Get Insight Into D Pharmacy Salary In New Zealand For The Year 2024

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D Pharmacy Salary In Newzealand

Newzealand provides a very good growth space for D pharmacy aspirants. It is a popular career among people interested in working in the healthcare field. The profession is in high demand, has several opportunities and comes with a competitive salary. It is a very stable and growing field in the country. New Zealand is one of the top country choices for the best scope in the pharmacy career. To learn about the D pharmacy jobs in New Zealand, read the blog to the end and clear all your doubts.  


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Average D Pharmacy Salary In Newzealand

The average D pharma salary in New Zealand is 138,700 NZD yearly, this would include all the housing and transportation allowances that are paid above the salary. The salary is pretty good and competitive. Your salary in D pharmacy in New Zealand can also be more or less than the average depending on skills, experience, and the hiring company of the professional. 

Average Yearly Salary138,700 NZD
Average Monthly Salary11,558 NZD
Highest Yearly Salary206,300 NZD
Highest Monthly Salary17,191 NZD
Lowest Yearly Salary72,700 NZD
Lowest Monthly Salary6,058 NZD

D Pharmacy Salary In Newzealand Based On Experience Level

The salary determination is done based on several factors, the most important of which is the level of experience. Highly experienced employees earn a higher salary as their skills and proficiency both increase over the years. An individual in the field of pharmacy in New Zealand can expect to earn a salary 23% higher comparatively.

D Pharmacy Salary In Newzealand

D Pharmacy Salary In Newzealand Based On Education Level

One of the key factors in the determination of the average salary is the level of education the employee has. It is considered that highly educated employees have a higher level of knowledge and insight into the core subject. The employees can learn and perform better which gives them an edge to demand higher pay in the market. The employees with a master’s degree in D pharmacy can earn a salary package which is 93% comparatively.

Educational Qualification Salary 
Bachelor’s degree 93,600 NZD
Master’s degree184,700 NZD

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D Pharmacy Salary In Newzealand In Different Sectors

Different sectors of the country have different average pay for all the professions. The public sector is likely to pay higher salaries for the same profession compared to the private sector. The public sector in New Zealand pays 5% a higher salary compared to the private sector of the country. 

Sector Salary Per Year
Private sector93,100 NZD
Public sector 97,900 NZD

D Pharmacy Salary In Newzealand In Different Cities

The different cities of the country Newzealand have different payouts for the same profession, therefore the pharmacists in different cities of the country earn different average salaries. The following image has the details of all the cities along with the average salary paid in them for you to know which city is best for you to work in.

D Pharmacy Salary In Newzealand

D Pharmacy Salary In Newzealand Compared To Similar  Professions

The salary in the field of D pharmacy can better be understood if compared with the average salary of different professions in the same industry. The following table will help you have a comparison between the salaries of similar professions to a pharmacist:

Profession Salary Per Year 
Staff pharmacist 127,600 NZD
Pharmacy aide84,500 NZD
Pharmaceutical quality editor 140,200 NZD
Nuclear pharmacist 130,500 NZD
GCP auditor 112,700 NZD
Clinical study manager 152,700 NZD
Clinical operations manager 184,700 NZD
Clinical Consultant121,800 NZD
Biotechnologist 125,400 NZD
Biomedical engineer 79,700 NZD
Assistant pharmacist 83,300 NZD

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Is it good to be in the field of D pharmacy in New Zealand?

The profession of pharmacist in New Zealand is highly rewarding. It offers a lot of competition and stability to the employees. The growth path offered by the country is also good and opportunities are numerous in the industry.

How is the average pay raise in the profession of pharmacist in New Zealand?

The average pay raise in the profession of D pharma is pretty good. You can expect a pay raise of around 8% every 12 months. However, your raise can vary depending on your performance.

Is there any difference in the pay of male and female employees in D pharmacy in New Zealand?

Despite numerous efforts to reduce workplace differences, certain fields still face differences based on gender. The female employees in the profession of D pharmacy earn a 3% lower salary compared to males in the same industry.

This was all about the D Pharmacy salary in Newzealand. To read more such informative blogs on jobs and salary-related topics, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below for any suggestions or doubts.

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