Complete Details On Ireland Student Visa Process in 2024

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Ireland Student Visa Process

Ireland is one of the very popular study-abroad destinations. The universities in Ireland provide very high educational standards which are globally recognized. The country is home to 5% of the world’s top-ranked universities. Ireland gives students post-study work opportunities and a welcoming environment. The country has seen a huge rise in students coming to the country in recent years considering its diversity and vibrant student life. To study in Ireland, you need a student visa as a basic requirement. Read the complete blog to learn about Ireland student visa process.

Ireland student visa process

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Types Of Ireland Student Visas

The student visa to Ireland is of two different types based on the duration of the stay in the country:

Type C visa 

Type C visa is opted for by students going for courses of duration up to 3 months. This visa is generally preferred by students who are going for language programs, summer courses, etc. The extension can only be provided in case of emergency.

Type D visa

Type D visa is opted for by students going for courses that have a duration of more than 3 months. Type D visa is mostly taken for bachelor’s, master’s, or research programs. It can be renewed and granted work permission if needed.

A point to be noted in the case of Ireland is that the decision of visa is not the final decision for you to be able to travel to the country. You need final permission from the Immigration Officer at Border Control. Whatever they decide is the final decision. If they do not allow you to enter the country then a visa permit can be of no help.

The students from EU/EEA member states or Switzerland are not required to apply for a visa or request permission at Border Control to enter, they are free to enter Ireland to study Or work.

Ireland Student Visa Process Requirements 

Ireland student visa process

Several requirements need to be fulfilled before the Ireland student visa process starts, The following is the list of requirements:

List of documents needed for Ireland student visa process

  • Fill up an application form online, print it, and sign it.
  • Two passport-size photos according to the guidelines of Ireland requirements.
  • Valid passport along with copies of previous passport
  • Bank statement with enough money, a minimum of 7,000 Euro as proof that you can sustain and support your education during your stay
  • A cover letter with all the details of the reasons for pursuing the course, details of your family, and mention of your will to return to your country after the studies have been completed and a detailed explanation if the course is different from your education history. 
  • Proof of accommodation booked for the stay as a student in the country.
  • An acceptance letter from the university that you have applied to as proof of your acceptance confirmation.
  • Proof of exams IELTS or TOEFL certificate in last two years as your English proficiency proof.
  • Certificate to show Irish proficiency if the course opted requires the Irish language.
  • Medical insurance covers at least 25,000 Euro of expenses.
  • If any break is taken, provide the explanation proof of the same.
  • Provide an envelope with your self-address along with other documents so that the authorities can send your original passport and other original documents back to you.

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Ireland Student Visa Process Of Application

The Ireland Student Visa Process consists of the following steps:

  • Fill out an online visa application form through the Irish visa application facility AVATS. Print the summary of the form. Post filling out the form you will be provided with the place and date where you have to submit your documents.
  • Deliver your documents along with copies at the address provided.
  • Keep a tab on the application status.
  • Before applying for a visa make sure you have applied to the university and have been accepted because you need the university’s supporting documents to apply for the visa.
  • Once you get the visa you can travel to Ireland but at the airport after landing you have to go through Border Control, the Immigration officers have the final right to decide if they want to let you in the country or not.
  • You must be able to convince the Border Control officers, that you are fit to stay in the country and fulfil all the requirements.
  • If the immigration officers let you in the country, they will stamp your passport with the no. of days you are allowed in the country. Before those days get over, you have to get yourself an Ireland residence permit through GNIB to stay in the country.

The tickets for the flight in case of an Ireland student visa should only be booked after visa approval has been granted. Watch the video below to learn about Ireland study visa application process

Credit: @aatiyaineurope

 Ireland Student Visa Processing Time And Cost Of Application 

Ireland student visa process

The Ireland student visa processing time is 6-8 weeks. The time can vary based on many factors like document verification and several applications at that time.

Students are advised to apply for a visa 3 months in advance of the planned departure to avoid unnecessary trouble.

The cost of applying for an Ireland student visa lies between 69 to 73 Euro for all the countries.

Ireland Student VIsa69-73 Euro

Work Permit On Ireland Student Student Visa 

The students who have received stamp 2 or 2A on a visa are only permitted to work in the country without obtaining any separate work permit. Stamp 2 or 2A is given when a student is accepted for long duration course i.e. duration course students are not permitted to work in Ireland while studying.

Following are the rules to be followed by students with stamps 2 and 2A while working:

  • The work hours permitted every week are 20. No student should be found to be working for more than 20 hours every week.
  • Full-time work(40 hours) is allowed only on the holidays.
  • The studies and attendance requirements should not be compromised for working. 

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Is there an Ireland student visa spouse?

No There is no Ireland Student visa for the spouses of students. Non-EU international students studying in the country are not permitted to bring their family members. Hence, a spouse visa is not granted. However, the children and the spouses of the student can choose to apply separately. It means spouses can visit Ireland on a separate visa. A student visa will not be given for this purpose.

Ireland Student Visa Renewal and Extention

Ireland student visa process
  • The Ireland student residence permit can be renewed every year for a maximum of 7 to 8 years based on your course requirement.
  • If you are pursuing an NFQ level 8 program i.e. bachelor’s degree then the permit can be renewed for a maximum of 7 years.
  • If you are pursuing an NFQ level 9 program i.e. post graduate and masters, then you can renew the visa once every year for a maximum of 8 years.
  • The expiry date will always be mentioned on your permit and getting the extension and renewal should be planned according to that.
  • If you want to work in Ireland after your studies you can get your visa to be converted to work residence permit after you have find an employer for yourself. 

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How much time does Ireland student visa process take?

The decision on an Ireland student visa takes 6 -8 weeks but it can vary on the verification ease and correct or incorrect documentation provision.

Can an Ireland student visa be converted to a permanent resident permit?

The Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme allows graduates to stay in the country for one more year to look for employment. If you find employment you can apply for a permanent residency permit.

Is it necessary to take up the Interim List of Eligible Programmes to get a student visa to Ireland? 

Yes, enrolling in ILEP is a necessity if you want to get a student visa for Ireland.

Does Ireland accept study gap?

Yes. Irish universities accept study gaps. However, a legitimate reason must be there. A study gap is accepted as long as a student can provide a valid justification for the study gap.

This blog is a detailed description of the Ireland student visa process, to get knowledge on other visas, or to solve your doubts regarding the student visa process, requirements, eligibility, time, or anything, regarding any country kindly follow Student Visa Abroad, and to know about Studying Abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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