Dental Degree in Australia for International Students: Universities, Courses, Fees, Scope

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dental degree in australia

The first thought that comes to our mind when we read Dental Care is either brushing our teeth or taking an appointment with a dentist. With the awareness of dental hygiene and the rise of various oral health problems, dental graduates are working across various setups like government hospitals, private Dental clinics or conventional operational theatres of dentistry


A dentist is responsible for the proper functioning of all maxillofacial structures including jaws, canine, or molar teeth to the whole skull of humans. Dentists are the go-to person for any problems related to the mouth or gums. A graduate student studies not only the general health of the oral functioning or cavity in their course but implants, extractions, and treatments.

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Why a dental degree in Australia?

Before delving into various degree courses in Australia, let us know why you should take a dental course in Australia, Some of the reasons for the same are –

  1. Clinical Experience- Taking Dental Education is not only about the formal education we receive, but practical knowledge is also crucial to undertake the dentistry journey. The programs offered by the universities in Australia equip students to take hands-on knowledge and hone their skills.
  1. Education – The field of Dentistry is in itself a competitive field. And to excel well Australia offers world-class educational program courses that help students get access to the technical know-how and what they need.
  1. Cultural Diversity and Lifestyle Choices – With a diverse population of students, Australia has bountiful beautiful landscapes, it becomes a global destination for people from different countries of the world to come together and interact with each other.
  1. Cost of Education -Tuition fees are comparatively cost-effective as compared to other countries. Dentistry Schools in Australia extends some of the lowest tuition fees in the world, allowing easy access to students from any economic background.
dental degree in australia

Top Universities in Australia – Ranking and Fees 

Name of the UniversityQS Ranking 2023Tuition Fees
University Of Sydney19$ 56,000
University of Melbourne14$ 52,000
University of Adelaide89$ 96,000
University of Queensland43$ 79,000
University of Western Australia72$ 65,000
University of New Castle110$ 47,000
  Griffith University243$ 65,000
James Cook University415$ 75,000
Charles Sturt University801- 850$ 65,000
TAFE NSW90$ 13,000 ( For Diploma Course) 


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Dentistry degrees in Australia

The Dental degrees that are available in Australia can be segregated as Diploma, Bachelor, and Master’s. They are as follows:- 

Bachelor’s Courses

Master’s Courses

  • Master of Dentistry
  • Oral Science MSc
  • MSc Paediatric Dentistry
  • MDS Endodontics
  • MSc in Endodontology
  • Master of Dental Public and Primary Health
  • MSc Dental Science for Clinical Practice
  • MSc Dental Hygiene
  • MSc Clinical Dentistry
  • Master of Science in Dental Sciences
  • Regenerative Dentistry MSc
  • MClinDent Dental Implantology
  • MSc Forensic Denistry
  • Dental Public Health MSc
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery MSc
  • Master of Philosophy Oral Health
  • MSc Advanced Restorative Dentistry
  • Dentistry – MSc by Research

Diploma Courses

Eligibility For Dental Degree in Australia

The general eligibility for pursuing a Dental degree is to pass the UKCAT or BMAT tests. The candidate must have a successful interview and an excellent written personal statement. Any Relevant work experience that showcases a genuine interest to pursue the degree. It is also mandatory to pass GRE along with English language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL etc. Some other documents like SOP, LOR, CV or Resume, and Portfolio are also needed to be submitted for studying in Australian universities.

dental degree in australia

Documents Required

Although the documents required might vary from different university also depending on the subject choice, some generally required documents are mentioned below-

  • Official academic transcript
  • Scanned passport copy
  • IELTS or TOEFL, required test scores
  • Professional or Academic LORs
  • SOP
  • Essay (if required)
  • Portfolio (if required)
  • Updated CV / Resume
  • A passport and student visa
  • Bank statement

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Job Prospects or Scope of a Dental Degree

Every aspiring student wants to know about the future course of action that can help the student shape their career path. With an inclination towards working in the area of healthcare, the student is left with diversified career choices. Some of the areas are – 

The major organisations where a person having a degree in dentistry can work could be in research, private clinics, hospitals, governmental organisations or non-governmental organizations, community clinics, etc.

dental degree in australia


The dentistry industry can expect to start off with an average yearly salary of AUD 86,300, once a student has graduated from dental school. The pay is banked to increase after three years to an average of AUD 105,100. Dentists must complete the formal study before commencing their careers.

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How long is a dentistry degree in Australia?

If a student is taking a direct entry into a double degree Bachelor of Science or a postgraduate degree in Dental Medicines that takes 8-9 years to complete provides the course in 7 years i. e a three-year undergraduate science degree, before taking the four-year Doctor of Dental Medicine.

How many years and fees is BDS in Australia?

The tuition fees for Bachelor of Dental Science courses in Australia range from INR 7 lakhs to 51 lakhs. But, almost every university aids with scholarships for international students. The duration of the course varies between universities and ranges from three to seven years.

Can a dentist get PR in Australia?

The visa allowed 5 years for skilled workers in some region as well as their families to live, study and work in Australia. With the completion of 3 years of stay in Australia, a person can apply for PR.

Is It worth becoming a dentist in Australia?

Yes, it is worth becoming a dentist in Australia as the future career prospects are wide and wages are also high for healthcare professionals, such as nurses and doctors. In addition, Australia gives scholarships and aid for professionals to take dentistry as a course. 

Is dentistry in high demand in Australia?

With the increased demand for oral hygiene and concern for whiter and brighter teeth, the demand for dentists in practice has also increased. And also Australia provides the best opportunities to study dentistry, hence the opportunities are also in demand.

This was all about a Dental degree in Australia. We trust that this blog has covered every significant detail about the universities and the course, fees, and scope. If you are still confused and need to clear your own questions with respect to taking studies abroad? Follow Leverage Edu for more study abroad information.

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