Top Highest Paying Jobs In Estonia

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highest paying jobs in estonia

Estonia is located on the Great Northern Plain as one of the smallest countries in Europe Estonia is a boon for nature lovers. Perhaps not surprising Estonia given the abundance of green spaces, but Estonia boasts of the clean air indexes with other such countries as Finland and Iceland. One of the interesting facts about Estonia is that locals there can use public transport for free. Estonia has the highest GDP per capita levels in Eastern Europe and has become a leading study destination. having a job opportunity in Estonia is a golden chance that nobody would like to miss due to the high pay level, and living a rich life with a good work-life balance. so as we move on we will discuss high-paying jobs, in Estonia, the cost of living in Estonia, the benefits of working in Estonia on so on. 


Benefits to work in Estonia

As Estonia is considered the wealthiest country having the highest GDP and a great pay scale to offer still Estonia has many more benefits which are mentioned below-

  •  Estonia consists of almost 90 % of forests and is a real natural paradise which Estonia protects with great effort which means that anyone who is planning to go to Estonia will get a clean and fresh environment.
  • Estonian employees who serve in labour and service duties get employment benefits which are provided by law.
  • Paid leave is granted to employees in accordance with his or her contract of employment collective agreement of law.
  • Mandatory employee benefits in Estonia include paid leave, a three-pillar pension system and employment insurance.
  • In Estonia, an independent contractor or a self-employed individual isn’t entitled to the same statutory provision as an employee.
  • If any employer neglects to provide all facilities as per the laws then his company will be having fines and penalties on it.

High Paying Jobs In Estonia

For  the candidates who want to hunt on high paying jobs in Estonia here is the list given below for reference-

Job RoleSalary
Doctor/Surgeons10,200 EURO
Judges8,550 EURO
Lawers6,920 EURO
Bank Manager6,520 EURO
Chief Executive Officer6,110 EURO
Chief Financial Officer5,700 EURO
Orthodontist5,500 EURO
College Professor4,890 EURO
Pilots4,070 EURO
Marketing Directors3,660 EURO

Working Rules In Estonia

According to the Employment Act and Estonian Labour Law, some laws are established which are necessary to follow Here are some laws mentioned below-

  • According to Estonian labour law, the working age is 18 years but if someone is 15 years old and wants to work he/she can do so with the permission of parents or labour officers.
  • Typical working days per week in Estonia are 5 days. The maximum working hours in a day is Eight hours as mentioned in the Estonian Labour Law.
  • According to EAs Employment Act Estonia, the overtime pay for any employee is 1.5 times the basic pay.
  • As per the Estonian labour law, employees must get paid 4.3 EURO on an hourly basis. The minimum salary for a full-time employee must be 725 Euros per month.
  • If an employment agreement mentions that an employee has to do night-time work then they have to get paid 1.25 times the basic pay of an employee
  • The Labour Law Act rules in Estonia guarantee the provision of paid leaves or paid vacation to employees.
  • As per the labour law, Estonian employees get 12 public holiday leaves.
  • The labour code in Estonia provides holidays for sickness. It can stretch up to 250 days and an employee’s salary during these days is 70 % of last year’s average salary.
  • Female employees get Maternal leaves of 140 days.

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Cost Of Living in Estonia 

For the people who want to explore jobs in Estonia below is the approximate cost of basic amenities in Estonia per month in EURO-

Rent530 EURO
Utilities180 EURO
Public Transport30 EURO
Meal9 EURO
University Fees9000 EURO
Food382.37 EURO

Requirements To Work In Estonia

If you are planning to work in Estonia there you will not need any work permit with your visa as other countries including members of the EU have separate entitlements for living and working but Estonia has one only.

There are different types of visas according to your needs like how long you want to stay or which type of work you are aspiring to do. 

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How To Find A Job In Estonia

The easiest way to get a job in Estonia is through employment portals, social media, career pages of companies, and through recruitment agencies and public employment services.

Making connections generally helps to get a job along with it here are some job portals to get a job in Estonia-

  • tootukassa. ee
  • CV Keskus
  • CV-Online

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What jobs pay the most in Estonia?

Top-level specialists, IIT specialists, Founders and Developers have high pay scales in Estonia; their monthly salary is at least equal to double the average gross salary in Estonia.

What is considered a good salary in Estonia?

You’d probably need to be making anywhere between 1500-2000 EURO Per month if you want a nice comfortable living. The amount between 1500-2000 put well above average.

What is the in-demand jobs in Estonia?

Healthcare, agriculture and manufacturing are a few industries that have a high demand for jobs. Estonia has a high rate of approval for work visa applications and side-by-side foreigners are in high demand in Estonia.

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