Dental Assistant Salary in Canada: Detailed Analysis for 2024

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Dental Assistant Salary in Canada

Dental Assistants are greatly in demand in Canada. It is expected between 2022 to 2031, around 17,000 job seekers are expected to fill these positions. Not only the healthcare industry is rapidly expanding in all countries, but the demand for specialised assistants such as Dental Assistants is also growing. Are you wondering if overseas candidates are accepted for the job? Yes, in fact, they also have growth opportunities and perks in this field. To know more about the Dental Assistant salary in Canada, read the following blog. 


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Average Dental Assistant Salary in Canada

Dental Assistants in Canada earn around 26.38 CAD per hour. This average is highly influenced by your experience in the field as well as your expertise. Moreover, your qualifications will also play a major role in the process. 

This means that you will earn around 6,103 CAD per month in Canada as a Dental Assistant as per Indeed reports. Likewise, your yearly turnover would be around 86,196 CAD , which is amazing. As of December 2023, your monthly salary in Indian currency will be around INR 5,08,126.63 and your yearly salary will be around INR 71,76,549.67. 

Dental Assistants are usually paid around 41,930 CAD per year in the beginning while gradually this pay will increase to an average of 56,957 CAD per year and further. The positions and responsibilities also increase with a salary increase. 

Do you know you can also start working part-time as a Dental Assistant while you are studying in Canada? Many universities and courses appreciate or even mandate internships and part-time work for degrees. 

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Top Companies for Dental Assistants in Canada

Working in Canada as a Dental Assistant can be rewarding no matter which company. But it is still better to know the best ones in order to set long-term goals. This also helps you decide how much you wish to earn in future. Therefore, in the following table, the top companies in Canada along with salaries for Dental Assistants are mentioned. 

Company Average Salary 
York Region107,479 CAD per year
Smiles Dental Group94,824 CAD per year
WORKFORCE Dental Staffing Solutions27 CAD per hour
dental corp26 CAD per hour
Alberta Health Services30 CAD per hour
Dental Office37 CAD per hour
Saskatchewan Health Authority30 CAD per hour
Nursing & Homemakers Inc.86,294 CAD per year
Nova Scotia Health Authority84,401 CAD per year
Smile Direct Club75,818 CAD per year

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Cities That Pay Good Dental Assistant Salaries in Canada

The higher the demand for Dental Assistants, the better the salary. This is a major reason why there is a different average salary in different cities and regions of Canada. To have a better understanding of this structure, here is an analysis of Dental Assistant salaries in different cities in Canada. 

City Average Salary Per Year 
Edmonton93,464 CAD
Burnaby 93,532 CAD
Ottawa87,456 CAD
Ontario50,700 CAD
Abbotsford 91,613 CAD
Surrey91,330 CAD
London83,534 CAD
Scarborough82,766 CAD
Milton80,658 CAD
Quebec43,938 CAD
North York80,594 CAD
New Brunswick 45,825 CAD
Saskatchewan 53,625 CAD

You might also get similar job roles and responsibilities under some other titles as well. Here are some jobs that have the same role as a Dental Assistant with their salaries. 

JobsAverage Salaries
Dental Receptionist 23.94 CAD per hour
Sterilization Technician 21.24 CAD per hour
Orthodontic Assistant 29.96 CAD per hour
Treatment Coordinator 26.16 CAD per hour
Dental Technician 25.25 CAD per hour
Front Desk Receptionist 36,301 CAD per year
Hygienist84,825 CAD per year 
Laboratory Technician 54,274 CAD per year 
Unit Assistant 47,697 CAD per year 

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How much money does a dental assistant make in Canada?

Dental Assistants in Canada earn around 26.38 CAD per hour. This means that you will earn around 6,103 CAD per month in Canada as a Dental Assistant as per Indeed reports. Likewise, your yearly turnover would be around 86,196 CAD, which is amazing. 

What is the qualification of a dental assistant in Canada?

To become a dental assistant in Canada, you will need college or any other program in dental assistance or related subjects. However, completion of secondary school with on-the-job training is also acceptable. 

What is the highest-paid dental assistant salary?

The highest paid Dental Assistant salary in Canada is 107,479 CAD per year. Dental Assistants with considerable experience and training get paid this much.

This was all about Dental Assistant salaries in Canada. For more such informative blogs on jobs that pay a high salary, follow Jobs Abroad on Leverage Edu. 

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