MSc Operation Theatre Technology Abroad: Syllabus, Eligibility, Colleges

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MSc Operation Theatre Technology Abroad

The medical industry is no longer solely in the hands of surgeons and nurses but also under the technologies that drive the host of functionalities in the OT. Operation Theatre Technology is the branch of medical technology that teaches students about the machinery and pieces of equipment that are being used in Operation Theatres. The design of the course MSc in Operation Theatre Technology is to make the person a fully developed med-tech person who can better the medical service of humans. Especially surgical equipment and machines are the main focus of the course. 

CourseMSc Operation Theatre Technology
Duration2 years
IndustryMedical technology
Umbrella CourseAllied Health Sciences
Average Median salaryINR 6 – 7 LPA

About the Course

MSc in Operation Theatre Technology is often taught along with Anaesthesia as MSc Operation Theatre and Anaesthesiology Technology. This combination is most prevalent outside India. The course curriculum circulates around some core subjects like Applied Anatomy & Physiology, Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Microbiology, Medical Ethics, Anesthetic Techniques, and CSSD Procedures. While very few people actually are aware of this course and join the same, the demand for these professionals is skyrocketing.


MSc in Operation Theatre Technology has a lot of related subjects included in the syllabus. The treason behind the same is that medical conditions and anatomy and other smaller subjects relate to the technology that needs to be applied in the profession.

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Microbiology And Pathology
  • Introduction To Computer
  • Basic Principles Of Anesthesia & Equipment
  • Emergency Drugs  
  • Airways
  • Surgeries, O R Instruments & CSSD
  • Specialty Anesthesia Techniques & OR Management
  • Geriatric Anaesthesia
  • Trauma, Critical Care & Research Methodology

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Colleges to Study MSc in Operation Theatre Technology

Most colleges for this course MSc in Operation Theatre Technology is in India. While the ones abroad especially have a combination of an MSc in Operation Theatre Technology and an MSc in Anaesthesiology Technology. Thus, we will be providing a comprehensive table of the colleges in India and Abroad and the corresponding courses that they offer.

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Colleges and Courses Abroad

Cardiff  UniversityMSc Advanced Surgical Practice
Imperial College LondonMSc Surgical Innovation
Brighton & Sussex Medical SchoolAnaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine
University of BirminghamAnaesthesia Associate Postgraduate Diploma
University College LondonAnaesthesia and Perioperative Science MSc
University of AlbertaMSc Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
University of Wisconsin La CrosseNurse Anesthesia – Biology (MS)

Colleges and Courses in India

Symbiosis Institute of Health Science, PuneM.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology
Srinivasa College of Allied Medical Sciences, MangaloreM.Sc. In Anesthesia And Operation Theatre Technology
OM Sterling Global University M.Sc. in Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Technology
KS Hedge Medical AcademyM.Sc. in Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Technology
Nitte Usha Institute of Nursing SciencesM.Sc. in Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Technology

Eligibility Criteria

The course MSc in Operation Theatre Technology has strict admission eligibility criteria. The reason is that this particular course is not just about technology where mistakes can be made in the profession. The correspondent professions require knowledge about the field where the entire technology is being used.

  • The applicants must have a Bachelor in Science with Chemistry, Biology, and Physics as one of the main subjects.
  • A minimum aggregate score of 55% in UG.
  • The admission happens strictly on the basis of merit.
  • Students admitted to the course are also not allowed to migrate to another course inside the particular university.

Admission Process

Currently, many colleges inside India and abroad are providing MSc Operation Theatre Technology. Generally, it is considered that Universities in the USA and the UK are the best for this particular course. However, based on the country of the student’s choice the process of admission might change. So, it is suggested that the students must look into the official websites of the particular Universities for their respective procedure of applying to the course. Here, a basic roundup of the essentials is provided so that the students can have a basic idea of the admission process.

Application Process/ How to Apply?

Applications would directly be made according to the individual Universities declaring intakes for this course. The procedure to apply would be present on the websites of the Universities. Students are hence suggested to keep a good track of the dates and the other essentials for gaining entry into the Universities with this course.

Documents Required

While every University has its own list of documents that are required for admission, there are some common documents that all Universities require during the application process. These are the following documents that the students would need to produce.

Jobs and Salaries

The students turning into professionals in this branch of science are technologists who maintain the machines and equipment in the OT. These individuals are tasked with the responsibility to set up the same in the operation theatre before the surgical operations take place. Also, they have to submit the working reports of the functionality tests of these machines. However, while this is the basic knowledge-based work for individuals starting their careers. There are advanced positions and job descriptions for professionals with more experience and expertise in this field.

Trainee INR 1.2 LPA – 2.4 LPA
Government EmployeesINR 3.6 LPA – 4.8 LPA
OT TechniciansINR 5 LPA
Operation Theatre AssistantINR 2 LPA
Senior Technical OfficerINR 2.7 – 11.3 LPA
Chief Operation Theatre ManagerINR 4.9 LPA
Clinical InstructorINR 2.5 LPA
Technical AssociateINR 3.5 LPA
Senior Operation Theatre TechnologistINR 5.1 LPA

Future Scope

The course MSc in Operation Theatre Technology is definitely in great demand from the professional requirement of the same. However, this course is not much sought after by Indian students who specialize in medicine. The effect is that most of the laboratories are still having obsolete machinery and the OTs in India are yet to be of global standards. However, the CAGR of this medical branch is ought to grow to more than 27% in 2024. Thus, the scope is huge and the students need to view this branch as a life-changing opportunity.


Q1. What is MSc operation theatre technology?

Ans. MSc in Operation Theatre Technology teaches the students all about the machinery and equipment inside the operation theatre for different medical processes. This course is one of the most required courses of the time with the medical industry making it big after the pandemic. Operation technologies are the ones that have rescued a large population of humans and animals from critical illnesses.

Q2. Can we do MSc operation theatre?

Ans. MSc in Operation Theatre Technology can make the world a better place to live in. The requirement to take operations is increasing in the current times. Although the demand for the subject is comparatively low, the necessity of professionality is huge in the medical industry.

Q3. What is the salary of an MSc in operation theatre technology in India?

Ans. The professions that these MSc students serve after the course start from OT technicians. The average median salary of these technicians starts from INR 2 LPA to 6 LPA. However, the highest salaries in the Directorial positions can exceed INR 18 LPA.

Q4. What is the scope of MSc operation theatre and anaesthesia technology?

Ans. The professionals who graduate with MSc in Operation Theatre Technology are indispensable to the medical industry. The calculated CAGR till 2024 is nearly 27.4%. This is a huge growth as the number of surgeries annually has also increased to 80% of the pre-covid times. Thus, OT technicians and other related professionals from this course have a great scope in the medical industry in the coming years.
Thus, MSc in Operation Theatre Technology is a very important course that can change especially the medical industry in India. The hospitals in most of India still have obsolete technologies as most students still do not see the goodness that this course can bring to the country’s ailing. 

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