Here is How You Can Get Clinical Research Jobs Abroad 

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Clinical Research Jobs

The study of the efficacy and safety of novel medical therapies, equipment, and practices is known as clinical research. It is an essential component of the healthcare industry and helps create new medications and treatments that can prolong patients’ lives. Clinical research may be a great career option for you if you are thinking about working in the medical field or if you are driven to improve people’s lives. Clinical research jobs are the key to a fantastic career in science, according to several practitioners.

Why Should You Choose Clinical Research as a Career?

There are ample reasons for choosing Clinical Research as a career. Let’s Explore why Clinical Research is a good career, we have mentioned a few pointers; 

  • In the healthcare sector, clinical research is crucial. Research studies can contribute to the development of novel medications, treatments, and gadgets that enhance patient outcomes and quality of life. 
  • One of the most fulfilling career choices is working in clinical research. Being a clinical researcher will put you at the forefront of creating novel cures and treatments.
  • There is a great need for qualified individuals in the highly specialized sector of clinical research. Pay in this industry is therefore usually competitive.
  • Opportunities for professional and personal development can be found in the field of clinical research. You will pick up new abilities while working on research projects, like project management, data analysis and communication. 

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5 Best Countries for Clinical Research Jobs 

There are some good countries, such as the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, to get a good job in the clinical research field. All these countries have facilities for medicinal study and are often regarded as the world’s best countries for medical studies owing to their top-notch hospitals, world-class medical schools, expert faculty, opportunities, and progressive research.

New Zealand for Clinical Research Jobs 

New Zealand is one of the good places for doing jobs in the clinical research field. As there are a lot of clinical research jobs provided by reputed companies. 

Job Position Organisation  Average Salary 
Clinical Research Associate Fisher & Paykel Healthcare NZ$64T -NZ$68T
Clinical Research Coordinator Auckland City Hospital NZ$72T 
Clinical Research Associate I Novotech NZ$63T -NZ$68T
Clinical Research Associate II Novotech NZ$72T -NZ$81T
Clinical Research Nurse New Zealand Clinical Research NZ$54T -NZ$79T
Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator Middlemore Hospital NZ$74T -NZ$84T
Clinical Research Data Manager YES NZ$1L -NZ$1L
Clinical Research Study Assistant Te Whatu Ora NZ$57T -NZ$61T
Sr. Clinical Research Associate  Labcorp NZ$12T -NZ$13T

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Australia for Clinical Research Jobs

Here is a list of some good job opportunities in Australia that pay you a good salary. 

Job Position Organisation  Average Salary 
Clinical Trials Assistant The George Institute $58,383- $63,681 
Clinical Trial Coordinator St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney $81,581 – $95,056 
Clinical Research Officer Macquarie University $93,017 – $102,676 
Research Coordinator Murdoch Childrens Research Institute $87,015 – $91,721
Clinical Research Associate Novotech $55,000- $100,000 
Clinical Research Associate – Contractor Neuroscience Trials Australia $73,000 -$98,000 
Clinical Research Associate II ICON $80,000-$100,000
Senior Clinical Research Associate Syneos Health $66,000 -$100,000

United Kingdom for Clinical Research Jobs 

There are several job options in the chemical research field in the United Kingdom. Following are a few of them:

Job Position Organisation  Average Salary 
Clinical/Medical Research Associate IQVIA £49,681 per year
Research Associate Canon Medical Research Europe £36,798 per year
Clinical Research Coordinator  Moorfields Eye Hospital £28,000-£31,000 per year
Clinical Research Associate Richmond Pharmacology £70,000-£75,000 per year
Clinical Trial Assistant Elixir Associates £35,000-£48,000 per year
Clinical Research Programme Manager ERG Group  £55,000-£65,000 per year
Research Clinical Nurse Specialist HCA Healthcare UK £29,700-£67,000 per year
Research Assistant CY Partners £24,000-£26,000 per year 

Canada for Clinical Research Jobs 

There are several job options in the chemical research field in Canada. Following are a few of them:

Job Position Organisation  Average Salary 
Clinical Research Associate Linical Accelovance CA$34,000-CA$100,000 per year 
Clinical Research Coordinator University Health Network CA$72,620 per year
Clinical Research Project Assistant SickKids CA$65,000 per year 
Clinical Research Project Manager SickKids CA$78,955 per year 
Clinical Research Analyst University Health Network CA$66,469 per year 
Clinical Research Coordinator I University Health Network CA$74,683 per year 
Clinical Research Coordinator II University Health Network CA$83,241 per year 
Clinical Research Manager University Health Network CA$94,875 per year
Clinical Research Specialist AutoCruitment CA$59,807 per year 
Clinical Research Recruiter LMC Healthcare CA$43,600 per year 

USA for Clinical Research Jobs 

The USA is also one of the good places for doing jobs in the field of clinical research. As there are a lot of clinical research jobs provided by reputed companies. 

Job Position Organisation  Average Salary 
Clinical Research Associate Medpace $87,579 per year 
Clinical Research Associate I IQVIA $80,363 per year 
Senior Clinical Research Associate BioMarin Pharmaceutical $99,814 per year 
Lead Clinical Research Associate Barrow Neurological Institute $87,238 per year 
Senior Clinical Research Associate Beckman Coulter Diagnostics $45,000-$100,000 per year 
Sr. Clinical Research Associate The Cooper Companies $115,517-$154,022 per year 
Clinical Affairs Associate II Abbott Laboratories $72,100 – $144,100 per year 
Manager, Clinical Research  Bausch + Lomb $100,000 – $140,000 per year 

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Skills Required for Clinical Research Jobs 

To get a clinical researcher job, you are required to have the following skills: You can utilize these skill sets to improve while doing a job in clinical research.

  • Project management skills 
  • Good communication both verbal and interpersonal 
  • The ability to motivate others
  • A flexible and adaptable approach to work 
  • Presentation Skills 
  • IT and administrative skills 
  • Detail-oriented and data-capturing 
  • An understanding of the importance of good clinical practice.  


What are the Highest Paying Clinical Research Jobs? 

Following is a list of Highest Paying Clinical Research Jobs 
Clinical Research Coordinator
Clinical Research Associate
Research Scientist
Clinical Research Manager 

How to get a job in clinical research abroad?

To be qualified for employment in the clinical research industry, you usually require a bachelor’s degree in life sciences, nursing, biotechnology, or a related clinical science. These degrees will give you the groundwork required to comprehend the work that is done.

Which job has the highest salary in clinical research?

You must be able to prioritize your responsibilities and multitask as a clinical research coordinator. You must finish four years of a bachelor’s degree in medical technology, microbiology, or public health administration in order to be eligible for the best-paying position in clinical research.

Which are the best clinical research jobs?

Following is the list of Clinical Research Job options
A Clinical Data Manager (CDM)
Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
Clinical Research Coordinator.
A Clinical Research Scientist.
Clinical Trial Manager.
Clinical Trial Monitor.
Pharmacovigilance Associate (PVA)
Regulatory Affairs Manager (RAM)

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