The Earning Power of UX Design: A Look at US Salaries 2024

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UX Designer Salary in USA

UX  Designer Salary in USA: In order to increase consumer happiness, user experience (UX) designers often combine a broad range of technical and professional talents. This profession helps you earn a good salary in the United States, as it is one of the most in-demand professions. Many companies hire UX designers with high skills in a high salary range. You must bargain for the pay you deserve as a UX designer. In order to better understand the going rate and facilitate the process of demonstrating your value, start by researching the industry standards relevant to your area and expertise level. In this complete article, we have added the latest data for UX Designer Salary in the USA 2024. Let’s explore. 


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What is the Average UX  Designer Salary in USA

According to data from Indeed and Glassdoor, if you are working as a UX designer in the United States, the average salary per year is around 77,000 USD to USD 97,000. The average salary you can earn is around 86,000–107,000 USD, and the highest annual salary is around 106,000–121,000 USD. UX designers in the US earn a fair livelihood. The typical pay for a UX designer in the United States varies depending on many factors, including region, work hours, specialization, and experience level.

UX  Designer Salary in USA By Experience Level 

The amount of practical experience you have under your belt will determine how much a potential employer is willing to pay you.

UX  Designer Salary in USA

UX  Designer Salary in USA By Education 

The USA’s UX Designer Salary is based on your educational background. The US wage range for a UX designer based on education level is provided below.   

Education Average Salary Per Year  
Bachelor’s degree85,000 USD
Master’s degree120,500 USD

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UX  Designer Salary in USA By Organisation 

The pay for UX designers in the USA varies depending on the organization. The US wage range for a UX designer varies depending on the kind of organization.

Organisation Average Salary Per Year 
Cisco Systems1,75,903 USD
ServiceNow1,21,425 USD
Google1,87,051 USD
Accenture94,310 USD
Moment Studio80,859 USD
Amazon1,17,787 USD
Microsoft1,69,177 USD
Apple1,79,517 USD
Photon1,17,641 USD
Nones85,279 USD
ChopDawg Studios90,668 USD
Ampush93,670 USD
IBM97,034 USD
J. J. Keller96,592 USD
Booz Allen Hamilton88,483 USD
Self Opportunity80,243 USD

UX  Designer Salary in USA By Cities 

The need for UX designers varies by area, and this is reflected in the salary range. Here are the different cities in the United States with different salary ranges for UX designers. 

UX  Designer Salary in USA

UX  Designer Salary in USA By Positions 

There are different job profiles related to UX designers. The following lists the pay information for several UX designer job profiles in the United States. 

Job Roles Average Salary Per year 
Software Developer – UI1,06,739 USD
UI Designer92,264 USD
UI Developer/UI Designer95,917 USD
UI Web Applications Developer1,11,249 USD
Systems Engineer112,504 USD
UX Designer 72,713 USD
Senior UX Designer 72,713 USD
Senior UX Design Manager 227,504 USD
Middleweight UX Designer94,505 USD
Junior UX Designer93,300 USD

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How much are UX designers paid in USA?

In the US, a user experience designer makes, on average, $19,170 USD annually. In the US, a user experience designer typically receives an additional cash salary of 21,481 USD, with a range of 16,111 USD to 30,074 USD.

Is UX in demand in USA?

Yes, there is an increasing demand for UX across all businesses. The demand for UX designers has increased even in 2022. With little more than 7,000 job openings in the USA in 2024, the UX designer position reached the 24th rank on Glassdoor’s annual Best Jobs list. This is not anticipated to change in 2024.

How much does a junior UX earn in USA?

The average yearly salary for a Junior Ux Ui Designer in the US is $56,698 USD as of March 31, 2024. If you use a basic wage calculation, that comes to about USD 27.26 per hour. This translates to 1,090 USD each week or 4,724 USD per month.

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