Cost of Living in Stockholm: A Comprehensive Guide

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A Guide on Cost of Living in Stockholm

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden is a wonderful location to live with a good quality of life. It‘s a tranquil fusion of urban and natural settings, the ancient and the new. The cost of living there isn’t the lowest, though. Therefore, whether you’re thinking of moving to Sweden or are simply interested in learning how much it costs to live in Stockholm, you’ve come to the correct blog. The main elements that affect the cost of living in Stockholm will be covered in this article, including the typical flat rent, electricity bills, food expenditures, and more.


Why Choose Stockholm to Study Abroad?

Let’s take a look at the reasons to study abroad in Stockholm:

  • With a population of around 1.5 million, Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is the largest city in all of Scandinavia. In the city, there are well over 100,000 students. 
  • The number of international students is significant due to the abundance of English-language study programmes and the lack of tuition costs for inhabitants of the EU.
  • Around a dozen universities, many of which are renowned globally, can be found in Stockholm. With a massive 70,000 students and more than 100 Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes offered in English, Stockholm University is the largest university in the area.
  • With roughly 15,000 students, the famous Royal Institute of Technology provides a wide range of technical and engineering specialities. The esteemed Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) is a top choice for those seeking for an MBA in Stockholm. 
  • Additionally, Stockholm has the highest average pay in the nation, at 43,000 SEK (INR 3.26 Lakh) each month, according to statistics from SCB (Statistics Sweden). This is among the main factors in the decision of many students to study and work in Stockholm. 
  • However, earnings for various professions vary greatly, with IT, financial, and engineering professionals frequently receiving higher pay than those in other professions. 

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Average Tuition Fee in Stockholm

Public institutions are frequently ideal choices for prospective overseas students since they give them access to reputable education while receiving support from the government. There are eight public universities in Stockholm, and students who are interested in attending one should investigate which one is best for them. The cost of tuition varies per university and curriculum. Here is a list of some of Stockholm’s well-known universities together with their average tuition prices.

Name of the UniversityCost in SEKCost in INR
Stockholm UniversitySEK 90,000 – 145,000INR 6.79 Lakh- 10.94 Lakh
Stockholm School of EconomicsSEK 100,000- 150,000 INR 7.54 Lakh- 11.31 Lakh
KTH Royal Institute of Technology SEK 122,000 – 260,000INR 9.20 Lakh- 19.62 Lakh
Royal College of Music, StockholmSEK 255,000INR 19.24 Lakh

Cost of Living in Stockholm

Stockholm is a city known for its breathtaking natural scenery, extensive cultural history, and creative urban design. People from all over the world travel to the city because of its distinctive fusion of natural beauty and modernism. Stockholm is quite inexpensive when compared to other cities’ capitals like Oslo and Copenhagen, which is known for being very pricey. The fact that Stockholm placed 95th out of 227 nations in the Mercer Cost of Living Survey for 2023 shows that its cost of living is considerably lower than that of Copenhagen (9th) and Oslo (60th). This might worry some individuals. Let’s take a look at the cost of living in Stockholm in detail:


With alternatives including buses, trams, and the metro, Stockholm’s public transit system is effective and well-connected. A single journey costs roughly 39 SEK, while a monthly public transport pass costs 970 SEK (INR 7,373). Another well-liked and economical mode of transportation in the city is biking.

Public TransportationCost in SEKCost in INR
City Center Bus/Train fareSEK 39INR 296
Taxi rate per kmSEK 24INR 182
Petrol (1L)SEK 21.96INR 166.94

Food & Dining

Meat, seafood, and dairy items are a bit less expensive, and with the recent arrival of inexpensive international chains like Netto and Lidl in Stockholm, grocery shopping doesn’t have to be too costly.

Food/DiningCost in SEKCost in INR
Milk (1L)SEK 15.23INR 115.78
Dozen EggsSEK 40INR 304
White BreadSEK 29INR 220.45
Rice (1kg)SEK 29INR 220.45
Chicken Fillets (1kg)SEK 123INR 935.02
Cappuccino SEK 90INR 684.16
Coca-Cola (330ml)SEK 24INR 182.44
Three-course meal for twoSEK 42INR 319.28
Three course meal for twoSEK 800INR 6081.44

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Utility Bills

For an average-sized flat in Stockholm, utility expenditures generally run from 1,000 to 1,500 SEK per month. This covers everything from heating to waste disposal to electricity. Remember that these expenses might vary according to the size of the flat, the time of year, and personal consumption patterns. Utility costs are occasionally included in Stockholm flat rental agreements, however, this isn’t usually the case.

UtilitiesCost in SEKCost in INR
1 min prepaid mobile tariffSEK 1.43INR 10.87
Internet (per month)SEK 356INR 2706
Utilities (Average per month for a standard household)SEK 1,115INR 8476


The robust music and museum scenes in Stockholm are evidence that Swedes value culture. There are several museums and theatres spread all around the city.

You will typically pay 150 SEK (INR 1140) for a movie ticket to see an international release. At the Royal Swedish Opera, you may purchase a seat with a view for between 240 (INR 1824) and 1,650 SEK (INR 12,542), listening-only seats are less expensive. However, the price depends on the day of the week you select.


The greatest portion of your monthly spending will likely be lodging, as is common in many big cities. The cost varies according to the location, size, and state of the property. When looking at housing possibilities in the city, it’s essential to budget appropriately because lodging costs have a considerable influence on the cost of living in Stockholm.

Type of Apartment Cost in SEKCost in INR
3-Bedroom apartment in city centerSEK 23,400INR 1.77 Lakh
1-Bedroom apartment outside of the city centerSEK 16,600INR 1.26 Lakh
1-Bedroom apartment in city centerSEK 14,600INR 1.10 Lakh
1-Bedroom apartment outside of the city centreSEK 10,900INR 82,859


All citizens in Sweden have access to an inexpensive, high-quality healthcare system. Even though taxpayers fund public healthcare, certain services nevertheless have a minor cost to the patient. There is also access to private healthcare, although it is more expensive. One can expect to pay 300 SEK (INR 2280) for a doctor’s visit. 

Tips to Save Money While Studying in Stockholm

The cost of living in Stockholm might be high, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. There are many methods to save money without lowering your standard of living with a little imagination and forethought. The following advice will help you maximise your time in Stockholm while staying within your means.

  • Think about low-cost housing options outside of the city. 
  • Using the metro, bus, or commuter train makes it simple to get to the city centre.
  • Use the SL card on buses, boats, trains and other transportation options to easily around Stockholm.
  • By making wise plans, you can keep your spending in check.
  • Check for the best deals before signing a contract for utilities. 
  • One can save on groceries by shopping at discount stores. 

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Ques: Is Stockholm expensive to live?

Ans: Stockholm is among the most expensive cities in Europe. However, the cost of living will depend on several factors, such as lifestyle, transportation, accommodation, food, and entertainment preferences.

Ques: What is a good salary in Stockholm?

Ans: At about SEK 43,600 (INR 3.29 Lakh) per month, the average pay in Stockholm is greater than the national average.

Ques: Is Stockholm a friendly city?

Ans: Yes, Stockholm is a very friendly city and is famous for its welcoming atmosphere.

This was all about the Cost of living in Stockholm. Hope this blog will help you to make better and more informed decisions while spending your finances and do everything on a budget while studying abroad in Stockholm. Follow Leverage Edu for more interesting blogs related to study abroad. 

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