Applying for Family Visa UK? Here is a Guide for You!

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A family visa UK is a visa that allows a person to live with their family in the UK. That is, the visa can be applied to stay with the spouse/ partner, fiancé/fiancée, proposed civil partner, parent, relative, or child in the UK. The visa is for those seeking to stay in the UK for more than 6 months. Moreover, a visa extension is available to live with the same person for 28 more days. Keep reading to learn more about the family visa UK.

What is a Family Visa UK?

A visa that is granted to people who have a family in the UK. Additionally, the applicant must want to stay with his/her family for more than 6 months. To apply for UK settlement with the family or to get an ‘indefinite leave to remain’ it is important to live in the UK for a certain period of time. 

Applying for Family Visa UK? Here is a Guide for You!

Family Visa UK Types 

There are different family visa UK types.  The type of family visa you can get can depend on the personal circumstances and the relationship you have with the sponsoring person. Below we have provided the different types of family visas: 

  • Spouse visa: A spouse visa is given to those wanting to join their partner in the UK. The partner of spouse has to be a British citizen, a refugee, a settled person, or a person under humanitarian protection. The relationship with the partner must be a civil partnership or a relationship by marriage.
  • Parent Visa: A parent visa is given to the parents of British citizens/permanent residents (lived more than 7 years in the UK). However, the child must be younger than 18 years.
  • Child Visa: A UK-settled person’s child can apply for this visa.
  • Family Visa (adult requiring long-term care by a relative):  This visa can be issued by a relative (British citizen, settled person, etc) to take care of a person above the age of 18 suffering from a disability or medical condition, or who has become old.
  • Settle in the UK if Your Partner Dies:  A deceased partner’s dependents wanting to remain the UK can apply for this. However, you must have a family visa related to the deceased sponsor.

Family visa UK extension 

Those who are already on a family visa can apply for a visa extension. However, the visa extension is only given for a duration of 28 days to stay with the family member.  

Switching to a family visa UK

It is possible to switch to a family visa UK if a person wants to stay with their family member in the UK. For example, child, parent, or spouse/partner. However, switching to a family visa must be done before the current visa expires.

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Exceptional Circumstances 

In certain exceptional circumstances, it is possible to apply for UK settlement. For example, to stay with a parent, child, partner/spouse. For example, if you were a victim of domestic abuse, or your partner died.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this type of visa you must have any of the following. However, it is important to note that the applicant must have proof of a genuine relationship with the family member

  • Must have a partner/spouse/relative of a UK citizen or settled person
  • Must be a dependent spouse/close reactive/partner who has a valid entry to the UK
  • A family member of a UK citizen, and is looking for a temporary visit 

Documents Required

The following are the documents required for a family visa UK application. These documents have to be ready to make the application.

  • Income proof

The income proof has to be provided by those who want to settle in the UK.  That is an income proof of  £18,600 a year (the combined income of the applicant and their partner. An additional amount of £3,800 a year for the 1st child, and £2,400 a year for every other child after the 1st child.

  • Meet the language requirements

That is, the applicant must present proof of English language proficiency. For example, IELTS/TOEFL, among others

Application Cost

The cost of a family visa UK for those applying from outside and inside the UK are as follows:

Particulars Apply in the UKApply outside the UK
Cost for each dependant added to your application£1,846 for each person£1,048 for each person
Cost of joining your partner, parent, or child£1,846 £1,048

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How to Apply for a Family Visa UK?

To apply for a family visa follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of the UK government 
  • Next, go to the page ‘Family visas: apply, extend or switch’ 
  • Next, select from the options provided – For example, Apply as a partner or spouse, apply as a parent, apply as a child, apply as an adult coming to be cared for by a relative, apply on the basis of your private life
  • Check if you are meeting the eligibility criteria 
  • Lastly, apply for this visa by filling out the required information and uploading the relevant documents 

Information Required

To receive a family visa, the following information must be provided:

  • Name, dates of birth, and current passport or other valid travel document
  • Must have copies of the photo page, and visa stamps in your previous passport
  • Must have copies of biometric resident permit (if applicable)
  • Record of previous immigration applications 
  • Details of any criminal record 
  • National insurance number (if applicable)
  • Parent’s date of birth, and nationality
  • Proof of a TB test certificate
  • A blank page in the passport for the visa stamp

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Family Visa UK Results 

The results of the family visa application will be received by the applicant within 24 weeks. By paying an additional 1,000 for the super-priority service. The decision regarding the visa can be received faster. However, it is not possible to receive priority on the visa application decision if the applicant is applying as an adult coming to be cared for by a relative.

Latest Changes to Family and Migration Rules for Family & Work Visas

Last year, in December James Cleverly, the Home Secretary announced changes to the visa rules. The changes are described as a ‘’5 point plan’’ and were introduced to reduce immigration. On 21st December further changes were announced. These changes have come into effect as per the 2 sets of revisions to the Immigration rules released on February 19th and March 14th respectively. The 5 changes are as follows:

  • The social care workers are not permitted to bring the dependents along with them
  • The skilled worker visa baseline salary has been increased from  £26,200 to £38,700. The going rate salary for each job has also increased.
  • The jobs list in which it was possible to sponsor a person for a skilled worker visa has also been reduced. The immigration salary list has also been renamed 
  • Moreover, the minimum income to sponsor a spouse or partner for the visa has also increased from £18,60- £29,000.
  • Meanwhile, the graduate visa, which grants 2 year non-sponsored work for international students graduating from UK universities is currently under review.


The minimum income necessary for a family visa UK is around £29,000 a year. That is, you and your partner must have a total income of £29,000 for every year of stay in UK. This amount is called a minimum income requirement.

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