University of Rochester Scholarships for International Students 2023

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University of Rochester Scholarships for International Students 2023

The University of Rochester is one of the leading universities in the U.S.A. It is located in New York and has more than 1000 faculty, 12,000 students, and 30,000 staff. The University ranks #147 in the QS World Ranking 2023. The University is welcoming to International students and provides scholarships to assist meritorious and need-based students. These students can take advantage of the excellent faculty, academics, and campus life with more than 275 student clubs. Keep reading to know more about the University of Rochester scholarships to International students, eligibility criteria, and funds.


Why Study at the University of Rochester?

Below are the reasons why students should study at the University of Rochester

  • The university provides world-class research facilities and technologies to students. The student researchers conduct research on the field. lab, and all over the world
  • The University welcomes International students and provides campus accommodation to residence halls, sororities, and fraternities 
  • The campus life includes more than 275 clubs and organizations.
  •  Moreover, the health and wellness of the students are taken care of by the university health service, covid-19 research center, and University health service
  • The University of Rochester scholarships, assistantships, and fellowships to students to finance their studies 

Merit-Based vs Need-Based Scholarships

The University of Rochester scholarships for International undergraduate students are merit-based and need-based. When a student receives a financial aid offer letter from the university it refers to both aids.

Need-based scholarships Need based scholarships 
Awarded by Arts, Sciences & EngineeringAwarded by the Financial Aid Office
Comes in the form of scholarshipsComes in the form of grants, loans, work study, etc.
Automatic reapplication to financial aid package every yearA student needs to reapply each year considering that the financial situation of the family can change

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Eligibility Criteria for the Merit-Based Scholarships

The eligibility requirements for the merit-based scholarships are as follows:

  • Be a first-year or transfer student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement regardless of financial situation
  • All students who have received admission to the University are eligible for the University of Rochester scholarships
  • All students are eligible to receive only one merit-based scholarship 

Benefits of Merit-based Scholarships 

The merit-based scholarships are awarded to International students for academic excellence. Below are the benefits of merit-based scholarships.

  • The University of Rochester scholarships that are based on merit range from $2,000 per year to full tuition fee coverage. It is applicable to all International students.
  • Those students whose parents are a member of Rochester University and have received merit-based scholarships are eligible for dependent child tuition benefits. However, such benefits combined with the scholarship should not exceed the tuition fees. The combined amount can only be used for tuition fees. 

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Rochester University Merit-Based Scholarships 

Below is a list of the University of Rochester scholarships that are merit-based. Students who are eligible for the University of Rochester scholarships can apply for the same.

  • Scholarships in Overall Excellence 

Several scholarships are granted under this category to domestic and International students. Below are the University of Rochester scholarships for overall excellence.

Scholarships in overall excellence Description
Academic achievement with the potential
to make unique contributions to Rochester’s campus life
Academic achievement with the potential to make unique contributions to Rochester’s campus life
Genesee scholarshipAims to answer the financial challenges that University research education may present
Alan and Jane Handler ScholarshipGranted to selected financial need-based students. The scholarship covers the tuition fees, room, board, and book fees. The individual and group opportunities are also covered.
International  Baccalaureate  (IB) ScholarshipFull tuition fees are provided to ideal candidates to help them to take advantage of the unique education provided by the University
Rush Rees ScholarshipsGranted to students who are going to work towards the vision and broad interest of the university community
  • Early connections

The Meliora Alumni Scholarship is granted to students who are children or grandchildren of the University of Rochester Alumni.

  • Arts, Science, and Engineering 
Arts, Science, and Engineering ScholarshipDescription
First Robotics ScholarshipRecognizes high academic achievers who possess an outstanding creative capacity in at least 1 artistic field
Prince Street ScholarshipGranted to students with an excellent academic record who have demonstrated  interest in an undergraduate business degree
Simon Scholars ScholarshipGranted to students with excellent academic record who have demonstrated  interest in an undergraduate business degree
Steven J. Harrison ScholarshipWhipple Science & Research Scholarship1/3 tuition scholarship is granted to students who have received admission in the GRADE (Guaranteed Rochester Accelerated Degree in Education) Program
Whipple Science and Research ScholarshipOffered to excellent students in honor of Whipple
  • Embracing diversity
Embracing Diversity ScholarshipDescription
Ahora ScholarshipGranted to academically excellent students from Latin America and the Caribbean who can bring unique perspectives to the campus
Haudenosaunee Nations ScholarshipGranted to students coming from these six nations:- Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, or Tuscarora.
Jesse Moore Urban League ScholarshipBased on students academic achievement and personal life experiences 
LGBTQ+ Pride ScholarshipStudents who excel in academics and belong to the LGBTQ+ community
Native Peoples ScholarshipStudents who excel in academics and are involved in the promotion of Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander communities.
  • Advocating for Social Change 
Social Change ScholarshipsDescription
7th Generation Scholarships Promoted and supported environmental actions and sustainable development 
Harper Scholarships Granted to students who have demonstrated interest in developing the social, economic, and political conditions of women
Joseph C Wilson Leader for Change
Academic excellence, extracurricular achievement, and promoted racial, ethnic, religious, and linguistic lines in a diverse environment 
  • Community Scholarships
Community ScholarshipsDescription
Rochester Promise Full tuition fees are granted to students whose family income is less than or equal to $100,000
Say Yes to EducationFull tuition fees is granted to students whose family income is less than or equal to $100,000
Rochester Rotary Oratorical ScholarshipStudents with confidence,  eloquence, and poise demonstrated by participating in the Rochester Rotary Oratorical Contest on Ethics
  • High School Awards and Scholarships 

Four prestigious high school awards are granted to students with outstanding achievements in leadership and academics.

Granted to students who have made a commitment to address social issues through study, actions, and dialogue Description
Bausch + Lomb Honorary Science AwardGranted to students who excel in sciences
Frederick Douglass And Susan B. Anthony Award in Humanities and Social Sciences Granted to students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the pursuit of innovative approaches and an appreciation for technology.
George Eastman Young Leaders Award Granted to students who demonstrate leadership and academic skills
Xerox Award for Innovation and Information TechnologyGranted to students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the pursuit of innovative approaches and an appreciation for  technology.
  • National Scholarships 
National Scholarships Description
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Granted to transfer students who have become members of the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship. Additionally, students must have demonstrated achievements and potential to make contributions to the Rochester life

Application Deadlines 

International students need to submit their CSS profile by 1st November 12 AM ET. Between May and August, the student will be mailed the details regarding filling up the scholarship application form.  The CSS Profile determines the eligibility of the student for need-based scholarships. The deadline provided is for students applying for fall 2023.

Scholarships for Current Students 

Returning undergraduate students can apply for additional scholarships. It means the student can apply for these scholarships although he/she has received the scholarship in the first year. Some of these scholarships include the continuing student scholarships for undergraduate students,  James A. Chin, Jr. memorial award, Jeremy L. Glick memorial scholarship, and Dante Scholarship from the Italian Women’s civic club, Rochester, NY.

Graduate Scholarships 

The University of Rochester scholarships are offered to International graduate students. The graduate assistantship programs provide financial assistance to Masters’s and Ph.D. students. Graduate assistantships are a great choice for students who have budget constraints. 

Eligibility Criteria for Graduate Assistantship

The eligibility requirements for the graduate assistantship programs are as follows. International students interested in M.A. or Ph.D. must fulfill these requirements.

  • Must be enrolled as a student at the Rochester University
  • Demonstrate strong research skills and must be able to render 10-20 hours of service

Benefits of the Graduate Assistantship

The main benefits of the Graduate Assistantship are monthly salary, tuition fees, and health insurance.

Scholarship Application Process

The University of Rochester scholarships follow the below application process for granting Scholarships to undergraduate International students.

  • All applications are individually reviewed to consider assets, family size, number in college, and family income 
  • Merit-based aid is distributed regardless of a family’s financial need.
  • To grant University of Rochester scholarships an Institutional Methodology (IM) is used. The IM calculator accesses the EFC or the expected family contribution. 
  • Students who complete the application process on time and are admitted to the university will receive financial aid.
  • After receiving the admission  notification financial aid will be granted to the student 
  • Late applicants will be excluded from the award letter until after the May 1 deadline

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Q.1. Does the University of Rochester give scholarships to international students?

Ans: Yes. University of Rochester Scholarships are available to meritorious and need-based students.

Q.2. Does University of Rochester meet 100% needs?

Ans: Students who are admitted to the University are granted a need-based scholarship. 100% scholarships are provided on the basis of the need and eligibility of the student. Other than this, the university offers grants, and loans, and will consider the student for merit-based scholarships.

Q.3. Is University of Rochester a top University?

Ans: The University of Rochester ranking (2022-2023) is 36 in the edition of ‘Best colleges in National Universities.

Rochester University offers plenty of scholarships to International undergraduate students. The Rochester University Scholarships can be availed by all international students who want to take admitted to Rochester University. Through the graduate assistantship program, the University is helping M.A. and Ph.D. students as well to continue their studies.  To discover more articles like this one, visit the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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