Know What to do After 485 Visa Expires?

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What to do After 485 Visa Expires

The 485 visa is also called an Australian Temporary Graduate visa. This visa is valid for a time period of 2 to 4 years. If your 485 visa is about to expire, you consult with your migration agent or the Home Affairs Department of Australia. They can find you alternative options, based on your circumstances. They will also provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on what to do after your 485 Australian visa expires. In this article, we will discuss the alternative options available after your 485 visa expires.

Visa Name485 visa (Temporary Graduate visa)
Duration2 to 4 years
PurposeLive and Work in Australia temporarily
Application Fee+18 years of age – AUD 865 (INR 46.4K)
Below 18 years of age – AUD 435 (INR 23.3K)
Official Website

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What is a 485 Visa?

The Temporary Graduate visa is popularly known as the 485 Visa. This visa offers recently graduated international students from Australian universities the opportunity to work and live in Australia temporarily. Two streams divide the visa: the Graduate Work stream and the Post-Study Work stream (Post Graduate Work Visa).

The Graduate Work stream is for international students who have completed their education required for the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). International students who have completed UG, PG or PhD Programs at Aussie universities are eligible for a PSWV.

What to do When a 485 Visa is Expiring?

If your 485 visa is about to expire, it’s recommended you decide what you need to do. First of all, visit the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs. You can also consult with a registered migration agent for the most up-to-date and accurate information on the 485 visas. Also, here’s a list of some relevant options which you can pick when your 485 visa is about to expire.

Explore Other Visa Options

Your eligibility criteria, circumstances and qualifications will determine whether you have the option of exploring other visas in Australia. Your migration agent or the Australian Department of Home Affairs will suggest you go after employer-sponsored visas or other visas. These include the Temporary Skill visa, Subclass 482, etc. 

You will receive these options only if you are working in Australia under an employer.. You might also have the option of skilled independent visas if you qualify in the test conducted. These include the Subclass 189 and the Skilled Independent visa. Here are some visa options you can explore:

Bridging Visas: You can opt for Bridging Visa A, Bridging Visa B or Bridging Visa C. These visas provide a bridging duration till the time a candidate receives another visa.

Skilled Independent Visa, (subclass 189): This is a permanent residence visa for skilled workers. The crux is that it is for those who are not sponsored by an employer, state, or family member.

Employer-Sponsored Visa: This visa is simply offered by the employer or state to hire a foreign national for work.

Permanent Residency: After the 485 Visa expires, a candidate is eligible to apply for Permanent Residency in Australia. They will be assessed by Australia’s SkillSelect system for eligibility under this visa.

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Study Further

Another notable option that you may have is to continue with your studies in Australia by pursuing a new program or course. By doing so, you will be eligible to apply for the Subclass 500, which is a student visa, and it can extend your stay in Australia.

Return to Your Home Country

The last remaining option left for those who do not want to explore other visa options or don’t want to pursue studies further will be to return back to their native country when their 485 visa expires. You must plan your departure beforehand and ensure that you fulfil all the applicable visa requirements.

These visas are points-tested and require meeting specific skill and eligibility criteria. Alternatively, if you have an eligible Australian partner, you can explore partner visa options. Seek advice from a migration expert to understand the best pathway to achieve permanent residency based on your qualifications and circumstances.


What is a 485 visa, and what should I do when it expires?

A 485 visa, also known as the Temporary Graduate visa, is designed for international students who have recently graduated from an Australian educational institution. When your 485 visa expires, you have several options. You can apply for a new visa, seek permanent residency, or plan your departure from Australia. The specific steps will depend on your circumstances.

Can I Apply for a New Visa After My 485 Visa Expires?

Yes, you can apply for a new visa after your 485 visa expires if you meet the eligibility criteria for another visa category. Explore the various visa options available, such as employer-sponsored visas, skilled migration visas, or partner visas, depending on your qualifications and personal situation. Consult with the Department of Home Affairs or a registered migration agent for guidance on selecting the right visa for your future plans.

What if I Want to Stay Permanently in Australia?

If your goal is to obtain permanent residency in Australia, you can consider applying for a skilled migration visa, such as a subclass 189 (Skilled Independent) or subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated) visa.

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