Apply for an Ireland Tourist Visa in 2024

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Apply for Ireland Tourist Visa in 2024

Ireland is famous for its churches, museums, and castles. In Europe, this country has the largest green space and the largest touring route in the world. As Ireland is not part of the Schengen agreement, the candidates cannot travel to Ireland with a Schengen visa. Individuals will have to apply for a separate tourist visa. Visitors are required to apply for a short-stay visa i.e. type C visa.  Candidates are advised to apply for this visa three months before the scheduled travel date. The validity of the Ireland tourist visa is 90 days. 

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Types of Irish Visas

Ireland has different types of visas. These visas are given based on the purpose of the visit. There are visas for general employment, tourism, medical treatment and more. Let’s take a look at the common  types of Irish visas 

  • Ireland tourist visas: The Ireland tourist visas are granted for tourism. You can also visit your friends and relatives, get married, undertake short-term studies, or get medical treatment under this visa-type
  • Ireland work visas: The Ireland work visas are given for short-term stay and long-term. A short-term Ireland work visa will allow you to stay up to 90 days. During this time you can undertake employment for 14 days or less. Other types of short-term work visas include internship visas and training visas.
  • Ireland long-term work visas: Ireland long-term work visas are given for long-term work in the country. For example, employment visas, and scientific research visas.
  • Ireland student visa: These visas are given for education. A short-stay C visa can help you stay will let you stay for less than 90 days. Those enrolling in a program longer than that need to apply for a Long Stay D visa.
  • Ireland visit visas for Indians: Ireland visit visas are also called short-term C visas. These visas have a validity period of 90 days. You can get this visa for tourism, visiting family or friends or short business trips. Single-entry and multiple-entry visas can be found in this category.

Who Needs an Ireland Tourist Visa?

This is a short type visa also known as a ‘C’ type visa valid for 90 days. Candidates who do not belong to the EU, EEA, Switzerland, or the UK will not require a visa for Ireland. However, having a visa does not guarantee entry into Ireland. This type of visa is required by:

  • Tourism purpose
  • Family/friends visit
  • Marriage purpose
  • Medical treatment 
  • Short-term study 

Conditions to get an Ireland Tourist Visa

Check below what are the important conditions to get a visa to visit Ireland:

  • A valid passport or a travel document.
  • Each passenger will have to apply for a separate visa but family members are not eligible to apply for a visa.
  • If the candidate is a minor, then the parent or legal guardian will have to apply on their behalf.
  • The individuals can purchase the airline tickets once the visa is approved.

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Documents Required for Ireland Tourist Visa

Check below the documents required for an Ireland tourist visa:

  • A valid passport for at least six months
  • A letter to explain the reasons for visiting Ireland
  • A plan describing the intention to visit Ireland
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of travel and medical insurance
  • Proof of payment of application fees
  • Evidence of employment and family commitments in the home country to show that they will return after their studies are over
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support themselves during their period of stay
  • Bank statement for the past six months

Application Process for Ireland Tourist Visa

Check below how to apply:

  • Fill out the online application form for Ireland tourist visa
  • Candidates can submit the application form either at the Dublin office, the International visa application agency, the Irish embassy, or the consulate in their home country
  • Collect the documents required and submit them with the application form
  • Pay the application fees
  • Submit the biometrics

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Processing Time for Ireland Tourist Visa

The processing time for an Ireland tourist visa is about 8 weeks. Several factors affect the processing time for the visa such as the time of the year, and the office handling the application. In case the candidates submit incomplete or incorrect documents then the visa may get rejected or delayed. Therefore, it is suggested that the candidates must apply for the visa well in advance.

Ireland Tourist Visa Application Fees

Check below the application fees:

Type of visaIreland visa fees
Short ‘C’ stay visa€60
Single-entry visa€80
Multiple-entry visa€100
Transit visa€25

Validity of Ireland Tourist Visa

Tourists visiting Ireland can stay only up to 90 days within 180 days. This includes both EU/EEA nationals and non-EU/EEA nationals who are exempt from holding an Ireland visa. Non-EU/EEA nationals who want to stay in Ireland for more than a period of 90 days will have to apply for a long-stay visa and should also get a residence permit. On the other hand, EU/EEA nationals do not need a visa to stay long but they should have sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay.

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Can I Re-Enter Ireland With a Valid Tourist Visa?

There are two types of Ireland tourist visas- A single entry visa and a multiple entry visa. An Ireland multiple entry tourist visa will permit you to leave the country and enter it as long as the visa validity period.  However, a multiple-entry visa is given only in certain circumstances. For example, you have previously received an Ireland visa and need to make short business visits to the country. 


How long an individual can stay in Ireland on a tourist visa?

Candidates must have a valid passport to enter Ireland. US citizens can visit Ireland without a visa for business or tourist purposes.

How much bank balance is required for an Ireland tourist visa?

There is no specific amount of money that will result in the refusal or acceptance of a visa. The visa officer will decide if the individual has enough money to support themselves in Ireland. 

What is the success rate of an Ireland tourist visa?

The success rate of Ireland tourist visas as per the record of 2019 is 89.6%.

How do I get a tourist visa for Ireland?

An Ireland tourist visa can be applied online. A separate application needs to be filled out for every person who is travelling to Ireland. This includes the children as well. After the application form is filled, 30 days are given to submit the supporting documents. 

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We hope you now understand about Ireland’s tourist visa, the application process, the documents required, the processing time, and the validity period. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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