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Graduate Visa UK

Candidates planning to stay or work in the UK after their graduation then they are eligible for a graduate visa UK. This particular visa allows an individual to stay for a period of 2 years. The candidate must be present in the country in order to apply for the visa. Students who have completed their studies and want to work in the country must apply for Graduate VISA UK before their student visa expires. Go through the below article to learn more about graduate visas UK.


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What is a Graduate Visa UK?

On July 1, 2021, the government opened the ‘Graduate Route,’ also known as the ‘Graduate Visa,’ for students who had completed their studies in the country. The Graduate Route has replaced the Doctor Extension Scheme, allowing international students who have completed their PhD or doctoral degree to stay in the UK for an extended period, which is 3 years. This post-study visa allows me to both study and work in UK. Candidates will only get a graduate visa if their chosen course is not eligible for a student visa. In case the student is eligible to get a student visa then he/she must apply for an extension of the student visa.

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Graduate Visa UK – Eligibility Criteria

There are certain eligibility criteria which the student is required to satisfy if they want to apply for a visa. Check below the mentioned eligibility criteria:

  • Students must be present in UK at the time of applying for a visa
  • The student must hold a valid visa including a Tier 4 student visa
  • The student should have studied an eligible course in UK
  • Students should have completed the course they were enrolled in

Graduate Visa UK – Allowances & Restrictions

Visa Holders in UK are allowed to do the following:

  • Work for most of the jobs
  • Look for new jobs
  • Be self-employed
  • Continue to stay in UK with their partner and children if eligible
  • Work voluntarily
  • Travel in and out of UK

Visa Holders are restricted to the following:

  • Cannot apply for public funds or state pension
  • Cannot play as a professional sportsperson

Graduate Visa UK – Application Process

The students must apply for their graduate visa before the expiry of the student visa. The education provider can declare that the student has completed the course, and he/she can immediately apply for the graduate visa. There is no need to wait for official completion of graduation. While in the UK, students must apply for graduate visas with all the necessary documents, including proof of identity and a biometric residence permit (BRP). After submitting the application, students can anticipate receiving a decision on their visa application within 8 weeks.

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Graduate Visa UK – Documents Required

There are some important documents:

  • A valid passport showing your identity and nationality
  • The biometric residence permit if any or Tier 4 general student visa
  • The Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) reference number at the time of applying for a student visa 

Graduate Visa UK – Cost

The application cost which the student needs to pay for a graduate visa UK is £822. There are certain other charges such as a healthcare surcharge of £624 for each year as long as the student stays in the UK. Check the distribution of healthcare surcharges:

  • For 2 years it will cost £1,248
  • For 3 years it will cost £1,872

If any student is a doctor or nurse or works in any health or adult social care must check if they are eligible to apply for a Health and Care worker visa. This is comparatively cheaper and the student is no longer required to pay the annual healthcare surcharge.

Refusal of Graduate Visa UK

There are many reasons for which the application for a graduate visa may be refused. Check the points listed below:

  • If the students are applying from outside UK
  • Failing to provide proof of identity
  • Incorrect immigration status
  • Incorrect/incomplete documents
  • Students not responding to the request of the home office
  • Students do not have the required level of English language skills

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Who is eligible for a graduate visa UK?

The students who have successfully completed their course of study and are currently residing can apply for a graduate visa UK.

What is the cost of a graduate visa in UK?

In addition to a healthcare surcharge of £624 for each year they stay in the UK, the students must pay an application fee of £822.

How long does it take for a graduate visa UK?

After the students have applied for the graduate visa with all the necessary information and documents they can expect to get the graduate visa within 8 weeks.

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We hope you now understand what is graduate visa UK. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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