Food Science Universities in USA

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Food Science Universities in USA

Food technology has grown as a result of the increased use of advanced technologies in the food science industry. Rapid advancements in robotics, data technology, and processing are creating new opportunities in the food industry. Because of advancements in food science and technology, the food technology market is expected to grow to 342.52 billion USD in 2027, from 220.32 billion USD today, at a CAGR of 6% globally. Furthermore, the global market is primarily expanding due to the advancement of advanced technologies in the food industry.


For international students, pursuing an MS in food technology in the United States will be the most lucrative career option. The United States also has the best academic infrastructure and career opportunities in food science and technology after graduation. To assist you on this journey, we have included every important detail about top food science universities in the USA, the scope of food technology in the United States, costs, admission requirements, scholarships, and more.

Why Study Food Science in the USA?

Food universities in USA

Before we get into some of the best food science universities in the USA, let us first discuss why the United States is the preferred location for these food technology courses:

  • Diverse Options: The United States provides a diverse range of master’s degrees in food technology. Giving students more academic opportunities and options. You will also have the opportunity to pursue various types of food technology master’s degrees in the United States, such as MA, MSc, and others.
  • Top Universities: Some of the best universities in the world offer food science and technology programs in the United States. The majority of these universities, such as Texas A&M, Arizona, and Columbia, are well-known and highly ranked by various surveys.
  • Career Opportunities: After completing a master’s degree in food science and technology, international students have numerous career options in the United States. According to the BLS, food science and technology jobs in the United States are expected to grow by 7% by 2030, with 16,100 people employed.
  • Good Pay: Food science and technology is a rewarding career with some of the highest-paying jobs in the United States. A food scientist earns a base salary of more than 74,160 USD (INR 61.32 Lakhs) annually. The lowest 10% earned less than 44,160 USD (INR 36.51 Lakhs), while the highest 10% earned more than 128,160 USD.

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Top Food Science Universities in USA

Many food science universities in the USA offer degrees in food science and technology. Academics and qualified faculty members at these universities have recognized them. We have compiled a list of the best universities in the United States for food technology:

Cornell University

Cornell University is one of the top universities in the United States for a degree in food science. It takes a broader, more generalized approach to teaching food science. The course covers a wide range of topics in food science, such as food chemistry, food engineering, nutrition, and food marketing, among others. It entails understanding the relationship between the structure and functional properties of food molecules as well as improving the nutritional, safety, and organoleptic properties of food.

QS World University Rankings 202320
Type of UniversityPrivate
Average Annual Fees34,086 USD (INR 28.18 Lakhs)

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Food science programs at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign include clinical and community nutrition, food science, and human nutrition. It also educates students in the general field of food science or human nutrition. It provides the opportunity to conduct research in a variety of areas such as food processing, engineering, biotechnology, food chemistry, microbiology and biomass conversion, safety and security, and so on.

QS World University Rankings 202385
Type of UniversityPublic
Average Annual Fees30,464 USD (INR 25.19 Lakhs)

Purdue University

Purdue University‘s food science major is all-encompassing, focusing on enriching and improving food through increased food safety, novel processing techniques, nutritional benefits, and food functionality. Within the food science discipline, the university conducts research in four major areas: food chemistry, structure and function, foods for health, food safety and microbiology, and food processing and technology.

QS World University Rankings 2023129
Type of UniversityPublic
Average Annual Fees31,104 USD (INR 25.72 Lakhs)

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Texas A & M University

Texas A&M University offers a food science and technology course that gives a solid knowledge base in the fundamental and practical areas of food science through appropriate coursework and individualized cutting-edge research that addresses current and upcoming societal demands in the field. The program is capable of carrying out fundamental and applied research in a variety of fields, including engineering and rheology, food packaging, food science and processing, plant bioactive, and many more.

QS World University Rankings 2023164
Type of UniversityPublic
Average Annual Fees27,000 USD (INR 22.32 Lakhs)

Illinois Institute of Technology

The Illinois Institute of Technology‘s food technology programs prepares students to work as food safety experts in the private sector as well as at federal and state health agencies. Food microbiology, food packaging, food chemistry, food analysis, human nutrition, and food regulations are all taught at the university level. The program consists of 32 credit hours in total, with 18 credit hours from core food safety and technology and 14 credit hours from electives.

QS World University Rankings 2023443
Type of UniversityPrivate
Average Annual Fees29,628 USD (INR 24.50 Lakhs)

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Eligibility Criteria

food universities in USA

If you wish to enrol in the course, you must complete the eligibility requirements established by certain food science universities in the USA. Although these requirements differ from university to university, the fundamental and most common ones are as follows:

  • GRE or GMAT Scores: These scores are used to evaluate your profile. However, competitive test scores based on some of the best universities are:
  • Visa Requirements: A student visa is required for international students seeking admission to study food science and technology in the United States. A copy of your passport is also required when applying for a student visa in the United States. Make sure you can apply for your Student Visa at least three months before your trip.

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Documents Required

Aside from your eligibility for food science in the United States, there are a few documents you’ll need to submit. Before submitting your application form, gather the following documents:

Admission Process

Food science colleges in the United States accept applications three times a year for the summer, fall, and winter semesters. Some of them also accept applications on a rolling basis, allowing you to apply at any time during the year. But how do you get into these universities? We have provided a step-by-step guide for the application process here.

  • Make a list of some of the best food technology colleges in the United States, or refer to the universities mentioned above.
  • Shortlist those based on their needs and the program they provide.
  • Examine their website to see which universities match your qualifications.
  • Fill out their application and include the application fee.
  • Gather all of your necessary documents and upload them to the application.
  • You can either wait for the decision or check the status. There has to be a chance that they will conduct an interview before accepting the application.
  • Clear the interview portion, and then accept the offer letter by paying the depositary fees.

Cost of Studying Food Science

The overall Food Science and Technology costs in the United States for international students will be determined by two factors: program tuition fees and living expenses. Let us go over the cost of studying in food science universities in the USA:

Tuition Charges

Tuition fees for top universities for MS in the USA for international students start at 25,456 USD (INR 21.05 Lakhs) and can go up to 65,000 USD (INR 53.75 Lakhs) per year for both private and public universities. Furthermore, tuition fees may differ slightly depending on whether you study full-time or part-time.

Costs of Living

The cost of living in the United States varies according to location and lifestyle. The annual cost of living in the United States ranges from 11,000 USD (INR 9.09 Lakhs) to 16,000 USD (INR 13.23 Lakhs). Accommodation is more expensive than on campus, especially if you want to stay off campus; monthly costs range from 400 USD (INR 33,078) to 900 USD (INR 74,426).

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Scholarships Available for Food Science Courses in USA 

The scholarship is the most cost-effective way to pursue any course in food science in the United States. Universities in the United States provide a variety of scholarships to international students enrolled in full-time degree programmes. The majority of external and government-funded scholarships are also available to international students who wish to continue their studies. Some of them are as follows:

Scholarship NameEligibilityBenefits
President’s Endowed Scholarship, Texas A & MStudents with good academic achievement with a
minimum GPA of 3.5 or above.
3,000 USD (INR 2.48 Lakhs)
Fulbright ScholarshipInternational student commencing with master and research program.Amount Varies
Maria Pia Gratton International Award, University of IllinoisFemale graduate students with good academic and cultural background10,000 USD (INR 8.26 Lakhs)
Rotary Peace FellowshipsScholarships for international students pursuing a master’s degree program in a US university.Varies

Job Profiles and Salary

A degree in food science in the United States will prepare you for advanced careers in the private sector, food product design and development, public policy and regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations, and so on. You will also have the opportunity to conduct independent research leading to a doctorate.

There are numerous job opportunities after completing your degree in food science from universities in the USA. Some of the most well-known are:

Job ProfileAverage Salary
Food Technologist61,273 USD (INR 50.67 Lakh)
Food Science Technician40,859 USD (INR 33.78 Lakh)
Food Inspector56,164 USD (INR 46.44 Lakh)
Food Policy Analyst50,413 USD (INR 41.68 Lakh)
Food Safety Engineer65,420 USD (INR 54.09 Lakh)
Food Science Manager53,085 USD (INR 43.89 Lakh)

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What university is best for Food Science?

The University of Massachusetts, United States and Cornell University are the top universities to pursue food science.

Is Food Science a good career in USA?

Food science and technology is a rewarding career with some of the highest-paying jobs in the United States. A food scientist earns a base salary of more than 74,160 USD annually. The lowest 10% earned less than 44,160 USD (INR 36.51 Lakhs), while the highest 10% earned more than 128,160 USD (INR 1.05 Cr).

What is the salary of a food scientist in the USA?

In the United States, the national average salary for a Food Scientist is 72,561 USD (INR 60 Lakhs).

The United States is an excellent study-abroad destination for degree programs in food science. Its excellent selection of basic and applied science programs, as well as modern, well-equipped research laboratories and facilities, place it among the best in the world. Thus, using the information provided above, ensure that you select the best option for your needs.

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