How to Check UK Visa Status with Passport Number

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How to Check UK Visa Status with Passport Number

Candidates who are going to study in the UK can easily check their visa application status for the UK online by using their passport number or visa reference number. The visa processing time may differ from one candidate to another candidate. Some candidates may get the confirmation within a few weeks while other candidates may have to wait for months.

In this blog, the candidates will get to know the details about how to check their UK Visa status with the passport number, Information required to check UK Visa application status and Track the UK visa status online.

Information Required to Check UK Visa Application Status

Candidates who want to apply for the UK Visa must know about the information required to check the UK Visa application status. Below mentioned are the information regarding the UK visa application status where the candidates can follow the information to track the status of their application:

Unique Application Number

A Unique Application Number is also known as the UAN. It is a 16-digit number which will be sent by the home office in email ids and letters.

Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) Number

If the candidates pay an NHS immigration health surcharge at the time of the application process, the students will receive the Immigration Health Surcharge Number or IHS. It s the mix of characters and numbers of the format IHS013256748.

Payment Reference Number

To track the UK Visa status the candidates can use the Payment Reference Number that they will receive at the time of fee payment of the application.

Case ID (Identification Number)

It is an 8-digit number available on all the letters which is issued by the Home Office. The case ID starts with the 0 (zero) number, then the candidates can skip it and start typing the numbers following 0 (zero) in the status form. 

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How to Check Visa Status Using a Passport Number?

For the candidates who want to check the status of their UK Visa application then the easiest way to keep track of the visa application is online through their passport number. Below mentioned are the steps to check the status of your UK Visa application:

  • Visit the official portal of the UK.
  • Choose the option that allows you to check the status of your visa application from the website
  • Then type the passport number, date of birth or the acknowledgement number which was given to the student after they submitted their UK visa application.
  • Then click on the Submit button.
  • Now the candidates will be able to view the status of their visa application.

Track the UK Visa Status Online

The VFS or the Visa Facilitation Services is a sourcing partner for the British High Commission’s Visa Department. The VFS has the characteristic to track the status of a visa application online. Students can check the status of their  visa application through various methods which are mentioned below:

  • Message VFS for updates on your visa status: VISA – space – UK – space – student  Passport Number.
  • The students can also use the UAN, Case ID or IHS Number for tracking the status.
  • Candidates can use the Reference Number which is mentioned on the receipt or the invoice which the student has received from Visa Application Centre to get an update on their visa status from the UK Visa and Immigration Department.
  • The candidates can contact the UK Visa and Immigration Department on the contact number +44 2034811736 (£1.37 per minute with other international call costs).


How soon can a student expect a response from the UK Immigration Department?

The UK Immigration Department responds to mail inquiries in at least 2 days. For immediate response, the candidates can contact them on phone. 

How can any student contact the UK visa and the immigration department?

The candidates can reach the UK visa and immigration department through telephone or mail which are as follows:
– Phone number: +44 2034811736 (24 hours from Monday to Friday). The cost of the call is £1.37 for a minute with other international call costs.
– Email: Any inquiry via email costs £5.48 but follow-up emails aren’t charged. 

What is the information required to check the UK Visa application status?

The information required to check the UK visa application status is as follows:
IHS Number
Payment Reference Number
Case ID (Identification number)

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