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Nigerian Students in Austria

Austria offers exciting career opportunities to Nigerians. However, the process of obtaining a student visa can be a bit tiresome. Not to worry, the comprehensive guide given below will help the candidates by simplifying the application process for the students by providing details such as the application process, documents required, exemptions, etc. Austria has different admission requirements for different universities. Some of the requirements are that they must be a proficient English speaker, and they will have to prove that they are entitled to apply for the chosen program in the country.


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What are the visas for Nigerian Students in Austria?

Generally, there are two types of student visas for Nigerian students in Austria such as a short-term visa and a long-term visa and both these visas are free of cost. The candidates can apply for the type of visa matching their study program:

  • Short-Term: This is a short-term visa allowing the candidates to stay and study in Austria for up to three months
  • Long Term: This is a long-term visa valid for up to six months and can also be replaced with a student residence permit. This visa can be issued who want to pursue higher education
Nigerian Students in Austria

Application Process for Nigerian Students in Austria

Candidates who want to apply for a student visa in Austria from Nigeria must follow the given below steps:

  • Firstly, they must find a suitable university for themselves
  • They must fill out the visa application form
  • They must collect all the required documents
  • They must make an appointment for a visa meeting
  • They must prepare for the interview

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Documents Required for a Student Visa for Austria from Nigeria

Check the list of documents required to apply for a student visa from Austria:

Students must have a valid passport with two blank pages and it should not expire during the stay

  • Then they must fill the visa application form with correct information and signature
  • They must have Schengen travel insurance of up to 30,000 euros
  • They must have identical photos to attach to their application
  • The candidates must also attach proof of their residence 
  • They must have sufficient financial funds to support themselves in Austria
  • A copy of confirmation letter from the Austrian university, receipt of payment of their university contribution
  • Documents from their previous universities

Exemption Reasons for Austrian Student Visas from Nigeria

Check below the reasons for which the student visa from Austria can be exempted:

  • If the candidates are an EU/EEA resident or a student residing in any country in the Schengen area
  • If they belong to any different country that has a visa agreement with Austria

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Can the students work in Austria after completing graduation?

If the candidates have a residence permit they can continue to work in Austria after completing their studies. But if they do not have a work or residence permit they must leave Austria after their student visa expires. 

Can the students extend their student visa to Austria?

Yes, the candidates can extend their student visa by applying for a student visa extension provided they have a good reason to continue and also if they show great progress in their study program.

Can they work on a student visa in Austria?

If the candidates want to work in Austria while studying they must apply for a special C or D student visa. This will allow them to obtain a work permit.  

We hope you understand everything about Nigerian students in Austria. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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