Electrical Engineering Courses

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Electrical Engineering

Are you curious about how electronic devices work? Are you interested in exploring how different forms of energy fuel the appliances and devices we use for our daily tasks? As one of the oldest Engineering branches, Electrical Engineering (EE) studies electromagnetism, electronics and electricity and their applications. It has further sprouted into varied specialisations such as Control Engineering, Power Engineering and Communication Engineering, amongst others. If you are passionate about the world of electronics and want to build a career in it, then you have certainly come to the right place. Through this blog, we will take a look at the wide range of Electrical Engineering courses available across the globe as well as the immense scope of this technical field entails. 

Electrical Engineering

The field of Electrical Engineering is broadly widespread and incorporates a thorough study about the electric circuits and innovative equipment. It is one such field that deals with the study, design and application of devices and systems that use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Regardless of the level of the course here are some subjects which candidates will have to study in the program- Control Systems, Instrumentation, Electromagnetism, Circuit Analysis, Microprocessor interfacing. The field deals with intense working with the electrical equipment which incorporates manufacturing, designing, operating power plants Computer chips along with ignition systems of the space crafts, automobiles etc.

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List of Electrical Engineering Courses

Under the vast domain of Electrical Engineering, there are an array of courses which can suit your profile at various levels and help you convert your career aspirations into success. The table mentioned below explains the notable diverse courses at distinct levels which are offered at the leading universities across the globe.  

Education Level Courses
Diplomas Diploma of Engineering (Electrical Engineering)
Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technician
Ontario College Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technician
Undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Engineering (EE)
Bachelor of Engineering Honours (EE)
Bachelor of Engineering (EE)
BEng Honours (Electronic and Electrical Engineering)
Bachelor of Arts (EE)
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
Postgraduate Master of Science in EE
Master of Engineering (EE)
Master of Science in Engineering (EE)
Master of Advanced Engineering (EE)
Master of Professional Engineering (Electrical)
Master of Engineering Science in EE
PhD Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in EE
Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Top Universities for Electrical Engineering

Choosing the right university for an Engineering program can help you take advantage of the immense technical exposure and knowledge that this field has on offer. To get admission under these esteemed institutions the most essential requirement is to qualify GRE exam along with an English language proficiency exam like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE. Here is a list of top-notch universities offering Electrical Engineering courses to students around the world.

Electrical Engineer Salary

After completing a course in EE, students can choose from a plethora of career prospects as electronics are an essential part of almost every field in the current times. Let’s take a look at the different job profiles and industries you can apply for at the conclusion of your chosen course.

Electric Engineer Jobs

  • Design Engineering Manager
  • Product Manager 
  • Senior Test Engineer
  • Principal Systems Engineer
  • Quality Control Manager 
  • Application Engineering Manager 
  • Client or Supplier Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Telecom Network Manager 
  • Information Technology Manager 
  • Control and Instrumentation
  • Network Engineer
  • System Analyst

Major Industries where Electrical Engineers work

  • Electronics 
  • Aerospace 
  • Automotives
  • Information Technology 
  • Chemical Industry
  • Artificial Intelligence

Thus, Electrical Engineering is a thriving career field in contemporary times as our world is getting surrounded by electronics and technological advancements. If you are planning to pursue any of the above-mentioned Electrical Engineering courses abroad and don’t know where to start, let our Leverage Edu experts help you in finding a suitable combination of program and university that can equip you with the right skill set and knowledge required to advance in this field.

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