Yale University Scholarships for International Students in USA

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yale university scholarships

Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University is a private Ivy League research university. It was founded in the year 1701 and is among the oldest institutions of higher education in the USA.

Yale University, a prestigious Ivy League institution in the United States, offers scholarships for international students to study at the university. These scholarships are highly competitive and cover tuition, fees, and living expenses for the duration of the student’s program. In this article, we will explore the various Yale University scholarships available for international students and provide information on how to apply for th

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University Name Yale University
Founded 1701
Location  New Haven, USA
Notable Alumni George H. W. Bust, Hillary Clinton 
Motto Light and Truth
Official Website http://www.yale.edu/

About Yale University 

Ranked 18 in the prestigious QS World University Rankings, Yale University is among the oldest institutions for higher education in the USA. Yale is a member of the Ivy League which is the group of America’s most renowned universities of higher education. The data relating to Yale University speaks for itself as according to estimates, 88% is the 4-year graduation rate, 6:1 is the student-faculty ratio and classes with fewer than 20 students are around 71%. The trend related to the acceptance rate (5.3%) of Yale University shows that Yale is quite selective when it comes to admitting students. Therefore, to take admitted to Yale you would need an impressive academic record and standout essays. 

When it comes to the campus of Yale, showcases a melting point of various cultures and heritages due to the number of international students that take admitted to Yale. There is a jam-packed arts calendar at Yale due to various exhibitions that happen at various art galleries and exhibitions. Impressively there is Yale Cabaret which is a Tony Award-winning theatre – restaurant and is run by students. 

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Courses offered by Yale University 

The table below represents various programs offered by Yale University, their respective fees and duration: 

Courses Duration  Tuition Fees
MBA (2 courses) 22 Months – 2 Years USD 72,350 – USD 102,272 (INR 59,57,000 – INR 84,22,000)
Engineering (8 courses) 1 Year – 4 Years USD 39,800 – USD 55,500 (INR 32,77,000 – INR 45,70,000)
Science (2 courses) 4 years USD 49,480 (INR 40,74,000)
Arts (2 courses) 4 years USD 49,480 – USD 55,500 (INR 40,74,000 – INR 45,70,000)
Law (1 course) 1 year USD 53,950 (INR 44,43,000)
Information Technology(IT) (3 courses)  2 years – 6 years USD 37,600 – USD 55,500 (INR 30,96,000 – INR 45,70,000)
Management (1 course) 1 year USD 71,620 (INR 58,98,000)

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Yale University Scholarships for International Students

Knowing the importance of scholarships for international students, Yale University offers many types of scholarships most of which are nationality specific. The table below represents the Yale University scholarships for international students: 

Name of the Scholarship  Eligibility  Amount Awarded Funding Type
Fulbright Scholarships for Norwegian students,  Open to Norwegian Students  NOK 100,000 to NOK 200,000 Partial funding
Fullbright Scholarship program in USA for UAE nationals  Open to UAE nationals The value of the scholarship is Tuition fees + living expenses + benefits. Fully funded
Fulbright Program for Citizens of Afghanistan Open to applicants of Afghanistan The value of the scholarship is a tuition grant and stipend covering living expenses. Fully funded
Fulbright-CHED Graduate Student Program for Filipino Students Open to Filipino nationals The value of the scholarship is Round-trip international travel, monthly maintenance allowance, and tuition fees.  Fully funded
SCAR Fellowships in Antarctic Research  Open to applicants of SCAR member countries USD 15,000 per award Partial funding
IAL Research Grants for Doctoral Studies   Open to citizens of Singapore The value of the scholarship is $100,000 including tuition + monthly stipend.  Fully funded
HKADC Overseas Arts Administration Scholarships Open to international applicants Each scholarship value is up to HK$450,000 Fully funded
Cherokee Scholars Scholarship  Open to all nationals Value of the scholarship varies  Partial funding
Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program 2021 Open to applicants from USA NA Partial funding
Fulbright Foreign Student Program For Kosovo Open to citizens and permanent residents of Kosovo The value of the scholarship is Tuition fees and living expenses. Fully funded

(YouTube source – Crazy Medusa) 

Detailed Information About Some of the Yale University Scholarships 

Yale University Scholarships for International Students in USA

Following are the details of the various Yale Universities scholarships meant for international students: 

  1. Fullbright Scholarships for Norwegian Students

Fullbright Scholarships for Norwegian Students is a partially funded scholarship open to Norwegian students. It is an initiative of Fullbright and the scholarship applies to universities in the USA. The amount offered under this scholarship is NOK 100,000 to NOK 200,000 and the scholarship is not limited to any subject field which means students from any subject can apply for this scholarship. 

Selection Criteria – Candidates for this scholarship are selected based on various parameters which are mentioned below: 

  • Applicant should have a strong academic background and the ability to do high-quality independent research.
  • Since Fullbright is an ambassadorial program, candidates should have the capability of building international relationships and contributing to their communities through substantial non-academic activity.  
  • The applicants should have the ability to not just be able to do good work but also promote the professional and personal connection between the USA and Norway.
  1. Fulbright Scholarships Program in USA for UAE Nationals 

This scholarship is open to students from any field of discipline excluding medical, clinical fields and nursing. It is a fully funded scholarship program open to the students of the UAE. This is an initiative of AMIDEAST which covers expenses like tuition fees, living expenses, and other benefits. The scholarship amount can be used at any university in the USA. 

Selection Criteria- Candidates for this scholarship are selected based on the following criteria-

  • The candidate must be a recent graduate, about to graduate and a working professional from diverse economic, academic, social and professional backgrounds. 
  • The suitable candidate would be who has an outstanding academic record, strong English language skills, and shows the intention of returning to UAE once the program gets completed. 
  • Candidates who have not studied previously in the USA will be given preference. 

Note – The awardees of the scholarship need to come back to their native country for at least 2 years once the scholarship is completed. 

  1. Fulbright Program For Citizens Of Afghanistan

It is an initiative of the US Federal Government for the students of Afghanistan which is fully funded. The scholarship is open to students pursuing any field of study at any university in the USA. The value of the scholarship covers tuition fees and the stipend that covers the living expenses of the students. 

Selection Criteria- The applications of the candidates will be gauged based on the following criteria- 

  • The candidate should show a commitment to returning to Afghanistan.
  • The candidate has to go through the six stages of the candidate screening process which include Technical eligibility review and interview selection, Finalist Fulbright candidate selection, Interview and essay, Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and TOEFL, university placement and visa interview.
  • The applicant should have an excellent academic record and command of the English language.  
  1. Fulbright-CHED Graduate Student Program For Filipino Students, 

This scholarship is open to Filipino students who are going to pursue their studies in the USA. Fulbright CHED Graduate Student Program applies to any field of study excluding Medicine, Nursing, Engineering, and other health-related subjects, applied maths, and sciences. The value of the scholarship covers round-trip international travel, tuition fees, and monthly maintenance allowance. 

Selection Criteria- The candidates for this scholarship program will be selected on the following criteria- 

  • The candidate must be proficient in the English language and have a strong academic background.
  • Upon completion of the program, the candidate must be committed to going back to the Philippines.
  • The suitable candidate would be one have not less than 2 years of teaching experience in the field of specialization or professional experience pertaining to the field of study.
  • The candidate must show the ability to study and research in the field of graduation completed.
  1. SCAR Fellowships In Antarctic Research 

This scholarship program is an initiative of SCAR (The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research). Students who are citizens of SCAR member countries can apply for this scholarship and the students can take the scholarship at their respective SCAR member countries. The value of the scholarship is around USD 15,000 per award.

Selection Criteria- SCAR Fellowships are awarded to the students after gauging their application based on the following criteria-

  • The suitable candidate would be the one who will contribute to the objectives of one or more current scientific research programs and the standing scientific groups.
  • The candidate must be carrying out research in Antarctic Research fields.
  • The applicant should be either a current PhD researcher or applying within 5 years of finishing a PhD.

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1. Can you get a full scholarship to Yale?

Ans- Financial aids offered by Yale University are need-based instead of merit-based. Therefore, if you are someone who is planning to study at Yale and wants to apply for a scholarship then you need to prove the need for financial assistance by producing the required documents. 

2. Does Yale give full scholarships to international students?

Ans- Yale does not provide any merit or academic-based scholarship. When it comes to providing need-based financial aid to students, Yale takes into consideration the relative difference between a student’s home country’s economy and the US economy. 

3. How to get into Yale University with a scholarship?

Ans- For Yale’s scholarship student needs to provide the following things: recommendations of two teachers, an Application fee of $80 or fee waiver, scores of standardized tests like IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/GMAT/GRE/SAT, school report and counsellor recommendation, final report, and mid-year report. 

4. Does Yale give 100% financial aid? 

Ans- Yale does provide 100% financial aid based on the need demonstrated by the students. The financial need of the applicant is calculated based on the estimated cost of attendance of the student and the expected financial contribution by the family. 

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