Australian Spouse Visa Processing Time 2024: Fee, Requirements, Process

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Australian Spouse Visa Processing Time

Australian Spouse Visa Processing Time: The Australian student-dependent visa processing time may seem arduous or challenging to some. The ordeal requires one to be patient and have enough mental tenacity to cope with the entirety of the process. This is why it is imperative for individuals to have an in-depth understanding of the nuances of the visa and its facets. Nearly 90% of Australian spouse visas are processed within 15-32 months.

Moreover, having prior knowledge of the visa approval process can help applicants save a lot of time and effort. It can even help one prepare themselves to meet the prerequisites/eligibility criteria of the visa. An Australian spouse visa or the Australian Partner Visa permits the spouse (husband or wife) or fiance of the applicant to immigrate to Australia. Please read through the article to learn more about the Australian Spouse Visa and its processing time. 

What is the Processing Time for a Partner Visa in Australia? 

The Australian Spouse Visa processing time ranges between 9 to 13 months and 15 to 32 months, depending on the type of spouse or partner visa. For instance, if you intend to apply for a 309-type provisional spouse visa (Australia), you can acquire the said visa between 9 and 15 months. On the other hand, it can take up to 13-32 months for your 100-type Permanent spouse visa to process. Look at the following table to understand the processing time for a spouse visa in Australia. The processing time for an Australian spouse visa keeps changing very frequently. So keep updating your information accordingly.

Visa TypeProcessing time ( 50%
of applications)
Processing time (90%
of applications) 
309- Provisional Visa9 months15 months
100- Permanent Visa13 months32 months

Subclass 309 (Temporary Partner visa)

This is the first step in getting a spouse visa for Australia. It enables the applicant and their Australian partner to temporarily reside in Australia. The pair must be in an actual and continuing spousal relationship to qualify for the Subclass 309 visa. Typically, the Subclass 309 visa is issued first and gives the applicant temporary residency.

Subclass 100 (Permanent Partner visa)

The applicant becomes qualified for the permanent stage of the spouse visa after a waiting period, typically two years from the date of the initial application. As the spouse or partner of an Australian citizen or permanent resident, the holder of the Subclass 100 visa is granted permanent residency, enabling them to live and work in Australia for all time.

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Australian Partner Visa Requirements  

Individuals who wish to take their spouse to Australia are mandated to acquire the Australian Spouse Visa. The foremost requirement for acquiring an Australian partner visa is to establish to the authorities that the relationship between the primary and secondary applicant (spouse) is genuine and long-term. If the authorities get to know about some discrepancy or hint of fraudulence in the information presented, the application will be rejected or jeopardised. Apart from that, there are certain other factors which may determine the applicant’s eligibility. 

  1. Applicant and their spouse must live together permanently. 
  2. The duration of the relationship between the applicant and his/her spouse must be 12 months or more at the time of application. 
  3. Both individuals (applicant and spouse) must clear the health and character criteria. 

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Australian Spouse Visa Application Process

The Australian Spouse Visa permits the secondary applicant, i.e., the spouse of an individual to immigrate to Australia. Therefore, those who wish to take their spouses to the country along with them are mandated to apply for the said visa. Prospective candidates can refer to the following steps to apply for an Australian Spouse Visa. 

  • It is imperative for candidates to acquire all the necessary documents or credentials prior to applying for the said visa. Doing so will enhance the chances of one’s application getting selected. 
  •  Applicants are then required to lodge an online partner visa application. It is crucial for one to pay the requisite application fees to ensure a successful and seamless registration process. 
  • Once the application is submitted, one must keep patience as the process may take some time for the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) to decide on the visa application.
  • Applicants will receive their visas once they acquire approval from the Department of Home Affairs. 
  • An Australian Spouse Visa can take up to a year or more to be processed before the visa is granted.
  • Candidates are thus advised to begin their application procedure at the earliest.  

Watch the video below to learn in detail about the Subclass 309 provincial visa application process

Credit: @HelpingAll

Australian Spouse Visa Application Fee

It is imperative for applicants to pay the requisite application fee to ensure a successful and seamless registration process. Candidates hailing from India are required to pay an amount of INR 4 Lakhs for an Australian Spouse Visa. Have a look at the following data to understand the fee structure of an Australian Spouse Visa Application. 

Australian Partner Visa TypeVisa Application Fee (AUD)INR (Approximate Values)
Spouse/ De-facto Visa Application (Application lodged
outside of Australia – SC 309/100)
Primary Applicant – $7,715 
Child (over 18 years) – $3,860 each
Child (below 18 years) – $1,935 each
Primary Applicant- INR 4 lakhs. 
Child (over 18 years)- INR 2 lakhs
Child (below 18 years)- INR 1 lakh
Prospective Spouse Application (Lodged Outside
Primary applicant – $7,715
Child (over 18 years) – $3,860 each
Child (below 18 years) – $1,935 each
Primary Applicant- INR 4 lakhs
Child (over 18 years)- INR 2 lakhs. 
Child (below 18 years)- INR 1 lakh 
Spouse Or De Facto Visa application (Lodged Inside
Primary applicant – $7,715
Child (over 18 years) – $3,860 each
Child (below 18 years) – $1,935 each
Primary Applicant- INR 4 lakhs
Child (over 18 years)- INR 2 lakhs. 
Child (below 18 years)- INR 1 lakh 
Eligible New Zealand Citizen
Family Relationship Application (Sc461)
Primary applicant – $365/ 
Child (over 18 years) – $185 each 
Child (below 18 years) – $90 each
Primary applicant – INR 20k 
Child (over 18 years) – INR 10k 
Child (below 18 years) -INR 5k 
Medical ExaminationApproximately $350 per adult and $300  per child.INR 19k per adult and INR 16k per child.

Australia Spouse Visa Processing Time After Medical Tests are Done

The Australia spouse visa processing time consists of various stages and processes. There are your visa interview and medical assessments that need to be completed before being granted a visa. If your medical tests are done, it will take around 8 to 9 weeks to get your Australia spouse visa processed.


What are the types of Australia Spouse or Partner Visas?

Some of the most popular Australian spouses or Partner Visas are the  Provisional Partner visa (Subclass 309),  Permanent Partner visa (Subclass 100), Temporary Partner visa (Subclass 820), Permanent Partner visa (Subclass 801), and the Prospective Marriage visa (Subclass 300)/ Fiancé visa. 

Who is termed a De Facto Partner?

A De Facto partner is someone who is not legally married to the applicant (such as a fiance), has a lasting relationship with the applicant,  is committed to sharing life with the applicant, is someone who belongs to the same or different sex, and be in a relationship with the applicant that has lasted for more than 12 months prior to application. 

Who is/are not considered for a Spouse visa?

Candidates in polygamous marriages are not considered eligible for Australian Spouse Visas. Those who are married within a prohibited degree of relationship will never be considered eligible for application. Parents, Children, Grandparents or Grandchildren will not be considered eligible for spouse visas. Apart from that, sibling relationships or underage marriages are not applicable for spouse visas.  

What are the Australian spouse visa requirements from India?

Acquiring a Spouse Visa (Australia)  from India is a two-step process. First, the applicant obtains a temporary visa, which permits them to stay in Australia until their permanent Partner visa application is approved. If the applicant’s relationship is still active and genuine, they are eligible to apply for a permanent partner visa.

What is partner visa 309 processing time 2023?

The Australian Partner Visa 309 takes  6 – 11 months for its processing.

What is the Australia spouse visa fee in Indian rupees?

The Australia spouse visa fee is AUD8,850.00 for most visas. Which is around INR 4.8 Lakhs. Moreover, for prospective marriage visa, that is Subclass 300 holders, the visa fee is AUD1,475. Which is around INR 80 K.

What is the time period for Australia spouse visa?

The Australia spouse visa is valid for around 2 years. It is nullified if a decision on your permanent visa is impending.

What is the Australia-dependent visa processing time?

A dependent visa takes around 37 months to process. It allows you to stay in the country indefinitely.

Australian spouse visa or the Australian Partner Visa permits the spouse (husband or wife) or fiance of the applicant to immigrate to Australia. The foremost criterion to apply for the visa is that the primary applicant (spouse) must be either a citizen or permanent resident of Australia/a citizen of New Zealand. Acquiring a Spouse Visa is crucial for those who wish to bring their spouse to Australia. The visa can be a gateway for those who wish to lay a solid groundwork for themselves in various academic and professional domains. 

We hope you understand how to apply for various types of Australian Visas! Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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