Opportunities for Nigerian Students: Best Universities, Scholarships, & IELTS Free Admissions 

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Opportunities for Nigerian Students: Best Universities, Scholarships, & IELTS Free Admissions 

Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity for Nigerian students to gain quality education, career opportunities, and exposure to another culture. USA, UK, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, France, Spain, Australia, and Canada are some of the best destinations that students can choose from.  While planning to study in another country, the student must be aware of the best affordable universities, fully funded and partial scholarships. Moreover, they must know about the Universities that require no IELTS for Nigerian students. Therefore, we have included this information in this blog. Keep reading to learn more about the opportunities for Nigerians.


Top 10 Affordable Universities for Nigerian Students

There is no denying that studying in a foreign country can be expensive. The good news is, that there are affordable universities a Nigerian student can apply to. These universities boast of low tuition fees for undergraduate, and postgraduate studies. Here we have listed 10 affordable universities for international students. 

opportunities for nigerians
University Country Average Tuition Fees 
The University of Canada WestCanadaCAD 80,720 per year (BA)CAD 40,635 per year (MBA)
Lambton CollegeCanadaCAD 14,636
Conestoga CollegeCanadaApprox CAD 8616.27 per term 
International Business UniversityCanadaCAD 4,800 per year (Bcom)CAD 36,000.00 (MBA)
Trinity Western UniversityCanadaCAD 22,800 (typical cost per year)
University of SuffolkUnited Kingdom£14,610 (classroom-based BA/BSc)£14,625  (classroom-based MA/MSc)
University of HullUnited Kingdom£9,250 per year (BA) £9,000 -£13,000 per year (MA)
University of LawUnited Kingdom£16,700 (non-London) LLB (Hons), Two years BSc (Hons)£20,350 (non-London
University of BoltonUnited KingdomStart at £15,950 (excluding courses like MSc Physician Associate Studies and some others
Ulster University BirminghamUnited Kingdom£12,100 p/a (UG)£5,250 (pre-masters)£19,950 (Msc)
UE GermanyGermany€ 12,100 yearly (BA)€ 1,008 monthly (paid per semester or per year) (PG)

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Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarships for Nigerian Students 

International scholarships are the best way Nigerian students can beat the costs. The fully funded scholarships cover tuition fees, traveling expenses, and medical expenses, among others. Note: the benefits and the eligibility of these scholarships can vary. Here we have provided the list of the best fully funded scholarships for Nigerian students. You can click on the scholarship name for a detailed explanation of the eligibility criteria, benefits and the application process. 

Scholarship Name Country Benefits 
DAAD Scholarship GermanyGermany934 euros monthly, Payments towards insurance cover, Travel allowance, Annual study allowance, Monthly rent subsidy, Monthly allowance for accompanying members of family, Preparatory language course,  and allowance for additional needs in case of disability orchronic illness (if applicable)
MEXT ScholarshipsJapan Full tuition fees are covered,  1 economy airfare expense, and  a stipend of 144,000 JPY per month  as a living allowance 
Yale University Scholarships USAUSAcover 100% of the financial need, (average scholarship of  $50,000- $70,000 per year). Students whose parents earn less than 65,000$ are fully funded ( tuition fees, room, and board expenses)
Chinese Government ScholarshipsChinaregistration fees, accommodation, basic medical expenses, and a monthly allowance for personal expenses, etc 
Fulbright Scholarships USAUSATuition fees, living expenses, Accident & Sickness Health Benefits. 24/7 support line for urgent and non-urgent situations, among others 
ETH Zurich Scholarship Swizerland living and study costs (CHF 12’000 per semester) and  a tuition fee waiver
Monash University ScholarshipAustraliaLiving allowance, relocation allowance, and research allowance 
Ton Duc Thang University Graduate ScholarshipVietnamEntire tuition fees/: 50% tuition fee and 50% accommodation fee or research funding 
Gates Cambridge ScholarshipUK2 airfares, visa costs, and Health Surcharge, yearly allowance of £20,000 for up to 4 years,  Dependent Children Allowance, among others 
Netherlands Government ScholarshipNetherlands Tuition fees, and living expenses 

Watch the video to learn more about scholarships for Nigerian students

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Top 12 Universities Where Nigerian Students Can Study IELTS Free

Several universities around the world accept Nigerian students without the requirements of IELTS. Here we have listed some of them. Note; Although IELTS is not a requirement, the students will have to meet other eligibility criteria of the university.

opportunities for nigerians
University Country Condition 
University of ColoradoUSA If the student has completed 2 years of education from a high school in a country where English is the native language 
California State UniversityUSA Secondary education in English and English is the native language of the student 
Brock University 
CanadaEnglish must be the first language of the student 
University of Winnipeg CanadaYou must be from Nigeria 
Inholland UniversityHolland You must be from Nigeria
London South Bank UniversityUnited Kingdom Submit West African Senior School Certificates in English Language/grade C6
University of Bolton
United Kingdom Provide  WAEC minimum grade C6 as proof of English proficiency
Swinburne University of Technology
Australia Complete  GCE ‘O’ Level English with a minimum grade of ‘C’, an international Baccalaureate, Studied English in another country, and must have English as the medium of instruction 
University of QueenslandAustralia You must be from Nigeria 
The University of EdinburghUK Submit WAEC/NECO as proof of English proficiency
University of PortsmouthUKSubmit WAEC as proof of English proficiency
University of WestminsterUKSubmit WAEC as proof of English proficiency and take a professional English course before commencing your studies at the university 

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Which country is best for Nigerians to study?

The best countries where Nigerian students can study abroad are the United Kingdom. China, Malaysia, UAE, and Canada. Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea are also excellent countries to study abroad. 

How can someone from Nigeria study abroad?

To study abroad, a Nigerian student must apply to a university abroad. The student must meet the eligibility criteria for the selected course, and submit the relevant documents. For example, academic transcripts, and proof of finances, letters of recommendation, among other things. The student must also arrange accommodation in the country and must apply for a visa. 

How can a Nigerian get scholarship to study abroad?

Nigeria and the Foreign government have entered into Bilateral agreements. This has created several scholarship opportunities for Nigerian students. The host country funds these scholarships to assist Nigerian students with their living expenses, and tuition fees. For example, MEXT scholarships, and DAAD Scholarship Germany.

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