying jobs for animal lovers. Wondering what to study to become a vet? Read our blog on how to become a Veterinary Doctor and find answers to all your questions!

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In the case of dogs and cats, a breeder usually works with a specific animal and manages the breeding process. The breeder also collaborates closely with the veterinarian to ensure that the puppies are healthy and ready to be delivered. Becoming a breeder is one of the popular and highest paying jobs for animal lovers.

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Animal Trainer 

Animal trainers work with a variety of animals to train them in various tricks in order to entertain the audience. As you’ll be working with animals and performing with them during the circus, you’ll need to travel for this job. You must also train the animals to be loyal to you so that you can cooperate with them. 

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Marine Biologist 

 A marine biologist examines the features of all marine species. They can also see how undersea life interacts with the other organisms they share their environment with. Research can also be related to their relationships with humans, and they may be required to scuba dive in order to obtain more information. 

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Animal Caretaker 

Animal caretakers assist animals at zoos, animal shelters, clinics, and other places. You must provide them with food, drink, adequate living quarters, and time to exercise while they are in your care. It is anticipated that you interact with them as needed and keep track of any changes in their mood or health. 

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Pet Groomer 

A pet groomer’s primary task is to keep pets clean and fresh. They can cut a pet’s hair, clean their teeth, and trim their fingernails, among other things. You’ll require good communication skills with pet owners and patience when grooming pets. 

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Pet Sitter 

In the case that pet owners are unable to care for their pets, a pet sitter will look after them for a set amount of time. Pet sitters can interact with pets, clean up after them, and follow their owners’ directions. Owners can discover trustworthy sitters on the internet, but they should hire someone they know. This is one of the highest paying jobs for animal lovers.

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Conservation Land Manager 

A conservation land manager’s job is to ensure that the wildlife on the land they’re responsible for is protected. This could be a forest, a park, or private or government-owned land.

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Wildlife Biologist 

A wildlife biologist is comparable to a marine biologist, except that they research animal behaviour on land as well as the interactions between plants and their ecosystems. They can also go out into the field to collect specimens and perform additional research, as well as look at the human impact on various species of animals.

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Animal Nutritionist 

An animal nutritionist is one of the perfect jobs for animal lovers. They help animals by determining their nutritional needs so that they can be fed the appropriate meals. They assess their eating habits and give specific dietary recommendations to a zoo or the government.

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Average Salary 

Job Profiles Average Salary (in USD) 
Veterinarian  86,962 (INR 65 Lakhs)
Breeder 81,329 (INR 61 Lakhs)
Animal Nutritionist 53,265 (INR 40 Lakhs)
Conservation Land Manager 84,153 (INR 63 Lakhs)
Pet Groomer 27,099 (INR 20 Lakhs)
Pet Sitter 75,200 (INR 56 Lakhs)
Animal Caretaker 21,408 (INR 16 Lakhs)
Animal Trainer 33,748 (INR 25 Lakhs)
Wildlife Biologist 49,701 (INR 37 Lakhs)
Marine Biologist 52,167 (INR 39 Lakhs)

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Highest Paying Jobs for Animal Lovers Without Degree

Aside from a career as a veterinarian, there is a range of animal-related vocations that pay well. These jobs pay close to or even over the median wage. Below are some of the jobs for animals lovers that at least may have a high school education. 

  1. Groomer 
  2. Pet Sitter, Kennel Attendant, and Dog Walker
  3. Laboratory Animal Caretaker 
  4. Animal Trainer 
  5. Animal Control Workers
  6. Conservation and Forest Technicians 
  7. Breeder 

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Government Jobs for Animal Lovers

Working with animals is a requirement for a number of government occupations. We’ll go through what people may anticipate performing in each of these roles, as well as what kind of schooling is required to be eligible for them. 

  • Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists 
  • Veterinarian 
  • Agriculture Engineer 
  • Fish and Game Warden 
  • Agriculture and Food Scientists 

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Choosing a career that fulfils you and provides you with a comfortable lifestyle is a crucial decision, but it can be difficult to make. With our AI Course Finder and brainstorming sessions, the specialists at Leverage Edu can assist you in determining which career path is best for you. 

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