Australia Post Study Work Visa Rejection Reasons

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australia post study work visa rejection reasons

The Post Study Work Visa offered by the Australian Government enables you to study, live and work in the designated regional areas of the country, for up to 6 years. As an international student, if you wish to work in Australia upon the completion of your studies for a longer period of time, then this is for you. This visa also allows you to move from or to Australia besides living and studying there. Australian post-study work visa is also known as Temporary Graduate Visa or Subclass 485.


Know About Australia Post Study Work Visa Rejection Reasons

 australia post study work visa rejection reasons

Here is the list of Australia Post Study Work Visa Rejection Reasons-

  • Selection Of the Wrong Visa Stream- Sometimes applicants select the wrong visa type. The 485 Visa has three streams as follows which candidates have to select appropriately-

Post Study Work Stream

Graduate Work Stream

Second Post-Study Work Stream

  • Failure In English Language Test- Make sure that you clear one of the English language exams as listed below

OET: To qualify the applicant needs to acquire a gradation of B.

TOEFL: To qualify TOEFL you need to obtain 64 as the total score.

PTE: To qualify, a PTE applicant needs to obtain a score of 50.

IELTS: A minimum score of 6 is required to clear IELTS.

Cambridge Advanced English (CAE)- A score of 169 is necessary to qualify it.

  • Non-Compliance With Health Insurance- Before applying for a visa you have to prove to the Australian government that you have made all the required health agreements.
  • Failure To Apply For An AFP Check- While applying for the temporary graduate visa 485 Applying for an Australian Federal Police check is needed indispensably. Both you and your dependent applicant should be over 16 years old to do this and you have to do this within twelve months.
  • Not-Submitting Correct Documents-  while applying for the temporary 485  graduate visa, you should submit all the essential documents. These chiefly include your educational documents, final transcripts and certificate, passport, and letter of completion. Remember that submitting the correct documents with the correct format is necessary.
  • Unable To Comply With The Study Requirements- This creation needs you to complete your degree, diploma or Trade Qualification comprising the CRICOS and the duration of your course must be 2 years along with it you must have spent 16 months while studying your course.
  • You must have completed your studies with the subclass visa of 485.

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  • Failure To Meet Skills Assessment- You must qualify for a skill test to prove that you have the essential skills and knowledge to manage your nominated occupation. 
  • Unaware Of The Visa Application Deadline- To apply for Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 is a time-bound method so you need to apply for the same within six months from the date of your course completion. Applicants who are unaware of the visa application deadline get a visa rejection.
  • Unable To Spend Sufficient Time- you must have spent the required time in Australia to apply for the visa and if you spent inadequate time then your visa application will get rejected.
  • Unknown About Section 48 Bars- The Section 48  Migration Act states that an applicant can apply for the subclass 485 visa after the rejection. It applies to those who are living in Australia on a bridging visa after their first visa cancellation.

How To Avoid The Australia Post-Study Work Visa Rejection Reasons?

After knowing about Australia post study work visa rejection reasons, Here are some tips suggested to avoid Australian Post Study Work Visa Rejection Reasons-

  • Document Check- Applicants are suggested to make a list of all required documents and keep them ready in a folder before applying.
  • Duration Of Stay- To get your subclass 485 you must stay in Australia for 16 months and this time must come under the commencement date and completion date of your course.
  • English Proficiency Test- To save your visa application from being rejected you must need to clear the English proficiency exam with the required score.
  • Choosing The Right Stream-  Applicants are suggested to choose the correct stream according to their eligibility and qualifications, in case they opt for the wrong stream then their visa will get rejected.
  • Skill Assessment- Applicants must have the required skills which meet the requirements of the job applied. if the applicant fails to do so then the visa will be on the rejection list.

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Does Australia give a visa after refusal?

Yes, you can apply for the visa again if your application gets rejected. First, you can apply for the visa appeal and if the grounds for the refusal are easily fixable then your appeal request will change the refusal decision.

Can a 485 visa be rejected?

Your 485 Visa can get rejected due to many reasons like inappropriate and incomplete application, failure in English Proficiency Test, Selection Of wrong Stream, Not submitting correct documents etc.

What is the new rule about 485 visa Australia?

A statement came in early 2024, the required test score for a Temporary Graduate Visa will increase from IELTS 6 to 6.5 and for the ELICOS a minimum of 5.0 or equivalent is required. The validity of the English Language Proficiency Test has been reduced from 3 to 1 year.

What is the difference between visa refusal and rejection?

The difference between the refusal and rejection of a visa is that while a refusal can allow you to fix the issues and reapply, a rejection can be a more serious barrier with some rejection disallowing you from reapplication. Seeking advice from immigration and visa specialists will help you to get positive results.

We have thoroughly discussed the Australia post study work visa rejection reasons and tips to avoid them, To know more about studying abroad, Universities and Visas Abroad you can follow Leverage Edu’s page.

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