What are UAE’s new immigration laws?

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What are UAE's new immigration laws
10-year extended golden visa programme that will make permit visitors to stay in the nation for up to 90 days visa regulations.

The upgraded visa programme of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)  is a 10-year extended golden visa programme, a five-year green residency programme that helps talented employees, and a new multiple-entry tourist visa that would permit visitors to stay in the nation for up to 90 days are among the benefits of the new visa regulations that were revealed last month. Both visitors and people who wants to work in the UAE may be significantly impacted by these changes.

Take a look at UAE’s new immigration laws:

1) The five-year green visa will enable foreigners to sponsor themselves without assistance from UAE citizens or their employers under the country’s new immigration policies. This visa is open to independent contractors, skilled employees, and investors.

2) Green card holders can now sponsor their own family members.

3) A green card holder will have up to six months to renew their permit when it expires.

4) The golden visa also offers a 10-year extended residency option. Golden visas are available to investors, business owners, and people with remarkable talent.

5) Holders of a golden visa may also sponsor their children and relatives.

6) After the holder of a golden visa passes away, their family members may continue to reside in the UAE as long as the visa is still in effect.

7) The benefit of having a 100% ownership of their business will also be provided to holders of golden visas under the new immigration regulations.

8) According to the new regulations, travellers with tourist visas can stay in the UAE for 60 days.

9) Visitors can stay in the UAE for up to 90 days straight with a five-year multi-entry tourist visa.

10) Additionally, professionals will be able to look for jobs in the UAE without a sponsor or host thanks to the job exploration visa.


The validity of a Dubai student visa for residence was limited to one year, and it must be renewed each year while a student. The relevant higher education facility in the UAE where the student is enrolled issues official documentation of continued study. If a student spends more than six months away from the UAE, their student residency visa expires. The students were not permitted to travel to the UAE until the previous visa has been revoked and a new one has been obtained.

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