Top Highest Paying Jobs In Hong Kong

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Highest Paying Jobs In Hongkong

When applying for jobs outside the home country it is essential to know about the work culture over there. Hong Kong is known as a global financial city throughout the world. and these things attract most of the aspiring candidates who want to work in Hong Kong. The work culture in Hong Kong is formal and professional, with a focus on punctuality and efficiency. In this article, we will learn about the highest-paying jobs in Hong Kong with salaries and other things like work benefits in Hong Kong, the best websites to search for highest paying jobs in Hong Kong etc.


What Are The Working Benefits in Hong Kong?

Here are some benefits of working in Hong Kong given below- 

  • MPF (Mandatory Provident Fund)-Both the employer and the employee contribute five per cent of the employee’s relevant income to the MPF account.MPF ( Mandatory Provident Fund ) is a compulsory retirement savings scheme.
  • Annual Leave- In Hong Kong employees get annual paid leave after they sign the employment contract with the employer and these annual leave numbers increase based on the length of service with the same employer.
  • Employee Compensation Insurance- Due to Employee Compensation Insurance the employer must compensate its employee if the employee gets injured or hurt because of the job.
  •  Sick Leave- Once an employee has completed one month in any organization then the employee becomes eligible for paid sick leave.
  • Maternity Leave-  To give some relaxation to the new mothers in Hong Kong organisations provide maternity leave of fourteen weeks.
  • Paternity Leave-In paternity leave male employees who are about to or have become a father of newborns get five days off to support their spouse or celebrate the arrival of their newborn.
  • Statutory Holidays- In Hong Kong, all employees get fourteen days of statutory holidays in a year.
  • Rest Day- Employee gets one rest day out of seven and employees can swamp it on any day as per their wish.
  • Severance Pay- If the employee has worked for two years or more then the employee will be eligible to get the severance pay.

Learn how to get part-time jobs in Hong Kong

Highest Paying Jobs In Hong Kong

For people who are looking for a job abroad, Hong Kong is their desired place to work here is the list of jobs with salaries-

Jobs Salaries
Regional Chief Financial Officer30,00,000 HKD 
Head Of Legal2300000 HKD – 2700000 HKD
Chief Information Officer2600000 HKD 
Chief Executive Officer2500000 HKD 
Head Of Human Resources2500000 HKD
Finance Director200000 HKD
Head Of Digital Transformation And Change1900000 HKD 
Project Director1690000 HKD
Country General Manager1400000 HKD 
Head Of Supply Chain1500000 HKD 
Highest Paying Jobs In Hongkong

How To Find Jobs In Hong Kong

After knowing the highest paying jobs in Hong Kong here are the Top five websites to search for a job in Hong Kong-

  • Jobsdb.com
  • indeed.com
  • jobs.gov.hk
  • ikea.com.hk
  • ctgoodjobs.hk

Via Networking, you can also get a good job in Hong Kong. Start to search on social media and make links and you can also go for the webinars related to your field. You should begin Communicating and engaging in small talks with your networks and take advantage of the chance to pitch yourself if you get the opportunity.

Learn About Hong Kong’s New Visa Program

Documents Required for The Work Visa For Hong Kong

The individual who is applying for the Hong Kong work permit must provide the following documents-

  • Applicants are required to provide a passport’s page copy which contains all personal information.
  • A completed application for entry for employment as a professional in Hong Kong will be needed.
  • A copy of the applicant’s identity card if required
  • A copy of proof of non-local residence
  • A copy of proof of the applicant’s relevant work experience

Hong Kong Work Visa Application Process

The Hong Kong Work Visa Include some steps which are mentioned below-

  • Sponsorship From Employer- Your employer who is hiring you will sponsor your visa application and throughout the process, they provide you with all necessary documents and support.
  • Documentation- Applicants must collect all necessary documents like qualification certificates, degrees and proof of work experience. 
  • Submission-Applicant needs to submit the application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department either directly or through your employer and choose the appropriate visa to apply for.
  • Processing Period- The applicant’s application processing by the Hong Kong Immigration Department time can vary based on the applicant’s eligibility.

Get To Know About Universities In Hong Kong

Here we end with information about the highest paying jobs in Hong Kong, to know more about Study Abroad, Visa or University Abroad you can follow LeverageEdu’s page.


What job makes the most money in Hong Kong?

The top 10 highest paying jobs in Hong Kong include Chief Financial Officer, Regional HR Director, Head Of Compliance, Head Of Legal, Head Of Internal Audit etc.

What is a good salary in Hong Kong?

A full-time worker in Hong Kong on average makes 36.583.33 HKB a month, equating to 430,000 HKB a year.

Do they speak English in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong English is used as a secondary language, not unlike the Singapore where the English language is shifting toward the first first language.

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