UK Student Visa Appointment: Step-Wise Guide

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UK Student Visa Appointment

Individuals who seek to obtain a UK Student Visa must first apply for one. Students must schedule an appointment after the registration process commences. This stage is critical for effectively confirming and completing the registration process. At this point, authorities collect a candidate’s critical data, including biometric information, pictures, and so on.


 Individuals are additionally questioned during this stage about their intent and motivation to move to the United Kingdom. Read the article to learn more about the UK Student Visa Appointment Booking Process. 

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How to Book an Appointment for a UK Student Visa?

Candidates who wish to pursue their higher education in the UK must apply for a student visa. The foremost criterion for acquiring a student visa for the UK other than meeting the prescribed prerequisites is to walk in for a Visa appointment. Therefore, it is critical that students book their appointment within the set deadline. There are two ways to book an appointment. 

  1. Candidates can schedule an appointment through their UKVI Account. One must click on the booking link provided on the official UKVI account.  
  2. Candidates can call the support line of UKVCAS (UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services) and request the authorities to book an appointment. UKVCAS is primarily required during the visa application process. 
  3. In case an individual registers via the EU Settlement Scheme, he/she can book an appointment only after adhering to the guidelines foreordained by UKVI. 

International students who have submitted their visa applications via online mode will be provided 240 days to attend an appointment centre to register their biometrics and complete the registration process. Those who are not able to register their biometric data within 240 days will be required to contact UKVI. 

Steps to Book an Appointment for a UK Student Visa

Candidates intending to book an appointment for a UK Student Visa must follow the mentioned guidelines. 

  1. Candidates must first visit their local UKVCAS Centre and provide adequate verification of their identity. 
  2. Ensure that the identity verification and confirmation processes are completed successfully. 
  3. Register their biometric data. 
  4. Submit the requisite documentation. 
  5. Ensure that the documentation is authorized and relevant. 
  6. Submit the Application to UKVI.

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What is ensured during the UK Student Visa Appointment booking process? 

Students who book an appointment for a UK Student Visa will be required to select their preferred appointment location by highlighting the premise’s postcode. Apart from that, candidates are also required to select their preferred date and time for slot allocation. In case an individual is unable to come across a suitable location for an appointment, he/she can opt for a different location by using a different postcode.  

When to book an appointment for a UK Student Visa? 

It is advisable for candidates to book their UK Visa Appointments 28 days prior to the actual date of the interview. Both chargeable and non-chargeable appointments are available for students who wish to book an appointment through UKVCAS. Those who wish to opt for non-chargeable appointments can do so between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Mon to Sat). 

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How to Prepare for a UK Visa Appointment? 

Candidates who can book their appointments successfully will be provided with an email. The email will comprise a QR Code that must be printed by the candidate. 

  1. Candidates must procure their printed QR codes on the date of appointment. 
  2. Once an appointment is booked, students must submit the relevant and authenticated documentation (supporting) to UKVCAS. 

What happens on the day of the UK Visa Appointment? 

Candidates visiting their appointment centres for the first time are required to adhere to the given guidelines. 

  1. Individuals must avoid the chances of overcrowding inside the UKVCAS service site. 
  2. This is why one must first wait in the queue outside of the premises and wait for their turn.
  3. One must arrive at their appointment centre by the given time frame. 
  4. Named applicants are solely permitted to be present with the candidate on the appointment premises. Named applicants such as the parent/guardian of the student are allowed to partake in the appointment procedure. 

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How to book an appointment for a UK Student visa?

Candidates can book an appointment for a UK Student Visa by clicking on the booking link provided on the candidate’s designated UKVI account. Apart from that, one can even book their appointments by calling on the UKVCAS support line. 

How long does it take to get a UK Student visa appointment?

The Student Visa processing time for the UK usually takes up to three weeks after the verification and authorization of an application. Once can contact the British High Commission or VFS in case of further queries. 

How can someone book a UK Student visa appointment in India?

Individuals hailing from India must first apply to the GOV.UK website. Once done with that, students can register with VFS Global to book appointments and select their preferred services. It is critical for candidates to pay the requisite appointment fee to ensure a successful appointment process. In the end, individuals are required to physically visit Global Visa Application Centres to register their biometric information. 

Booking an appointment for a UK Student Visa might be a hassle for many people, but with prior knowledge of the procedure and what it entails, one can easily make their appointments. 

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