Reasons for Ireland Student Visa Rejection Rate in 2024-25

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Ireland student visa rejection rate

Although the process of an Ireland student visa is not a tedious task but the candidates should know what can be the reasons for rejection of Ireland student visa. Rejection of a visa is one such main reason that acts as a blockage in their study abroad journey. Therefore, the candidates need to know the major reasons for Ireland student visa rejection rate. Go through the guide below and explore the reasons for the rejection of an Ireland student visa and also the success rate and rejection rate of an Ireland student visa.


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Ireland Student Visa Success Rate and Rejection Rate

The success rate and rejection rate of Ireland student visa will give an idea about what are the positive chances of studying in Ireland. The rate of rejection of Ireland student visa ranges between 1%and 4% therefore, the success rate is somewhere between 96%. However, it is very common to get Ireland student visa rejected but the candidates can always reapply for the same. But knowing what the candidates should and should not do in order to avoid the chances of rejection. 

Codes of Ireland Student Visa Rejection Rate and their Meanings

Check below the codes of Ireland student visa rejection rate and their respective meanings:

Rejection CodesMeanings
ID (insufficient documentation)Candidates not provided complete documents, documents not translated into English, or missing a sign in the Ireland Student visa application form.
F (finances)Candidate’s passport is about to expire in 6 months or other passport-related rejection issues.
PF or PR (public funds or public resources)Candidates have shown that they are going to rely on support from public funds or resources.
R (reference in Ireland)Authorities are interested in knowing your intentions in Ireland. Here students have to submit a university admission letter.
P (passport)Candidates passport is about to expire in 6 months or other passport-related rejection issues.
VR PVR (visa refused and previous visa refusal(s)When a candidate’s visa was refused earlier and the errors are still not rectified.
INCO (inconsistencies)Inconsistencies in Ireland student visa application
SP (student profile)Unjustified education gaps, English language proficiency test scores, improper selection of course.
CP (course profile)Failed to show the purpose of studying in Ireland
OB (obligation)Demonstrate a clear obligation to leave Ireland after course completion.
OC (observe the conditions)Satisfy the immigration official that you will be true to Ireland’s visa regulations which include you will not overstay, work illegally, or use the Common Travel Area without an appropriate visa.


Reasons for Ireland Student Visa Rejection Rate

Check below the listed reasons for Ireland student visa rejection rate:

  • No Intention to Return Back – It is very important for the students to convince their visa officer that they will return after completing their studies in Ireland. In order to do so students might give bounding to show that they have their parents staying in their home country, future plans based in India, etc. 
  • Inadequate Finance – One of the most common reasons for the rejection of Ireland student visa is inadequate funds in their bank account. Students may need to provide documents showing their mutual funds, gold, real estate, or other investments in order to prove financial inadequacy. These documents would be required if the student is applying for an educational loan.
  • Incorrect Information – If the candidates provide any incorrect information about themselves then their student visa would be rejected. Any information should not be misleading. Each and every document should be accurate and authentic. 
  • Mediocre Academic Credentials – Academic credentials are a mirror of the students. This gives a good impression of the student profile. It should be very attractive to convince the visa officer to avoid any chances of rejection. 
  • No Criminal Records – The candidates should not have criminal records in the past. They should maintain distance from any such activity.
  • Selection of Wrong Visa Type – There are two types of Ireland student visas. Therefore, the candidates must select the type of visa wisely to avoid student visa rejection. 
  • Serious Medical Problems – To study in Ireland the candidates must satisfy the health criteria of Ireland. Therefore, they should keep attested health documents ready by a doctor.

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Irish Student Visa Application Essential Documents 

There are several essential documents for an Ireland student visa application. These documents are as follows: 

  • The applicant must have a valid passport and copy of previous passports
  • Submit proof of English proficiency. For example, the IELTS/TOEFL score
  • Must submit academic record and other credentials that confirm the admission to the university 
  • Offer letter from the university, and proof of financial stability 
  • Submit 2 recent color passport-size photographs
  • Proof of medical insurance, and attest application form 
  • Proof of commitment to leave the country after the completion of studies 
  • Proof of previous visa refusals 
  • Submit documents such as bank statements, invitation letters, etc
  • Any other additional documents required for visa application

Chance of Getting Ireland Student Visa After Refusal

A student visa from Ireland can get cancelled more than one time. The reasons for rejection can be the same as the previous ones. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to identify the reason of rejection and then reapply keeping in mind the important points. 

How to Reaaply for an Ireland Student Visa After Rejection?

The candidates can apply for Ireland student visa at least 3 months before their arrival in Ireland. The candidates will have to visit the official website and apply for the Ireland student visa and then submit all the required documents keeping in mind the reasons for rejection. Usually the processing time of Ireland student visa is 8 – 10 weeks from the date of application.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Applying For Ireland Student Visa 

Here are some of the things to keep in mind for an Ireland student visa application. Keeping these things in mind will minimize the chances of a student visa rejection.

  • The Ireland student visa will not be processed if the student sends an application for the same 4 months before the course start date.
  • Original and photocopy of all essential documents must be submitted. Moreover, the original documents must be translated into English and must be notarized
  • It is important not to submit misleading documents as it can cause the rejection of a visa application. Only correct documents with accurate information must be submitted.
  • It is best to apply for a student visa 6 weeks before the start of the study program


What is the Ireland student visa rejection rate? 

The rejection rate of Ireland student visas is 3-4% therefore, Ireland’s student visa success rate is 96%.

What are the language requirements for studying in Ireland?

International students must meet the minimum English language requirements to get an Ireland student visa. Language proficiency scores will increase the chances of Ireland’s student visa success rate. Some of the Accepted English exams are IELTS, TOEFL and PTE. 

How to avoid Ireland student visa rejection rate?

In order to avoid Ireland student visa rejection rate the candidates must submit the visa application on time with all the required documents and keep in mind the reasons for rejection.

How much money is required for student visa in Ireland?

The student must have sufficient funds to pay their tuition fees. Apart from this amount, the visa applicant must also provide proof of finances. It has to be submitted as proof that the students can support themselves during their stay in Ireland. For this, a minimum amount of €7,000 per year is needed.  If there is a sponsor, the applicant must prove that the sponsor can find his/her stay in Ireland.

We hope you now understand what is an Ireland Student Visa rejection rate, the reasons behind the rejection, the reapplication process, and the different codes used for rejection with their meanings. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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